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Did Olympus choose the worse possible time to sell their business?


As you can see from this latest Cipa data the camera market sales crashed by 72% in May. Now what’s the bargaining power for Olympus when selling the business to JIP? I think they might have chosen the worse possible year to sell their imaging business…for three reasons:

  1. This year sales will be terrible but 2021 sales will obviously look much better
  2. The 10 year long Camera market shrinking was expected to reach the bottom this year anyway. From now on sales are expected to stay steady (Source: Canon estimates)
  3. Olympus just made the massive investment to move the factory from China to Thailand. And from 2021 they could expect to have steady sales for a lower production cost

I still have the crazy hope Olympus will at the end decide to NOT sell the business to JIP….

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