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Dear MicroFourThirds fellowship, you have to wait only few hours for the next Panasonic announcements!


I just received the confirmation that Panasonic will soon announce the new MicroFourThirds products. You have to wait few hours more than expected. I will not sleep the whole night until I get the official news ;)
Stay tuned on 43rumors!

UPDATE: I have no exact announcement time. Our sources only told us that we have to wait some hours more than expected…

UPDATE2: Panasonic will probably make the official announcement the September 2th. I expect to have some leaks before that time (chinese and korean forums are the best sources).

UPDATE3: According our latest news at 6am London time (september 2th) Panasonic should announce their new products.
UPDATE4: It is 4 am in the morning here in China and still no news or leaks.

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