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Damian McGillicuddy’s book “How to Shoot Like the Big Dog” free for download.


Well known Olympus photographer Damian McGillicuddy posted the two Free Volume 2 of ‘How to Shoot Like the Big Dog’ on his website:

If you read it let me know if you find some insights about the next OMD. By that time he should test the camera or not? :)

  • Uberzone

    More like a pamphlet. At least it has a nudie picture!

  • Alexander

    I am not afraid about the Price of the new om-d but i am afraid about it s possible Big shape…
    Small shape is the advantage of m4/3!
    The ones who Love Big shapes will join canikon anyway…

    Olympus (Panasonic) pls BE DIFFERENT !!!!

    • Anonymous

      you clearly haven’t actually held an OM-D in your hands, maybe come back after you have and tell us how “big” it is.

      • AMVR

        Well, I have, with and without grip, and it’s big enough, butI can tell you, making the OMD cameras (or any other mirrorless) DSLR sized is just stupid (GH3 anyone ?). Olympus made the right decision when opting for a modular scheme for the E-M5, it can be as small as any mirrorless SHOULD be, but can be transformed into a bigger, more pro looking camera (if that’s all you’re after). Being stuck in DSLR size goes against the whole point of removing the mirror and prism hump (which the OMD line already fails at), without the option to go small you’re forced to buy a 2nd compact body just for the sake of going portable again, that defeats everything m4/3 stands for.

        Modularity is the way to go, it good for Oly(sells add-ons), it’s good for us (portability or lens balance at will) and it’s good for the system (being the adequate size for the sensor vs other APS-C compacts systems).

        Legacy 4/3 failed for many reasons but one of the most critical ones was having DSLR-sized cameras built around a smaller than APS-C/FF sensor. This is a huge marketing disadvantage that cannot be repeated with m4/3, the GH3 is already borderline acceptable just because video rigs and accessories are DSLR-sized as a standard so it had to adapt to them, but Oly does not have that luxury, modularity is the only way to adapt to every need.

        • The Real Stig

          + 10

          • Oilymouse


            • The Real Stig

              Then buy a GH3 or an APS-brick.

        • Removing the mirror has a number of advantages:

          – fewer mechanical components
          – removes mirror induced vibrations
          – allows for wide-angle lenses without having to resort to extreme retro-focal designs, resulting in smaller wide-angle and (standard) zoom lenses.

          Removing the mirror also allows making the camera body thinner and smaller, but acting as if that is the only advantage obviously incorrect.

          Which of those advantages is the most important for YOU is another thing.

          • Pincher

            The advantage of not having mirror vibrations is more than offset by the increased shutter shock the mechanical shutter in a mirrorless camera produces. Until mirrorless cameras have fully electronic shutter, shutter shock is a real problem.

            • Shutter shock can certainly be a problem, through as you say one that will at some point be solved by a global shutter hopefully.

        • @AMVR
          If you are someone who constantly changes settings viw buttons and dials as you shoot then the E-M5 is a bit fiddly, in my opinion it’s just under the right size for that type of shooter, I would expect an O-MD Pro to be about the same size as a GH3, L10 or E30 which would also give better balance for using telephoto lenses and Four Thirds lenses…

        • about the FT system: I think it did only fail because people forget that the Olympus philosophy here was actually:
          1. make a FT lens smaller then the competition with equal quality
          2. or make a FT lens equal in size to the competition but with superior quality
          most people did not understand why the SHG series was heavy and big, and thought that compactness was the priority here.

      • alexander

        the NEW one will be bigger than the actuell one!…

        • Anonymous

          Well good, some people appreciate a larger ergonomic package, its not like its the only option available, if you want something smaller, buy any of the pens or the existing OM-D.

          There’s no pleasing some people:

          • I actually agree with AMVR that the camera should NOT be bigger, but instead be modular. I do appreciate the size of my GH3 however, it is just a tad too big for mFT. It’s bearable though because of the quick access buttons it has. I believe modular design would be the best way to go for Olympus. Folks with bigger hand will simply just need to buy a grip, which I’m hoping for the new OM-D they will sell separate from the battery portion. There is no excuse for Sony’s NEX line, with its bigger sensors, to be smaller than some mFT cameras. Granted, their lenses are bigger, but still. No excuse.

    • OMD CEO

      Get a PEN mini then. What matters is the size of the glass. The OMD has a horrid grip. Mostly because of its size. Olympus needs to offer a decent “pro” sized house. The OMD should be sized like the good ol OM1.

      • Ulli

        Olympus choose for the classic OM grip solution. It would have been perfect if they offered both grip and battery module seperately(like they did with the motordrive concept).

      • Funny, I own and use a classic OM-1 (m model, so second incarnation that is actually compatible with the motor drive)

        The OM-D without HLD-6 (or equivalent) is easier to hold thanks to both the profile at the front and the rubber thumb rest at the rear that are both missing on the OM-1.


    • CaverDave

      A slightly larger than the E-M5 body for the OMD body above the E-M5 is a very good thing. Just like the GH3 is a good size body for the intended user. The intended user wants a body were there is enough room for good user ergonomics with a lot of direct control buttons. . This size body might not be one for you but it is for others. Remember the OMD series is going to be a three camera series and there will be a direct E-M5 replacement next year.

      • Quiquelbola

        Hi. Im a intended user and will hate something similar in size to gh3 made by oly. I prefer the size just like is. By the way…Are you the king of intended user to write in the name of all?. :-)

        • CaverDave

          If the upcoming OMD is slightly bigger than the E-M5 like my source has told me it will be for better ergonomics. My guess is that it will still be smaller than the GH3. Anyhow, if you don’t like the size of the OMD coming out this fall, then just wait for the true EM5 replacement next year. My guess is that it will be basically an E-P5 with a built-in EVF. There will be at least two cameras in the OMD series. My source didn’t know anything about a OMD below the EM5.

          Personally I don’t know if I will like the upcoming OMD. My source thinks it will be a great camera for me and will solve the few things I didn’t like about the EM5 and the EP5. My EM5 has over 20,000 shots on it has is shown its age. If I don’t like the next OMD I should be able to wait till next year for the true EM5 replacement.

        • Ross

          He’s just stating what is expected by professional & semi-professional photogs & just because it isn’t your choice (you will still be able to get a smaller model) & also if larger, faster glass (hopefully zooms) are also made available or true use of the SHG 4/3’s lenses are possible, then the larger body (even if only little larger) with sufficient direct button controls would be needed to balance well & be capable for the intended user (from serious enthusiast to full professional). Not everyones personal choice is going to someone elses & insisting on something for themselves without regard for what others need or want is only narrow thinking.

  • Bento_Box

    Who is the “Big Dog”, is that meant to be Damian?

    I thought the whole ‘Do x like a BOSS” thing was wanky but Big Dog is on a whole new plane of wank.

    • Ross

      You must know. ;)

  • Ulli

    Damian will always be in my mind as the pro who teased us alot saying he has some brandnew unconfirmed olympus stuff, and later never revealed what it actually was lol.

  • ljmac

    I love that Damien is a proud Olympus pro, but like most professional stuff these days, I think his photography is seriously overproduced and overrated – they use so much post-processing that they might as well have used an iPhone to shoot it.

    • Uberzone

      Not to knock him or Olympus (they are both great), but he is only a “proud Olympus pro” because they are paying him very well to be so.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      I agree, you can take nice photos with smartphones or lomo cameras. It’s not just about pixel count, it’s also light, composition, subject and personal taste. Of course everybody knows that you can’t print a nice looking photo 1 meter wide from a smartphone. Not yet at least.

      • The Real Stig

        46″ (11684mm) canvas print from an HTC One:

        The new Nokia 1020 camera is astonishing – 7712 × 4352 pixels. If you printed at 150 ppi you could do 1305 x 737mm prints!

        To put that into perspective, 4000 dpi scans of 35mm film I have done come out at 5326 x 3547 pixels.

        The actual samples available look pretty good.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, that’s 1684mm

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          @RealStig ” Admittedly, this probably demonstrates the skill of the photographer more than the capabilities of the camera on the HTC One”
          Taken from the link you posted.

          That’s exactly what I was saying.
          Skills > Gear

          You can do it, as it was shown, but it’s not the norm.

    • The Real Stig

      On multiple occasions, McGilllicudy publishes photos that are straight out of the camera, with no post-processing.

      Such as:

      You say he’s over-rated. Can we see your work?

      “Damian is the ONLY photographer to hold 5 UK Master Photographer of the Year Awards, along with 7 Society Photographer of the Year awards and being one of only 3 individuals to be honoured with the title of ‘Grand Master’. He has been a professional photographer for over 25 years, gaining a whopping 673 awards along the way!”

      • The Real Stig

        Meant to be in reply to ljmac, not you Marco.

      • Vlad

        Not to take part in the original argument, but one doesn’t need to be a cook to know if the food is good or not.

  • Seems that we have a wankers’ section who enjoy overprocessed stuff. The big dog (LOL) certainly knows his trade, but good taste and naturalness is a distant memory.

    Meanwhile his salves slowly go blind out of exertion :)

    • hmmmm

      calling yourself ‘big dog’…smells of narcissism :)

    • “but good taste and naturalness is a distant memory.”

      As if you’d recognize those.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with amalric, you are wrong

      • I think you should call yourself ‘Big Bart’. Aren’t you a dog too? :)

    • IV

      I agree with bart, you are wrong. In the end their all opinions baseless or not.

  • Just so people know, you need to put in your email address at the checkout (well…. actually you could put in anybody’s! It isn’t really needed)

    And each volume is only 9 and 11 pages long, so basically like a long colourful blog post :-)

  • bob2

    Does she have T-Rex arms? Like gimpy, diseased, shriveled arms way underproportioned to the rest of her body and head?

    Please, ultra-wide-angle abuse should be crime. Maybe this guy’s a pro, but he needs a better editor–if it’s a portrait, it distorts in an unflattering manner; if it’s a beauty or fashion shot, model looks oddly shaped (almost triangular b/c of the dress) and stubby armed; if it’s a pix of a prison, no need for a model.

    • OfFoff

      he has an individual style which he seems to be able to sell
      more than can be said about you?

      professional photography is not about sameness
      its about turning a profit

  • Avenger

    Book? More like a panphlet. :)

  • The Real Stig

    Shutter shock? Can someone post a link to tests that show it’s effect?

  • Adam Riese

    You can see its effects here:

    it’s = it is
    its – possessive pronoun

    You are welcome!

  • Erik

    Papyrus. Ugh. Gross.

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