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Debunking rumor: GH5 likely not to have 8K



There is a rumor going around the web suggesting the Panasonic will announce a 8K MFT camera. I guess most of them think this will be THE feature of the GH5. But I want to remind you that

Panasonic itself announced that it will announce an 6K (not8k!) mirrorless system camera during fiscal year 2016. The specs will be:

– 6k recording at 30fps and 4K at 60fps
– Each 6K frame has 18 Million Pixels. this means you can screen grab 18MP photos from each 6K recorded frame
If the camera records 6K than the Four Thirds sensor will have 20+ Megapixels in “normal still photo mode”.

It’s more likely that we will see a Panasonic 8K camcorder(!) before we get a GH with 8K.


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