“Design Your Own Gear Contest” ad “CatchIt deals” at Personal view


Our friend Vitaly Kiselev asked me to promote two of his new “actions” on Personal-View.com. I am glad to help him!

First there is a design contest: http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/1036/unique-design-your-own-gear-contest. The cool thing is that the “Winner receive the item made according to his design. And grants company right to produce such items in large scale if they like to.

And than you can find 24 hours deals at http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/1029/catchit-deals-one-day-only-renew-each-day#Item_1


  • iluvhatemail

    sounds like a terrible contest. You do all the work and they get to make money off of it afterwards. I would recommend anyone with a gear idea to work on their own and visit Guangzhou sometime.

    • Anonymous

      Yep – this is pretty close to a scam…

    • eM

      Well from socialist point of view to steal ideas is completely OK…

      • dudeness

        Yep, this is what Vitaliy Kiselev keep telling us. This, and that Gaddafi, the Chinese government and Stalin, are a bunch of great guys.

      • RM

        actually, it’s a capitalist point of view… capitalism is Amoral… that means stealing is no different than obeying laws. Stop trying to impose some form of morality on the ideology of libertarianism. Laws are meant to keep capitalists in check.

        And yes, it’s a capitalist scam.

  • tester13


    It is always fun to see idiots :-)
    They are always sure that someone want to rip them.

  • Thomas

    Worst competition ever. You might design the next hit product for the company, and be rewarded with one (!sic) copy of it. Seriously?

    • stickytape

      Hey, I think it’s an ok exchange! I would be glad for them to make a large scale model of my design, so long as they don’t produce it ON a large scale. After all, the design would be useless unless they make it at 1:1!


  • Maeda

    Bingo. Idea mining parading around as a contest.

  • gusda

    I rather stick forks in my eyes then go on this challenge

  • Jim

    Yeh they should at least offer a % of sales (at least 5%)

    If you design somthing that is good you will get a free one anyway when you get it massproduced!

    Let alone all the other ideas they don’t make (instantly)…. will give them a lot to play with!

  • Vromopodarix

    Come on don’t be like that, the company will build for you your dream gadget for free. You will get a metal thingy that costs nothing to manufacture (maybe the prototype casing is a bit expensive but still…) and they will possibly make serious money of it !!

    It is the same ploy as all those photography competitions that you win a camera and the organizer ends up with loads of royalty free images worth a lot more. Usually in the fine print they specify that they OWN the photos you send.

    • …. and that makes it OK in what way ?

      • Katzen

        I don’t think he meant it was okay, considering he referred to it as a “ploy.”

  • I don’t even know what I am looking at!

  • tester13

    This contest is not for motherfuckers who only can write messages how they will be ripped off :-)

    This contest is for guys who want to make their dream gear for free.

  • Vromopodarix

    Hey tester13 be nice.
    First of all I was being sarcastic. If I want to make my dream gear true there are easier and more fair ways. The real cost of the whole thing is nothing, it’s the idea that matters. If I design a cool accessory I can give it to a metal workshop and have it manufacture for a tiny amount of money.

    Why should I relinquish the copyright ?

    As a matter of fact I have a friend who has designed and built a robot that can build some pretty complicated metal parts. I can have it built for me for the price of the raw materials ( I am thinking of a universal m43 adapter ). But even if not for him I can give the 3d CAD design to a metal workshop to built a prototype.

    My point is: If you have a good idea do NOT give it away for peanuts, especially in this case were we are not talking about complex electronics but for metal parts where imagination counts more than anything.

    • tester13

      First, it looks like you never ever made anything complex in reality.
      Second, you do not known a heck about copyright.
      Third, I only saw idiots with one “valueable idea” in his mind who want to “save it” (for future generations of similar offsprings :-) ).

      Idea itself is absolutely worthless.
      Any real enterpreneur will tell you this.
      It is idea coupled with realization, manufacturing, devilery and final sale that matters.

      • dudeness

        Change your attitude friend, you’re not on that mass murderers worshiper site anymore, this kind of harassment won’t fly here.

      • david

        a real entrepreneur will say “defend your rights”… always.

        but i see what you’re getting at. getting free and good ideas for no money at all is every business man dream… well, at least the ones that care only about money.

        the thing is, no designer in the world and i know this because i’m one, would do something like that just to get a free equipment that he designed.

        working for free my friend is not a way of living if the ones who you’re working for are going to profit from your work.

        they should show some respect and offer 10% in royalties. maybe they could even get more ideas and since it wouldn’t cost them that much it would be a win win situation. a win in good products and a win in respect.

  • Vromopodarix

    It does not matter if an idea is a can opener or a starship, what I am really criticizing here is the concept of these ‘competitions’.

    True I don’t know enough about copyright, but I know enough to not give anything for free.

    • Tropical Yeti

      Yessss, I have a beautiful idea for tothpick sharpener. I actually only need one copy for myself. This is my golden oportunity to get one…

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