Did Leica change their mind about MFT? Panasonic will sell them interchangeable mount cameras!



Leica GM1 clone design by Seung-hun Han via Dicahub. Yep…just change the logo and charge $500 extra ;)

Over one year ago Leica stated that they will not make an MFT camera because their goal was to focus on ultimate image quality. But things have been changed at Leica and also their FF compact camera domain just got a strong competition from the SonyA7-A7r cameras. There is now a very surprising news:

According to Globalpost sources Panasonic and Leica made a new agreement where Panasonic will supply Leica with mirrorless and interchangeable mount cameras with retail prices of around 200,000 yen (1494 Euro or $2000). They will ship these cameras as early as next year!

  • Jankoff

    Will want a Leica at a Pana price. :-)

  • MdB

    Presumably we are looking at a GM1 with Leica ‘restyling’ + new Leica 15mm f1.7 + Adobe Lightroom for around $1500.

    • Narretz

      Probably two lens kit coming when the 15mm is ready first half (?) of 2014.

    • Bob B.

      It amazes me every time ..but marketing an image and rebranding is apparently very profitable. I have a photographer acquaintance that I occasionally run into…and he has one of the rebranded Panasonic-to-Leica P&S cameras… from years ago…and he ALWAYS brings up how he has this little Leica…
      I should get a medal for smirk suppression……:-)

      • corkcampbell

        Yeah, I had a Leica version of the Pany LX3 (D-Lux 4) in Titanium and it was a handsome camera, and came with a longer warranty and nice leather case. However, I got a great deal on it which is why I bought it, and I recovered about 90% of my expense when I eBayed it. I had owned and (regrettably) sold my LX3, so the Leica version was a no-brainer when I found it. Now, I wish that I had kept it.

        Anyway, my point is that, whenever anyone (who actually knew about Leicas) commented on it, I always explained that it was a rebadged Pany but, nonetheless, about the best (along with the LX3) P&S available at the time.

        • Bob B.

          I cannot remember the Leica model…but this was before the LX3….I have the panasonic model still it’s the DMC-FX35 (tiny senor 10 MP P&S camera) and I know it was Leica branded as I have it sitting here in the little Leica custom softpouch I got for it to protect it (Pany didn’t make one!..plus..I could fool everyone for $30 instead of $400 or what ever the difference was). Now I agree with your point that it was one of the best SMALL P&S cameras at that time…but what I find to be so telling…it that this guy has this little P&S camera…that he paid 2 to 3 times the price that I did. His photo results were no better than what came out of my camera IQ-wise. The camera is obsolete for the most part (but is still certainly useable)….but this person has to tout that he has a Leica, today..which shows the POWER of marketing the the importance that has with so many people and that attachment to their identity even though in this case any of the small LX series or Panasonic/Oly MFT cameras could clearly blow this little point and shoot away …this guy STILL holds onto the fact that he owns a LEICA…Its REALLY important to him, which is technically true…but so laughable. Branding is powerful stuff!!!!!

          • Peter

            You’re right, brand has power, and thanks to that his little old Leica has a much better resale value at this point.

            Your DMC-FX35 is 80$ on ebay.
            His Leica C-Lux 3 is still sold at B&H for 699$ and around 450$ on ebay.

            I understand your point about getting the same results from two “different” cameras, and I most likely would also go for the cheaper version. However in the long run your friends camera holds up much better, thanks to the brand value (earned by its quality products). So yeah, he does have a Leica and you have a Panasonic.

            • Bob B.

              LOL!…well…if we are both buying the cameras for the purpose of taking photos….which we both were…and I understand his is holding this “value”…but he has a lot of his hard-earned cash (this is not a wealthy man) tied up in a device that is no better than mine for a much lower price to do the intended purpose.

              It is really interesting….and I thank you for pointing out that monetary value part…something I do not think of as I am interested in making images…not making a fashion statement or a ego boost because of a purchase…(although sometimes think we are all victims of our egos and marketing). After all I DO have my little red Leica logo on the soft pouch for my Panasonic Camera. LOL!
              I do get a little kick out of it!

              • Peter

                I do understand you point, and I also do want to laugh at most people with Leicas, because in the end similar cameras in the same class produce similar quality images, and its up to the photographer to make them better.

                However from the monetary point of view your friend is not “tied up” in Leica since most likely he will have no problem in selling it for a very decent price, thanks to that little red logo. Good luck selling your Panasonic version.

                The tech in digital advances so fast that the products become obsolete the moment you buy them unless they have something else to them—like the brand ;—)

                Also, looks like the Leica version did have a faster lens ;)

                • Bob B.

                  OK, Peter….you have been foiled…as soon as you said that the f/stops on the lens were different I knew there was something askew… I have (as I stated above) a Panasonic DMC-FX35..the equivalent Leica was/is a Leica C-Lux 3, (sorry I was too lazy to look it up). YOu have cited the wrong camera. The lens is no different on the Leica equivalent to the Panasonic…that is the whole point…EVERYTHING on the Leica is EXACTLY the same as the Panasonic except of course the red dot and the price… There is no difference..that is what makes this so funny and with your input, interesting…because even though you cited the wrong camera, everything you have said still basically holds water.
                  eBay has only two (the cameras are not sold any longer)…a white one that we have to disregard because of the rarity thing, that someone is “asking” $440 for, (but not getting!)……and one black one for auction currently fetching a $31 dollar bid!!!!!!! LOL!….
                  I know it will sell for more…but lets see if he gets over the $80 that you say my camera is worth!!!!!!! (I am betting it will). I am going to put it on my watch list and see what it is actually going to sell for in real life. Too funny!!!!! The brand may not hold all that much in this case but it will be interesting to see.

                  • Bob B.
                    • Bob B.

                      wait…wait..wait….in an effort in total transparency, you do also get that nifty LEATHER pouch with the Leica!

                    • Peter

                      Not sure where you are looking but:

                      Leica C-LUX 3:
                      Zoom 5x
                      25 mm—125 mm

                      Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35:
                      Zoom 4x
                      25 mm—100 mm

                      thats .5 aperture difference and a 1x zoom difference

                  • Peter

                    If C-LUX 3 is the camera you are talking about then the lens is indeed faster:
                    I’d be curious to see what it sells for—it still has 4+ days to go.

                    In any case, I am playing devils advocate here, lets wait and see what leica/panny come up with, nothing bad can come from this. And Panny wins being in the company of Leica, which still stands for expensive quality.

                    • Bob B.

                      LOL!!..longest posts ever…sorry…look closely…I am looking at the link you sent me…the lenses are BOTH:
                      Focal length: 4.4-17.6mm
                      f/stops: f/2.8-f/5.6

                      There is no difference…none..they are
                      EXACTLY THE SAME. There is NO difference in the cameras…It was just stamped “Leica”.
                      Can anyone else help me here!!!!!! HELP!!!!! :-)

                    • Bob B.

                      There are doing the same EXACT thing with the two cameras at the top of the page. Just restamping it…and marketing it differently.

            • Its not brand value. Its just straight forward deception. Why deception? Because it does not say Panasonic product marketed by Leica so Leica marketing manager can get a new Merc every year or when the tank is empty, which ever comes first.

              It also decries the catch phrase that one gets what one pays for. Does it not?

              • Peter

                Everything you said is true.
                However a lot of people are willing to pay more for just for that brand—and when they pay for it
                they are not necessary paying for the tech and the material thing.
                It is deception, maybe they get it for the bragging rights, confidence, “seal of approval” (essentially thats what Leica is doing here, saying this product is made well enough to cary Leica name, as Leica is not just a brand, in a way it became an institution).
                I’m not saying its right, but it there.

                Bob B., could not post a reply for your comment but here are the specs :

                Leica C-LUX 3:
                Zoom 5x
                25 mm—125 mm

                Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35:
                Zoom 4x
                25 mm—100 mm

                • Godot

                  You’re looking at the wrong Panasonic model. It’s the FX37, not FX 35.

                  • Peter

                    Bob above is stating:
                    “I have (as I stated above) a Panasonic DMC-FX35..the equivalent Leica was/is a Leica C-Lux 3”

                    So I am comparing the cameras he is claiming are exactly the same.
                    They are not, thats my point.

                    • Godot

                      Then he is the one who made a mistake with the model numbers, and you are right for the wrong reason.

                      Bottom line: cosmetics aside, the C-Lux 3 is identical hardware to the FX37.

      • Grant

        The Leica website agrees with your friend and smirks at you. What the company says is a Leica *IS* a Leica. The fact that you have a personal definition of Leica that differs from Leica’s…. makes you irrelevant.

        • Grant

          … I refer to ‘BobB’ in my post above….

          • Bob B.

            Well Grant…you buy your Leica…(perhaps you own one), I will bring the camera of my choice (and spend a whole lot less money) and I will wager my shots will kick your Leica’s ass..and hey..I’ll even buy you some dinner with my savings! :-)

        • Bob B.

          In this case…a Leica “IS” just a repackaged Panasonic. It “IS” totally laughable!

    • rpm40

      I think you nailed it right off the bat- it might include a nice case or strap as many of the previous rebrands have as well.

      It may sound a little crazy, but when you consider it next to all the outrageous Hasselblad jokes that are charging what, $10,000 for a grip? Then a few of these Leica rebadges don’t seem so bad. A little luxury indulgence at a more palatable level of gouging.

  • Camaman


    • Berneck

      I have to say, that Leica really looks nice. The Panasonic is close, but that Leica is special. Lolololololol

  • Dearly hoping it, I was.

    If you think of it, there is not much that Leica can do to fence the Sony competition.
    What it can do is to boost m4/3, by giving its seal to the high resolution and responsiveness achieved.

    I would like to see a GX7 Leica branded, but it would of a far deeper import if Leica produced a m4/3 model uniquely its own.

    Why not? it wouldn’t detract more from its M models, more than Sony is doing with the Alphas.

    Remember too that journalists and fashion photogs are already using m4/3 cameras, not only because they are small, but because they are effective.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Sounds like the usual Leica milky-rebrand, offering a red dot and a 100 Euros Lightroom for double the price of the original camera: a good way to have some easy income.

    M mounts lenses (from WA to 35mm) seem to have trouble on Sony 7, so I don’t think Leica is too worry about it.

    I think Leica GM1 would be a great gift to a Leica M owner wife, but orange leatherette + red dot is not a perfect combination :)

    • corkcampbell

      “I think Leica GM1 would be a great gift to a Leica M owner wife,”

      Are you saying all Leica M owners are men?

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        @corkcambell absolutely not. Do you really think I should write both the male and female version of my comment? I believe most readers are intelligent enough to understand what I wrote, despite my English.

        • Svenlovesflo

          Your English is very good Marco

        • corkcampbell

          Yes, absolutely. You should learn to use “he or she,” or change to plural, using “they.”

          This is not an English lesson, but more in the area of political correctness, and the avoidance of sexism.

          Maybe I am over-sensitive, but I used to teach this. This forum is read by people from all kinds of backgrounds and countries; we should try to be sensitive.

          Note, in a reply below, I also apologized for a similar mistake that I made. We never stop learning.

          • NoYanks

            Marco, you need to learn how to behave. The yanks are a beacon of civilisation for the whole world. Do whatever they tell you, you can only get worse – whoops I mean better.

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Corkcampbell, I didn’t want to be rude or offend the male/female genre, just to be clear. I expressed my idea of an overpriced gift camera for someone who has a relationship with someone already using a Leica M: sounds better?

            We could write about the better way to express my thought, but i’m sure people got the right idea of what I was trying to express.

            There were and are people here offending each other family members and using vulgar expression, far worse than my comment. Again, my comment wasn’t meant to be sexist, and to be honest it didn’t come to my mind that my comment could hurt someone.

          • Bollox

            I am going out to blow a fag. It is my “culture” to say so, you must respect that. By the way, “culture” used to be uncountable, then came the sociologists, banned “tradition” and wrung an old word into a new meaning.
            I hope Leica adds the aperture and exposure dials and a viewfinder to what could be a brilliant camera.

          • Mapet

            Political correctnes is the virus that kills mens brain.
            Black is black not white.

            • Bollox

              I reckon there are plans to keep the masses stupid and harmless, and political correctness plays a good role in it. Destroying family is a major step toward the target, and that goes through destroying religion, pushing gay marriage, buying expensive M43 products and other abominations.

      • Fafhrd


        Are you saying all wives are women?

        • Nawaf

          It’s standup comedy Monday already LoL

        • corkcampbell

          Good one; I deserved that.

        • Ginny

          +10 10 10 … LOL

        • Mapet


      • burdickjp

        Are you saying only men have wives?

  • AndersN

    Well, it seems to me that the Panasonic has decided to split their premium compact line into two – the LF series and the GM series, where the GM series replaces the LX series. And since Leica always have sold rebranded LX:s, they will have to switch to GM if they want to continue selling rebranded Panasonic premium compacts.

    • JHCCAZ

      I wouldn’t yet jump to the conclusion that the LX series is done. They are very widely known and popular cameras, so why would Panasonic simply stop? The MSRP price point is around $500 vs. $750 for the new GM1 outfit, and the LX cameras have specs and features that aren’t quite matched by the GM1 – hot-shoe, larger zoom range, much smaller wide-end f/number (significant despite “equivalence” considerations, a body size that some may prefer. I haven’t yet owned an LX but I know people who do and they would probably go for a new model. The RX100 models are certainly competing very strongly, but it’s not clear to me that LX is dead because of them. The GM1 is now a serious competitor to RX, but again doesn’t quite compete directly.

      Where LX might go in the next model is another question. Larger sensor? Wider or faster zoom?

      I think that Panasonic will drop the numerous low-end P&S cameras (LH, LZ etc.) before they drop the LX – but then again you may be right. We don’t really know how these lines look to Panasonic’s profit or their model line strategy.

      • The LX series camera can also use the LVF2, which is a pretty big consideration for many.


    The latest “re-badge” was the Leica C Type 112 from the LF1. Interestingly, that is priced just $200 (40%) above the LF1, little enough to justify the price considering nicer cosmetics, Lightroom softwae (if one needs it), better warranty, and Leica as an alternative to Panasonic’s repair service. I hope this reduced-premium applies to upcoming models as well.

    But even better would be real customization. There is speculation (the patent picture) of a GM camera with viewfinder. If Leica’s version could be the one with an EVF, or perhaps a better EVF than the Panasonic version, that would be some differentiation worth noting.

    It is also possible that the deal involves non-MFT cameras and/or that Leica will actually contract Panasonic to produce completely separate cameras as they did in the film days. Panasonic actually produced film cameras for a number of manufacturers in the film P&S days; they may be going back to that business model – as they still do with flash units, batteries and other accessories.

    • Narretz

      The patent camera is too different to be a variation of the GM1. It’s taller, wider, mount in different position, viewfinder built-in, front dial.
      It’s basically a new model althogether. And if Leica wanted a very different model, they could design that themselves. Would be odd if the took an original Panasonic design for that.

      • safaridon

        Yes the patent sketch shows a model halfway between the GM1 and the GX7 in size but would share components with the GM1 like new shutter and fixed screen to reduce its size and cost but include the hot shoe and EVF many want. With the GM1, GM2?, and GX7 I don’t see the profitability or need to continue the GF, G, and GH lines other than to put the same GX7 sensor in all.

        • Godot

          Agreed that the GF is now redundant, but the G and GH still seem to have a place: entry-level SLR-style and high-end video/SLR-style body with weather sealing respectively. Don’t underestimate the perceived value of the SLR form factor in this market…

    • W

      I was thinking that camera with EVF but less buttons would be a GF somewhere down the road. GM1 already takes the cake for small and compact.

  • NoSnobby37

    Don’t mean a thing. It’s the same as the Panny.

  • Gardener

    A year ago Leica said they were not interested as they felt the image quality they were looking for was not there yet. Things have changed in that department, and as amalric has said there are a number of pro’s at least using as a secondary system if not there main camera. There was talk of Panasonic and Fuji working on new sensors add to that Leica lenses it may one day be of benefit to us.

  • bill

    Marketing crap overflow. Seriously, does sticking a red pill on the very same camera makes it better? Definitely not. Now if they could come with some MFT M with manual rangefinder focusing, plus Leica MFT manual lenses, that would be just plain great.

    Just wishful thinking here, obviously.

    • But they won’t just stick the red pill on. They will change the firmware and possibly the sensor specifications.

      What one will end up with is a Leica in a Pany cage.

    • You can adapt Leica M mount and the older L screwmount lenses for M4/3 cameras today.

      This might be a consideration for Leica at this point and certainly for Leica users… easily use your existing lenses on a different system.

  • It’s funny that GX7 and GM1 do look already so good even from a Leica fan’s viewpoint as Leica won’t have to much room to ‘improve’ their design. :D

    • Dec

      +1 !

  • MJr

    Makes no sense, they already sell compacts with teeny tiny sensors. How is MFT not ‘ultimate quality’ ?

  • Yun

    This is welcome news .
    Leica-Fuji-Pana , what a formidable combination .
    If they can work together to develop future cameras , that is promising .

    Leica’s legendary lenses
    Fuji’s sensor innovation
    Pana’s lovely design

    Simply hard to ignore .

    • rrr_hhh

      Leica lenses : Yes, but set what cost ?
      Fuji sensors : yes, great, but it’s not yet there !
      Panasonic design : bof, nothing special if you except the GM1

      • Simplicity and ease of use have become increasingly important as cameras have become ridiculously complex. Digital camera interfaces will never be as simple as film cameras, but easing the pain of dealing with them does add value.
        Panasonic’s UI has improved and their touchscreen interface always gets high marks from reviewers. So, maybe Leica has their eye on this as well.

        • rrr_hhh

          I have an M6 sleeping in a cupboard : nothing in the digital age match its beautiful simplicity nor its smart shape..

          • Peter

            Nothing, except the fact that digital frees you up from dealing with film
            (nothing against film—i actually would prefer it if not for the rising processing/purchasing cost and timing).

            Thats why your M6 is “sleeping in the cupboard”

      • W

        Panasonic never really stepped up in their m43 design until the GX7 and GM1. And the GM1 is probably what Leica will use. Like how Leica used the LX7 and reworked it as a D Lux 6 or something.

    • Narretz

      Maybe: Pana’s video capabilities.

      Pana also has strenghts in building very compact lenses; they also produce sensors, while Fuji only designs them. Fuji also has veritable lens design knowledge, and (currently) supports old cameras like no other company.

    • Panasonic video innovation, I think, rather than design. No one does video as well as Pana.

    • I suppose kit lenses will be Leica branded, so expect a kit with 15mm F1.7 or 25mm F1.4.

    • Gardener

      Certainly has some of the design elements you would expect from Leica.

    • Narretz

      The question is: would Leica use a Panasonic design for their very first own m43 camera? I think the answer is no …

      • W

        Ignorant? Fanboyism?

        Why would they use any other design? They’ve always bought P&S designs from Panasonic. And since Panasonic is shifting more to their system cameras, Leica might have changed their mind and decided to also shift to m43 as well, or maybe just for a lulz. But Panasonic and Leica already had dealings on different things (getting P&S designs, giving permission to use their name on lenses, maybe even designing some of them?), it isn’t really far off that they would use Panasonic designs.

      • W

        Besides, it may be the reason for those patents and the reason GX7 and GM1 designs are so nice and closer to the Leica look.

      • Godot

        History says YES.

        Every Leica C-Lux, V-Lux, D-Lux, and Digilux has been a Panasonic design (except one Fuji?), or at least a collaborative design also released under the other company’s name. And just a couple of weeks ago Leica did it again with its version of the LF1, with every button and switch in exactly the same place.

        My prediction:

        Leica D-Lux 7: reskinned Pana GM1 + Panaleica 15/1.7 kit lens – $1200
        Leica Digilux 4: reskinned Pana GX8 + Panaleica 25/1.4 or 42.5/1.2 – $2000-2500

        • Godot

          Oops, I meant GX7.

        • Narretz

          But all these cameras were previosuly released by Panasonic as their own. With the patent, we are talking about a design by Pana that they haven’t used themselves. This is something new.

          • Godot

            For all we know the patent is for a GM2, GX8, GF7 or something else. There’s nothing to say when it will become a real camera, or even IF it will become one. Or that if it does, it will be Panasonic-made but only sold as a Leica. That’s several leaps beyond speculation.

          • W

            Leica never used a not-released-before design from another manufacturer yet. They either design their own, or buy a design of an existing product.

    • Anonymousse

      So that’s what the smaller circle will be used for – a red dot!

  • Eric Brenner

    M43 is definitely a good place to be, for a photo entusiast investing in a state-of-the-art system. Way to go! The more the merrier

  • rrr_hhh

    Mmmmm… This will become interesting if Leica begins to make lenses for MFT :-)

    • JHCCAZ

      Well, Leica branding is already used on many Panasonic-built lenses, mostly on compacts but of course also on the 25/1.4, the 45/2.8 Macro and soon the 42.5/1.2 and the announced 15/1.7 (and in the past on several pre-MFT 4/3 system lenses). Leica branding has also existed for a long time in the Panasonic video camera lines.

      There is quite a bit of speculation and contradictory opinion about the amount of Leica design, QC and manufacturing influence of the Leica-branded lenses. My take, from reading interviews and seeing the announcement history, is this: Panasonic has an extremely capable and sophisticated lens-design department, and an enviable lens production facility. They did pointedly work with Leica lens designers in prior years, learning certain techniques and fine points of emphasis that have influenced the Panasonic lens-design culture, but still they are masterful designers in their own right. Leica-branded lenses probably still have a design review process that is held jointly with Leica, but I would guess this is little more than a formality or a paper exercise in some cases. Leica does care about the quality of the design and the manufacturing, but they probably have come to trust Panasonic to maintain the quality at the agreed-upon level for each sub-line of products. Leica traditionally had less experience designing zoom lenses than primes, but they also have learned a lot over recent years, some of that from Panasonic designers.

      Leica has relatively little experience or factory facilities to build sophisticated electronics and AF motors into lenses, though they are learning slowly. Their traditional forte is hand-assembled and finished lenses in very finely machined and complex mounts, with very labor-intensive finishing, testing and QC checking – and still their output is not perfect. I believe it is unlikely that they will design complete MFT AF lenses, much less produce them in their factories in Portugal and Germany (but perhaps I’m wrong). If they did so, the price be very high, probably not acceptable to the vast majority of MFT customers, and what would be the point?

      • Mike

        Leica branded Panasonic lenses are required to meet a number of tight tolerances (sharpness, distortion, etc…) and are not allowed to use software correction to achieve those tolerances.

        This is why they are an interesting alternative to the other MFT lenses, and in my opinion show a lot of character in their rendering.

        • Nic

          The Leica branded 25mm f1.4 uses software correction

      • rrr_hhh

        I know all that and own the 25mm F1.4 which I like a lot. Still, if Leica was designing its own MFT lenses that could be interesting :-) even if they are only many all lenses.

        • Milt

          I agree that it would be interesting. Whether I could afford them is another matter.

    • Remember that Leica’s lens competitor, Cosina- Voigtländer is successfully selling highly regarded and, arguably, the best native M4/3 lenses. Their M and L mount lens are popular with more than a few M4/3 users, too.

      This simply cannot have escaped Leica’s notice!

      • rrr_hhh

        Those lenses are a bit too heavy for my taste : I’d prefer slower but smaller/lighter lenses (I’m rarely looking for shallow DOF, I prefer it when everything is tack sharp)

        • I got them to use in low light and to keep ISOs low. DoF is a secondary interest, maybe less than 2nd. ;-)

  • Jørgen

    Somehow I cannot see this happening. I do not understand that a brad like Leica wants tohave a body used with (may be) second rate lenses. Like a lenscaplens from Oly. I do think it has been done before with a 4/3 body (L1?), but still…..I would not do that so easily if that name (and it is that name) must be held in the highest regard. Somehow does not seem right…

    • Fafhrd


      Why would Leica have made all those bodies that were used (may be) with inferior film? They should had made Leica branded film in their own factories and made it incompatible with existing film cassettes.


    • W

      Leica already buys P&S from Panasonic. They already make (or gives permission to make) lenses for m43 UNDER Panasonic. There’s a third lens coming. Voigtlander is seeing fair success among m43 users. Leica would want in on that for the money.

    • broody

      Well, you can use ‘cheapo’ $500 lenses on an M-mount body and that hasn’t really phased them. My guess is this one will be launched along with the 15mm Summilux as a kit.

  • Leica’s 100th birthday, Photokina and the new factory next year, could be an ideal time to bring out a new range of cameras.

  • Cool. Leica will help strengthen the standard. With luck they will ask Panasonic to join them in the “S” standard, and build a medium format mirrorless to leapfrog the full frame fanboys….

    • Narretz

      S-System, heh. Or Panasonic makes an M mount camera with AF lenses. I think both are equally (un)likely.

  • A Leica in a Pany cage.

    Basically a Panasonic body with Leica firmware.

    I hate it when they bundle things like Elements and Lightroom with the hardware.
    1. Half the people are trying to avoid Adobe.
    2. The other half already have the software. So they pay 100 somethings for nothing.
    Rant over back to Leica.

    If it is m43 cameras that Leica are making that is good very very good. But it may be a mid size camera with APSC sensor. Or it may be a mid market 35mm that takes M extended lenses (electronic contacts) opening up m mount to AF and so forth.

    • W

      There’s probably a reason why there are suddenly 3 Panasonic-Leica branded lenses out… and that will quickly become 4 because if I remember correctly, that 42.5 is also Leica branded. Yeah, Leica wants in on m43.

  • lone.samurai

    Leica and hassleblad contributions to the world of photography? I’ll take the panny or sony and put the money saved on a lens unless these companies are willing to actually offer some serious extras then I’m not so convinced by the value of that red leica branded dot.

  • is it technically possible for leica to make their mount electronic? i mean adding electronic contact to their current mount to accept newly desinged lens with af, while maintaining compatibality with older lenses

  • I do hope that it is a unique Leica model for m4/3, and not a refresh.

    Another side of the contribution is VIDEO. If you consider that some pro journalists still use Leica it is by now a need in PJ.

    One of the uniquenesses of m4/3 is Panny’s know how in video, and how suitable the format is: see it like 16mm in film, much more practical for documentary work than 35mm.

    To me it is quite clear that Leica wants to expand: it cannot do it by boosting M camera production, say more than doubling it.

    So the other way is to do an alliance in Asia. Again, m4/3 is the perfect complement to ‘FF’ 35mm, they don’t step over each other.

    OTH to have an original Leica model with the Leicasonic lenses, would be quite a boost for m4/3 as a whole.

    As noted above Leica has already a positive influence: these lenses are not FW corrected or minimally so.

    • Anonymousse

      I hope that boost will not be in the price!

    • Godot

      “I do hope that it is a unique Leica model for m4/3, and not a refresh.”

      I agree that would be a good thing for the system as a whole, but it seems unlikely given both old and recent history:

      The announcement of the 15/1.7 Leica-branded lens as a companion for the GM1 sounds to me like a massive hint that Leica will rebadge the GM1, using that lens as the kit lens. A Leicafied GX7 wouldn’t surprise me either, whether with that lens or one of the other Panaleicas as the kit.

      In retrospect, Leica having agreed to put its name on select m43 lenses while refusing for five years to put its name on any bodies looks like Leica hedging its bets. Voilà, now that m43 bodies are deemed worthy of the Leica name, the company will enter the market with four Leica-branded prime lenses already available.

  • AKA

    i think LEICA M240 style (sensor) + lumix lens end of year,
    pana+leica say hi to SONY,NIKON ….

  • ArKersaint

    This would fit well with the new 15mm design : far more genuine leica looking than the 25mm !!!

    By the way, wa would have Leica15mm

  • ArKersaint

    Sorry, here is the following

    By the way, wa would have Leica branded 15mm, 25mm, 42,5 primes… giving room to a 10 and a 20… This could explain the lack of enhancement of the 20 by Panasonic ?

  • Yun

    Another reason explain why Leica choose Pana instead of the rest likely Leica smell the potential of m4/3 .
    Sensor size not longer capped to it’s limit as long technology is moving on .
    The Organic elements perhaps is the turning point in m4/3 world .


    Leica obviously seen Pre Production of the GX7/GM1 and seeing the buzz of those 2 caneras probably swayed Leica into M43.

    It makes perfect sense, being they work together anyways. This bodes well for Panasonic and M43, because even though the Leica M43 cameras will just be re-skinned Panasonic ones, it will be another major player in M43 and will generate more buzz.

    Hopefully, we’ll see the return of Aperture rings on lenses. It’s already happening, hopefully, we’ll see more primes with them.

    It looks like good times for M43. All I need to see is a Panasonic/Fuji FF DSLR (Lumix G6 Shape, please) Camera, one with Panny IS, Interface, Waterproofing and Fuji Film filters, hybrid VF, and they could split the sensor/body look.

    • I think it’s also a considered response to the a7. The rumor for that camera has been circulating for years, and Leica probably looked into directly competing with it. There were signs that Leica was seriously exploring a mirrorless full frame, even before Sony was, with the mythical “R solution”, and when they were working on the X1. The new M is claimed to be it, but it isn’t. They made some kind of a decision that they cannot compete directly with Sony or CaNikon.

      And, so, perhaps, looking back into their own history, that began with the invention of a miniaturized format, they decided that miniaturization is the next best step. I would be surprised if they don’t refer to this in the press releases, and I would believe it’s sincere. It is a plus that µ43 is a mature system, more so than 4/3 was when Leica was in it, but Leica may be doing more than piggybacking.

      Or, maybe, Leica has finally decided to follow me around. :-)

  • cuius

    Didn’t work with Aston Martin re-badging Toyota iQs – perhaps photographers are more gullible


      It’s been working for Leica and the LX, why not give it a shot?
      Either way, it’s still good nees for Panasonic. We just need more P/L lenses and some primes in the 12-35/35-100 build and look.

  • > There is now a very surprising news

    Why are you surprised that µFT has “ultimate image quality”? :-)

    For 1,500 dollars/euros, it might be the GX7!

  • Rob

    Good news to have Leica on board, I was quite disappointed they ruled it out entirely last year. I think their main competitor is Zeiss, and with the Zeiss logo spreading out and being heavily promoted with the new Sony A7, they need to start hitting back, and partnering with Panasonic is probably the best way to do that.

    That said I more than likely won’t buy one over the half price Panasonic equivalent. But it might encourage them to put another couple of lenses in the m4/3 line up over the next few years besides the already announced ones.

  • now all it needs is a hotshoe.

    • +1000
      AND a port for the LVF2!!!

      • yaa

        That is going to be interesting seeing how Leica uses the olympus ap2 port on a number of cameras

  • A hotshoe would be very welcome!

  • Where are all the FF trolls suddenly? In the sonyalpharumors? Counting the dosh they need to even approach the As? :)

    Even if Leica only remakes a GM, reading the Photoblog.’s review ot the M typ 240, made me ask a few questions about the future of Leica. As you know it’s a hybrid, with still a rangefinder, but also Liveview, in fact it has electronic frames, not unlike the Fuji XPro1.

    It also has Video which is all done in LiveView.

    In other words it is quite an unnecessary complex machine, trying to keep together too many generations of photographers.

    So I asked myself: when will they do a fully electronic camera. It would cost much less, and in the end it would be easier to operate. Uniqueness would be guaranteed by the proprietary lenses, and it could much better compete with Sony Zeiss.

    Enter Panasonic, while keeping the agreement on some m4/3 rebranded models they could explore together the future electronic M, like Oly might be doing at the moment with Sony a different format OM-D.

    These alliances have the same goal: to break the Canon-Nikon stranglehold at all levels, and make big money, hatching from niches they are confined to.

    • a

      Wow. You are really inspired today! It must be the effect of this news, but great commentary nevertheless!

      • Thank you, but I am solidly in the camp of m4/3, and happy at that.

        Leica however is not all smoke and mirrors as some would have it. I am quite admired at how the solved the problem for Wides with microlenses and deconvolution, which are electronic techniques after all.

        Sony still has to learn from them a thing or two.

    • EJPB

      It is impossible that a small niche-player with a very limited electronics background (it’s all outsourced to Jenoptik and CMOSIS) can keep up the development of a far too expensive camera, facing far more competent major players. For a very long time the mirror-less design of the M and compactness were putting them in a unique position, that’s all gone now.

      The X-Pro1 was one of the first market attacks on the M9, I dare to say a camera with equal competences, with outstanding glass. The E-M5 was not far from it.

      Leica could raise the quality level quite a bit with the M.240, but then came the RX1, the E-M1, The X-E2, soon it will be the A7 and A7r, the FMD, and it won’t be the last releases: this market niche is getting very crowed now with more refined, competent and affordable camera’s.

      Quite a few Leica buyers are not technology but prestige and style driven, caring more about the half case and strap than any other photographer ever would do, but even than, I don’t see how they will be able to hold away the competition for another 2 or 3 year with a sensor made by a complete outsider company like CMOSIS (they have no single credit in this market), just talking about the fabulous precision of their RF (what is not true) and yet to come, even more expensive, special editions of this camera.

      Maybe the Leica management realizes this more than we think. This could be the back-up track for Leica, when the M story would fade out one day as the last dinosaur, looking at possibilities to develop 4/3-stuff. It’s not new, this kind of spin off, Voigtlânder is already doing this and also Zeiss is supporting many other systems.

      But will only the Leica fame be enough to make the differentiator, to let buy people into Leica? The 4/3-system is already a bit ‘over-complete’, I’m not so sure tif anyone is waiting for this very expensive name. And rebadging is indeed selling Toyota’s with an Aston Martin label. I also don’t see the present M-owners switch to 4/3… when other FF solutions are commercially available.

      I even doubt that Leica glass will remain a myth, as the optical design and engineering abilities of a lot of companies increased by using very advanced software, but also excellent quality of low-dispersion glass and coatings. A company like Fuji has the best optical facilities in the world.

      Quite some Leica lenses have their roots in a long and forgotten past, multiple aspherical lenses compensating the slightest pincushion and chroma aberration have become market standards…so…? And letting Panasonic mount Leica lenses on every camera as it are merely ‘consumables’ doesn’t make the picture better.

      What we see here is a very bad development for the future employment in Solms, be sure about that.

      I’ve never believed in Leica M, and will never do since I saw several people selling their top notch Nikon and Canon camera-stuff to finance a Leica – to become extremely disappointed in the practical, almost primitive use of this camera.

      • Anon

        As Amalric put it above in this thread. Do they really have a better choice? What else can they do? That’s the question. Is it Leica kind of a glorious brand (say a Ferrari) but without a competitive R&D team, left to rebadge watches and laptops and marginalized to a small, although high-quality niche?!?

    • true homer

      Where are they? Now that it has been proven over and over that the output from both the 7 and 7r is pure sh*t they have their tongues up their own ases. They will buy it anyway, they need the full frame placebo effect

  • robfi

    disspointed that there is not going to be a 150mm f2.8
    if leica make new mft lens great might buy one
    if they just put a red dot on a panasonic i will buy the panasonic
    my money safe i think

    • The 150/2.8 has not been canceled outright. The footnote to the roadmap said its timeline and specifications were under review or revision or something like that. I doubt that the 150 or the 2.8 would change, but the various multi-letter suffixes may still be in flux, maybe even some redesign for Leica badging, considering the positive response to the Nocticron?

      Can someone confirm this for me?

      > 150/2.8につきましては,商品內容と開發時期を見直しさせて頂きます.

      • hlbt

        > 150/2.8につきましては,商品內容と開發時期を見直しさせて頂きます.

        A faux-literal translation: “As for the 150/2.8, we are reconsidering the product specs and R&D timeline.”

        Reasonable to interpret that as the project being shelved.

        • Narretz

          They are at least waiting for Oly to release the 40-150mm, to evaluate if it still makes sense to release the prime.

  • Obviously it would be sold with that new Leica rangefindery looking 15mm. But hey what about a new Vario-Elmarit, or Vario-Summicron? That would at least justify a slightly higher pricetag.

  • I surely hope they go with a GX7 type of body, if it is a new body design even better. Here is to hoping it is not simply a rebrand, that would suck…a LOT.

    I wonder if they will use their own sensors or Panasonic ones, as well as imaging engines.

  • LovinTheEP2

    As nice as coveted by some the M bodies are..

    I hope for once, Leica decide to not just pull “lets put the dot on a panasonic body” and actually work with Panasonic to offer up something truly unique. Here is a couple of options available to them:

    1. GM1 with NO CFA!! I would totally pay 2,000 for it.
    2. Raw video
    3. Unique Jpeg color signature.
    5. Unique creative jpeg filter set.
    6. A GM1 with an OVF.

    • yaa

      So, what you want is a gm1 but with a completely different sensor, and by extension completely different supporting hardware and processing, in other words, a completely different camera but using the gm1 housing? Oh wait, the ovf also makes for needing a different housing, so… a completely different camera..

      See, you won’t have a unique color signature when removing the cfa, you won’t have any color at all, unless you start using a totally different kind of sensor.

      • LovinTheEP2

        Yes. A partnership doesn`t mean an exact copy with a new logo. A partnership means lets work together on creating something NEW!

        So why not have Panasonic strip the CFA off their their latest GX7 sensor for Leica and have Leica take what they have learned with a mono sensor and apply it to Panasonic GPU.

        Win win for both if you ask me.

        As for the other options, I said ~options.. doesn`t mean off them to 1 camera. Just some points of differentation.

        Seems as though you think it`s totally acceptable to take another manufacturers tech, add a logo and charge 2x as much.. if you are.. good for you but I for one would like to see a very different option available.

        • Godot

          “A partnership doesn`t mean an exact copy with a new logo.”

          So far, that is exactly what the Panasonic-Leica partnership means.

          And now we have a news item stating that Panasonic might supply interchangeable-lens cameras to Leica, and you’re expecting it to suddenly mean something else?

          Wishful thinking IMO.

          Here’s my speculation: the Leica versions of Panasonic cameras (LX/D-Lux etc. etc.) sell in such small quantities that the only way the arrangement makes economic sense is for either party is for Panasonic to mass-produce the item, with a portion of the production run receiving a Leica skin at the final assembly stage. Tinkering with anything hardware-related, aside from the outer shell, would introduce costs and complications leading to an even more expensive Leica version.

          • LovinTheEP2

            So you’re saying that Leica is incapable of learning from Prior mistakes or missteps and that simply continue down a path of wasted time and resources in putting a red dot directly on the exact same camera that Panasonic currently markets..

            We’ll we will soon find out but I hope your wrong and that Leica makes a real effort in joining the m43 community with a bang vs a fizzle.

            • Godot

              “So you’re saying that Leica is incapable of learning from Prior mistakes or missteps and that simply continue down a path of wasted time and resources in putting a red dot directly on the exact same camera that Panasonic currently markets..”

              I said nothing of the kind.

              What I’m saying is that if Panasonic is going to be an OEM for Leica, the choices are:

              1) Make one piece of hardware with two skins, for sale under both brands. Who says this is a mistake? As far as I know, it has served Leica well. It has been going on for around 10 years, hasn’t it? Arguably, this practice kept Leica going long enough to produce the M8. (For several years rebadged Panasonics were Leica’s only digital cameras.)

              2) Make a specialty item for Leica alone or modify a Panasonic model with new sensor, EVF or what have you. This necessarily means a small production run and thus a more expensive item. Possibly much, much more expensive depending on the size of the run. We know Leica doesn’t have anything against selling ultra-expensive cameras, but as far as I know these are rarely if ever made in Asia by an OEM. All the recent Asia-made Panaleicas are modestly priced by Leica standards.

              I suppose 2) could happen after all these years, but I don’t see how it makes sense. Option 1) means they sell a Panaleica that costs around 50% more than its Panasonic counterpart (they have not sold them for double the Panny price for a long time now) and considerably less than any Leica labelled “Made in Germany”; option 2) means the price is going to be much higher — think X Vario territory ($2850 in the US). And then this marvel will have what for lenses? Four nice but not Leica-made Panaleica primes plus all the other m43-mount glass.

              Bottom line: I can see Leica selling an OEM body that’s not a premium item, positioned below its X cameras, using Panasonic-made lenses and all the rest. But I just don’t see such a camera being anything but a rebadged Panasonic. All just my opinion, of course. YMMV.

              • “1) Make one piece of hardware with two skins, for sale under both brands. Who says this is a mistake? As far as I know, it has served Leica well. It has been going on for around 10 years, hasn’t it? ”

                It’s been going on far longer than a decade. The Leica CL and the Monolta CL (1973) RF cameras were both manufactured by Minolta. Leica also sold their version of a 35 mm Minolta AF camera with a 35/80mm dual focal length lens in the late ’80s.

                • Godot

                  Thanks for the correction/reminder. Just goes to reinforce my point: Leica has used the same rebadging model for a long time for its lower-end products. Now that you mention it, doesn’t the Panasonic partnership also go back to film P&S cameras?

                  Good, bad, right, wrong, I think past behaviour strongly points to a Leicafied GM, GX or both.

                  • I really can’t remember any Panasonic film cameras.

                    Most companies choose partnerships based on mutual needs. For Leica it’s good to have a ready-to-sell product for people who buy based on luxury brand name recognition, and for Panasonic it’s good to have a product “good enough to be branded Leica.”

                    • Godot

                      Apparently the Leica Minilux (mid-90s) was made by Panasonic. Might be the exception that proves the rule: I can find no reference to a cheaper version sold under the Panasonic name.

  • Milt

    “Over one year ago Leica stated that they will not make an MFT camera because their goal was to focus on ultimate image quality.”

    “Ultimate image quality” is a good slogan, but needs a referent in the real world. Perhaps they feel that their Panasonic partners are now producing image quality with m4/3rds equal to APS-C cameras in practical terms. They have their own full frame cameras. And there may be other market considerations that posters have offered conjectures about.

  • true homer

    Admin how are the sonys leica competition? So far every single batch of samples have been soft and smeared. I get that some people need the full frame placebo effect and they will buy it even if the photos look like garbage but the output doesnt come near leica. Leica, I assure you, is not worried

    • Just wait for the second generation of Sony A-Series cameras.

      If they fix those problems, and doubtless they MUST and WILL, that’s when I’ll buy!

      • yaa

        Too bad some of the issues can be reduced but not resolved. Such is the compromise of trying to make a camera with such a large sensor small by reducing flange distance. The issue can be reduced to near 0 when only having to deal with a single lens, but not when using interchangeable lenses.

        Keep on dreaming…. or learn that no camera system comes without compromises.

        • Mr.Chainsaw

          lol do you even understand what you are talking about?!

          Flange distant can be as low as almost 0 and it would not be a problem of all.

          And y should fixed lenses avoid that problem if there was one?

          • yaa

            Yes I do, do you?

            Wide angle lenses sitting close to the sensor cause off-center light to hit the sensor at a somewhat obligue angle, which causes a number of issues including cross-talk and loss of light. There are 3 ways of dealing with that:
            – make the lens retrofocal and put it further away from the sensor
            – optimize the sensor with help of micro-lenses ‘tuned’ to the behavior of the lens
            – use a for now unknown new type of sensor that doesn’t have this issue.

            The problem being prominent is a consequence of wanting small compact lenses, which is enabled by a short flange distance.

            You are however right that it can be solved without increasing the flange distance, it just can’t be solved without undoing the size advantage that a short flange distance gives.

            The 2nd option only works well when optimized for the behavior of a specific lens.

    • Steve

      The A7/A7R are mirrorless FF so it must work.

      There is a lot of hype surrounding the new Sony FF cameras. They still haven’t solved the corner softness and likely never will as the E-Mount flange distance is just too short for FF. And it looks like AF speed and video still fall well short short of m43.

      People of focusing only on sensor size and forgetting there is much more to getting a good image.

      • narutogrey

        I agree. I was SO excited about the A7/A7R, but I don’t think I will be buying it (as a supplement to M43) until reviews are in or there are more native lenses. Every sample shot so far for both camera seems to be slightly out of focus or unsharp at 100%. I’m hoping it is due to user error and not because of the E-mount flange distance.

  • Panastar

    Hello. I am PANASTAR.

    As my name implies, I am all about PANASONIC.

    But the course Panny Man is taking is not in the right direction right now.

    We need the GH5 NOW. Not tomorrow. We need 5K. Panties Man needs to introduce this soon.

    This is not a threat. Not a warning. It is an order.

    • _n

      Hey Panastar,

      Can you share a photo of you with your costume on? Oh and there’s a cat stuck on a tree, can you help Panastar?!

  • I guess this settles it. Panasonic is the new Leica!

  • 1st class Olympus OMD vs panacrapic vacuum makers

    HAHA LEICA are using a second rate vacuum making company, who can’t make decent cameras to save their life, to go into partnership with. hahaha!!!

    • narutogrey

      You do know that Panasonic makes components that go into pretty much all electronics in the world, right? Even if we focus just on camera, every camera manufacturer has at least 1 panasonic made part even if it is just an LED light or a resistor or a MOSFET.

    • Nokia was a company making army boots. Samsung started out trading groceries. Nintendo made game cards. Volvo, as the name implies (“I roll” in Latin), was a ball bearing company. Tyco was a toy company before it became an electronics parts giant, and now a security/safety systems company. Panasonic makes (made?) very excellent rice cookers, although most people would prefer Zojirushi, but they also sold premium audio products under the Technics name for a long time.

      Funny how this happens. :-)

      How many German companies now can make excellent rice cookers?

  • Jorl

    Leica may have to rely on Panasonic for the development of a full-featured mirrorless system (with M43 technology + leica glass). Leica may increasingly rely on Panasonic to have a presence in a market more and more dominated by non traditional players (Canikon). Panasonic may end up buying Leica if the latter does not find a niche free of the competition of the new mirrorless (read full frame Sony)

    • Going by the first reports coming out of rangefinder glass on the Sony not alot to worry about.

  • Peter

    If they add a wooden handgrip they can add $2000 to the price and still call it a bargain (compared to those other rebranded cameras) :P

    I bet a GM1 with a Leica badge will be quite popular in China.

  • Leica kills Lamepix

    A $2500 Leica m43 camera will hold its value for many years. While Lamepix $1000 camera will crash to $299 in less than two years. Typical Lamepix. Buy Leica and make an investment in high quality. Not in throwaway Lamepix. Leica is the smart choice.

    • narutogrey

      Outside of the Leica M series, every single Leica digital camera has dropped dramatically in value within a year of release. Not just panasonic rebadges, but even the X1 and X2 dropped 50% of it’s value in about a year.

  • Did anyone actually read the article linked? The highlighted text shown here (“…Panasonic will supply Leica with mirrorless and interchangeable mount cameras…”) does NOT appear in the original article. Just saying…


    • Godot

      You have to go one more level down the rabbit hole:


      “The struggling Japanese electronics maker will likely start providing interchangeable-lens models with retail prices of around 200,000 yen on an original equipment manufacturer basis as early as next year, the sources added.”

      True, the word “mirrorless” isn’t there, but I think it’s a safe bet there’s no SLR involved here.

    • Narretz

      And did you read the article that was linked in the linkes article? It says quite clearly that Panasonic will likely start providing interchangeable-lens models with retail prices of around 200,000 yen on an original equipment manufacturer basis”

    • True, we’re obviously not talking about SLRs – and a Panasonic/Leica partnership is nothing new, with Leica making lenses for Panasonic and Panasonic making cameras (e.g. LF1) for Leica. Makes sense that they’d deepen their relationship. Though I think it would benefit Panasonic more. Leica’s already got a pretty well-rounded product line. Unless they really wanted to get into a new market (e.g. m4/3), which I’m not convinced about. If I had to guess, I’d say something to replace or upgrade the D-LUX and C-LUX line.

      Anyway, the point was just that there’s a lot of “considering” and “likely” thrown about and all from Panasonic’s mouth. Leica is more tight-lipped and hasn’t said anything either way (which is typical for them). This rumor/article made it sound like it was already a done deal – which remains to be seen.

      • Godot

        “If I had to guess, I’d say something to replace or upgrade the D-LUX and C-LUX line.”

        Well… there hasn’t been a new C-Lux since 2008; I’d call it dead. The new C (Typ112) (aka Panny LF1) arguably covers a lot of the same territory as the D-Lux, C-Lux and even the V-Lux (rebadged Panny travel zoom). Same sensor size as D-Lux, big zoom range, compact form.

        And an upgrade to the D-Lux is not necessarily mutually exclusive with interchangeable lenses IMO. I could easily envision a GM1 + 15/1.7 kit being sold as the D-Lux 7.

        On the whole I agree with you: this story is still mostly speculative, not a done deal. Still, taking the announced Leica 15/1.7 together with the distinctly Leica-esque look of both the GM1 and GX7, it’s hard to avoid the temptation to connect those dots.

  • Boris

    so this is going to be the first made in China Leica ever?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like all Leica rebadged models are made in Japan…

  • I just love the rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic. Makes for great rumors but very little advancement in the arena of actual “photography”.

  • jim

    Leica are a joke…. how lame…

  • Leica has increased with a new factory its production facilities in Solm. They also have hinted at new models coming for the next Photokina.

    Panny has to ramp up his top tier models (Like Oly) so I see a mutual opportunity.

    m4/3 might be approaching limits to growth, so both Panny and Oly have an interest in exploring larger or more high technology sensors.

    That is why they are not excluding 35mm. OTH it seems to me that Sony is executing in the worst possible manner. Users protest it has killed the NEX Line, and photogs. as opposed to geeks, are aware that the compatibility with wide rangefinder lenses might have been just a dream.

    Somewhere Leica is still well placed to give directions over compact 35mm if Panny wants to listen.
    OTH so far m4/3 is the only format that has avoided backward compatibility problems, and fuzziness at the edges.

    So there is a possibility for mutual respect and learning from both sides. Considering how good IQ has become at m4/3, there would be room for two complementary lines of mirrorless.

    But it must be done in the opposite way of Sony’s cavalier approach. So if Leica is available it could have a very positive influence.

    However the Photokina is almost a year away, so it is difficult to make any prediction if they will have a change of tack.

    Meanwhile m4/3 goes on churning very sharp little lenses, that allows it to compete easily with other systems. As someone put it: would you prefer the eye of a falcon, or the eye of an elephant?

    In this time of unrest I feel relatively snug in m4/3, as the mirrorless safest haven.

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