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Does Ken Rockwell know that the Panasonic LX3 exists?


Ken Rockwell wrote an enthusiastic article over the new Canon S90. He never mentioned the Panasonic LX3 in this article or any article written before (a part from one advertising link inside the D-Lux4 review). And I really do not understand why. Does he know that Panasonic exists?

One of the sentence I didn’t like says:

“3.) Full-Sized Image Sensor. Well, not really, but considering that other makers lie about their 4/3 system DSLRs and E-P1 PEN as having full sized sensors (they are really only have quarter-sized), I’m saying “full sized sensor” here to light up the fact that the S90 and G11 have the biggest sensors of any compact cameras I’ve seen.

Any compact camera ever seen? What about the Lx3??? And I never heard Olympus telling anyone that they have full sized (Fullframe) sensors inside the E-P1.

UPDATE: he wrote a short Leica D-Lux4 review you can read here:

His sentence in short: “Would I buy one? No way.

P.S.: I like Ken Rockwell, but I just want to know why he is never mentioning the LX3

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