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Does it work? E-M5 iPhone controller…


A 43rumors readers just shared a way to connect the Olympus E-M5 (and other Olympus/Panasonic) cameras with an iPhone remote controller APP.You have to buy the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle (Click here) and the Triggertrap connction cable (Click here). Once you have them you can download the Triggertrap APP (Click here) to remotely control your E-M5.

This is what it does:

* Time Lapse
* Eased Timelapse (timelapses with acceleration!)
* Distance-lapse (take a photo every 30 ft/m)
* Vibration and shock sensors
* Sound detection (Clap to take a photo!)
* Facial Recognition sensor
* Motion detection
* Magnetic & metallic detectors
* Long-Exposure HDR**
* Long-Exposure HDR Timelapse
* Star Trail mode
* Cable Release (press to take a photo) which also supports Long-exposure shots (exposures of up to 24 hours!)

Question is….some of you ever tested it? Is it something we can recommend to E-M5 owners?

E-M5 preorder links: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

  • Anonymous

    User comments on Triggertrap website are not good.

  • Samuel

    Works with GH2 too?!!

  • Bob B.

    WOW! It’s priced well. I saw this product as as start-up on the Kickstarter website. Looks pretty cool. I would be interested in hearing someone’s experience with the product, too.
    I believe this set-up is available for other cameras thru the iPhone, such as Canon as well…..

  • gazzara

    You have to be carreful with triggertrap, it doesn’t work in europe cause of an law for sound limitation. and triggertrap use sound for control her devices, there is a module, but i don’t find any tests

  • Taomeister

    I backed the trigger trap project from the beginning, and just received the module from them last week. However I have yet to get it to work with my GH2 yet. However I can confirm that the triggertrap mobile dongle for the iPhone app and the Panasonic adapter WORKS. It’s a little unwieldy to setup on the camera side (no fault of the app or dongle) for example setting BULB mode for certain timers to work correctly, and pre-focusing to avoid having the camera hunt between shots.

  • popo

    Other similar with Android support, i read 15 July disposable:

    • AMVR

      I checked their website and it looks useful for android users, I thought it would be a nice work-around for my e-pl1 (it can’t use RC) but unfortunately it’s not supported either.

      I hope the new pen models come soon…

      • popo

        E-PL1 is the only pen not compatible with any remote cable control

  • dzv

    I bought TriggerTrap Mobile and the dongle + cable for my GH-1. I haven’t used it much, but it does work and it’s pretty cool. You just have to realize that the app is only able to mimic a remote shutter release (half-press and full-press), but nothing more. So it can focus and shoot on demand, but it can’t control any other parameters or provide remote viewing or anything like that. As long as you know what it’s good for, I don’t think you can be disappointed with it considering that it costs so little.

  • Fab

    I think it gives no real bracketing (HDR) time lapse functionality, only works in bulb mode. For a simple timer or remote control without any advanced functions I don’t need my phone.

  • zinanga


    I received mine for the Em-5 and it works. I did a couple of simple tests and the main use for it are timelapses. I tested it only with the demo app. I expect to do more tests along the summer but not before the next month :(

    I think there can be a couple of issues here in Europe because the volume limitation in the european iphones, but I tested mine with my “old” Iphone4 without a problem. I think it is enough cheap (around $20) to get a timelapse controller which is universal and you only need the right cable that cost around $10 to use it with a lot of different brands. I waited for my kit around 12 days or so.

    It helps also with HDR stuff, but I didn´t test it.

    Hope this info help you, people

    @admin: still not possible to log in??

  • jeff

    Its a cool product , i tried to do a timelapse with my e5 but after i came back realized that my phone was set to autodim or whatever and it interrupted the program.

    so if you are going to do timelapse you have to disable all power saving functions that would interupt the program

  • anonymous

    can you also make a phonecall with the camera? :-)

    hm I find this a good idea in theory, having a versatile, software driven device to drive a camera,
    but with the cost of an iPhone i’d rather get a dedicated trigger device.

  • oldsweng

    I’ve had it for my E-M5 for a couple of months. I use it for extended exposures and time-lapse over distance. Seems to work fine. When used as just a cable release the time to trigger can be longer than you expect. The HDR mode works for long exposures, nothing special for normal HDR. You have to set up the camera with the number of exposures, fixed iris, manual focus and the TT controls the exposure time. The takeaway? It only controls the shutter on the E-M5, no other camera controls.

  • I got it too for the E-M5… The cable works, but the dongle seems to be defective. They’re sending me a replacement.
    Lets see after I get the replacement dongle!

    It however, worked ok with the E-620.

  • rrr_hhh

    Concerning the Dongle, the product description on the Amazon website says :
    “IMPORTANT: the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle does not support iOS devices with EU audio volume restriction” (whatever that is)

    And the only review appearing on the ITunes app store for my corner of the world concerning version 1.0.3 says that :
    “App works really bad. No high speed, there is too much lag also when lag s set to 0ms. Many times it doesn’t work just with the cable release function! ”
    Review by Pistola83, 6th July 2012.

    • Lil Jerk Kid

      The civil masters in Brussels have decided that people with iPhones, iPods etc shall not be allowed to set their volume beyond that which is deemed appropriate by the Leviathan state.

      • JimD

        They, at least, recognise that people at the back of the train should not be listening to the “music” “ha ha” of those in the front of the train.
        About time, should be more of it.

        • jim

          It only opens the market for headphones pre amps, or micro active speakers!

          Just let the volume be what the user wants… maybe headphones should be more sound proof?

          I don’t agree with this type of legislation, least of all because it stops you triggering your camera with your phone!

          If somthing is anti social then the issue is with the indervidual not the product!

  • jim

    A good Digital intervolometer is the same as this (bar the audio trigger, which is a nice addition).

    Olympus never have released an SDk since the E-5… all m43 cameras have had no external control ever! All Oly 4/3 cameras do – can be compleatly controled and changed from a pc!

    Why did oly not think this was a good idea anymore?

    • Not sure I understand what you are saying. I can control the Oly with the Pixel remote shutter release. it also has time-lapse functionality. I just haven’t done a time-lapse with it yet. I was doing time-lapse with GH2 and G3 and you simply just need to switch the cables.

    • Geoff

      I am able to remotely fire my E-P2 with the Yongnuo RF-602 Rx with RF-600 Tx, ok this does may not have an Intervalometer or time lapse facility but doesprove that the Pen series does have remote option, unlike as reported by Jim –

      Quote “all m43 cameras have had no external control ever! All Oly 4/3 cameras do – can be compleatly controled and changed from a pc!”

      • jim

        Control and triggering being two diffrent things…

        Yes bar the EPL1 all Oly m43 cams can be remotly triggered (inc AF). But no camera can be controled from a PC or phone as yet… e.g. the 43 cameras can be plugged in to a PC an all the settings can be changed from the PC… white bal, shutter, apature, focus, image res, exposure comp, etc. etc. And the LV image is sent back to the PC to be seen on the screen realtime!

        This is what oly should allow with all m43 cameras!

  • Archer

    I may have a flaky dongle, because mine works sporadically. Right now its triggering the AF, but not the shutter. Weird.

  • Camaman

    So this dongle is just or sound control?
    If so who cares really… silly feature as it is

  • OM-4ever

    FAR more useful would be the developement of a TTL radio flash trigger…..

  • Henrik

    Hey Admin, is the mobile site working properly? For some time now Ive been entering the normal site although Im using my phone.
    Thanks for a good site!

  • If this is the setup that connects to the iPhone through the audio entry, then you cannot use this solution with iOS devices acquired in the European Union (excluding UK). Apparently, the maximum audio output level of the EU devices is limited (legal restriction) which stops the remote control from working.

  • I quickly tested mine when it arrived and it partly works with the E-M5 BUT you must turn up volume on your iPhone to maximum

    see my notes on itital testing on my photo wiki:

    I have not yet had a chance to see if I can get it working fully

    Whilst it can use external sound to trigger the iPhone to send shutter release, the sound volume we are talking about here is the mechanism by which TriggerTrap communicates between the iPhone and the dongle as it uses the iPhone earpiece jack and thus must rely on sending sound out from the iPhone to activate the dongle – unfortunately, the iPhone volume must be at 100% and not restricted to save your ears for this to work.

    Of course, you don’t actually hear anything – it is all internal to the iPhone and dongle.

  • Farrukh

    Would love this on android…

  • Asher

    The trigger works well! The app runs on sound. It plays a certain frequency noise into the audio cable tht triggers a release. The app is pretty good however it occasionally bugs out crashes or doesn’t respond! It has very low battery usage and runs well for it’s price! I use it on my entry level dslr and it works 99% of the time however I use Canon. I would recommend this because it’s a nice price for its huge functionality!

  • Eric

    I want wifi/BT remote control…

  • goblin

    I have it, it works great with both my E-5 and EM5. The whole thing ends up around $40 (dongle, cable and app), which is the price of a Chinese “Timer remote” as it was three years ago.

    The difference is that this thing does has a million more functions.

    On the flip side – the iphone is not exactly the easiest thing to handle in adverse conditions.

  • Absoluutbeginner

    Any updates with the triggertrap and E-M5 .
    Anyone using the device regularly ?
    Pls inform what functions are operating and which are not..

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