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Damian McGilliCuddy is already testing the new generation of PEN cameras!


Damian MCGilliCuddy just “confessed” that he is testing the new Olympus cameras. He writes: “I know its an age since my last update… simple fact is we have been VERY busy working on a few “secret” projects for Olympus and Ephotozine… August will see these start to come to light ;0)

I can tell you that he is for sure testing the new PEN cameras and the info he got us is that very likely the announcement will be made in late August, a few weeks before the Photokina event. I am right now working on the PEN camera rumors and hope to share some reliable FT4-FT5 rumors as soon as I can.


P.S: I am working in unusual conditions with slow connections form the Pyrenees. Please excuse me if I am not answering all your emails :=)

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