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Digitalrev: “Is Micro Four Thirds Dead?” ….Of course not :)


As usual take everything with a bit of humor…but for once I think they missed the point of the MFT reason of existence! It is not so the size of the camera that matters:

1) The lenses are usually way smaller compared to APS-C and FF. A part of some Fuji lenses the competition lenses are BIG. Yes, the Sony A63000 for example is very small camera, but then you have to buy big and expensive lenses (often FE!). Makes no sense at all!
2) Also appealing is the very large native lens range. There are way more options in the MFT world than in any other mirrorless system
3) It’s also a very diversified system. Panasonic offers plenty of serious features for “film makers” and “hybrid shooters” while Olympus focuses more on the “pure photographic” aspects
4) Competition within the system. Panasonic and Olympus are pushing each other while other companies are closed into their own system.
5) The “reality” argument. 99% of the people doesn’t need Full Frame. 99% of the people doesn’t need crazy Megapixel numbers or High ISO that go into millions. Ergonomy and reliability are way more important (although less “news viral”) features!

Is there something you want to add?

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