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Definitely no Zeiss primes for the Micro Four Thirds system.


My sources told me that Zeiss is going to announce three prime lenses for the X and E mount system in April. And Zeiss definitely will NOT introduce them for the Micro Four Thirds system! If you wonder why Zeiss decided to not make a MFT version is than read what they said back at Photokina in September: “We intend to concentrate initially on the biggest sensor size in this segment which is APS-C. It would be possible for us to make lenses for Micro 4/3-bajonet as well but we have not made a decision on that yet. If current APS-C lenses were also used for the Micro 4/3-bajonet, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the best tradeoff between lens size (weight), and image quality

I think there is another reason. The Sony NEX and Fuji X system have only a limited offer of lenses and it’s easier for Zeiss to sell their lenses.

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