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Damian McGillyCuddy: “The new stuff I am playing with is even better than the E-5”


Damian McGillyCuddy keeps posting some mysterious messages about an unknown new Olympus product. He got that huge package he marked with the tag “E-xxx“!  Damian writes: “I’m playing with some new and shiny stuff at the moment and as soon as I can I’ll let the cat out of the bag… promise ;0)  If I’m honest the new stuff I’m playing with is even better than the E5…

I really haven’t got any rumor about a new imminent Olympus Four Thirds or Micro Four Thirds announcement. So please keep your feet on earth! But to me this sounds like he is testing a new E-7 or not? It’s certainly NOT an indication but there are only few E-5 cameras left in the largets online store…Amazon (Click here).

I hope my trusted sources can send me some info about the package Damian got from Olympus UK :)

P.S.: Here are the search links to the current E-5 at [shopcountry 17163].

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