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Damian McGilliCuddy is already testing the new generation of PEN cameras!


Damian MCGilliCuddy just “confessed” that he is testing the new Olympus cameras. He writes: “I know its an age since my last update… simple fact is we have been VERY busy working on a few “secret” projects for Olympus and Ephotozine… August will see these start to come to light ;0)

I can tell you that he is for sure testing the new PEN cameras and the info he got us is that very likely the announcement will be made in late August, a few weeks before the Photokina event. I am right now working on the PEN camera rumors and hope to share some reliable FT4-FT5 rumors as soon as I can.


P.S: I am working in unusual conditions with slow connections form the Pyrenees. Please excuse me if I am not answering all your emails :=)

  • Can’t wait!

    Does Damian “talk” with the blessing of Olympus?

    Maybe it’s part of NDAs these days to tease without giving away anything?

    • Mr. Reeee

      Slow news day.

  • nik

    articulating lcd + e-m5 sensor pls.

    • Miroslav

      +E-M5 IBIS

  • Yun

    This is why I refuse to have a PEN despite great offer from retailers as I’m aware new PENs are on it’s way . The most important , it’ll definitely equipped with new sensor that everyone is hoping for .

  • Jolyon Smith

    DanTHEME – Damian didn’t say *anything* other than that he was doing something secret.

    The only “revelation” that this was a m43/PEN related secret came from our illustrious Admin.

    How Admin knows *exactly* what Damian has been up to and can reveal that he knows that without getting himself or Damian into hot water (if Damian told Admin then this would almost certainly violate any NDA). Or maybe Admin is just blowing smoke.

    We could just wait and see…

    • rrr_hhh

      Absolutely, this is much a do about nothing

  • Andrew

    The E-P3 was a disaster- 3 FPS, no tilt screen, old sensor, overpriced at $900, not to mention no viewfinder. Hopefully Olympus does better this time around.

    • I think E-P5 will have tilt screen, but not bult in view finder is this only for OM-D.

  • Ernest.orf

    Mmmmmm olympus is doing very well , i wanna see that mew pen generation !!!

  • These new PENS really, really, really need spot metering to be linked to your chosen focus point…..

  • JimD

    Admin. Are you sure you are not in the Tour. Who are you riding for? Should I have a few bob on Cadel, Wiggo? or will Sagan upset Nibali? Maybe You will advise me to back Froome? Or who else?

    • Miroslav

      You’re wrong. He’s camping in the Pyrenees waiting for the yellow jersey group on the climb. And when they come, he’s going to run in front of them with 43rumors banner :D . Or knock the leader trying to take a photo with Mamyia ;).

      • JimD

        Yes, he will stay hit. I have a Bronica GS and that’s not something one gets up from if hit with one.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Maybe Tommy Voelkler will pull out a surprise win?
      Oh, wait… ;-)

  • Farrukh

    Damien, let me know, should I I wait for the new PEN or buy the OMD, what would you do? Go on, spill the beans!

  • nicwalmsley

    Really hope they stick to the approach of offering the same sensor and image processor for the Pen line, and just have different external controls for the different Pens

    Quieter shutter would be nice.

    Saving now for the E-PM2.

  • beautemps

    Now it is a blessing that Oly uses always the same “modern” sensor in every line. The most important improvement for the PEN would be to reduce the size and energy consumption of the E-M5′ IBIS.

    @Admin: Twice a day go ahead to the top of the mountains and connection will be fine. Don’t mind the heavy thunderstorms, bears and vultures in the pyrenees.

  • Bob B.

    Not really interested too much about new Penn cameras…but…Olympus…did you send out my new 75mm, f/1.8 lens to the US yet? I am anxiously waiting on the edge of my seat with B&W filter in hand……c’mon Oly!!!!

    • The Real Stig

      Please say you don’t plan to hobble a top class piece of glass with a live-in-place UV filter?

      • JF

        Maybe it’s a ND filter to ba able to use f1.8 in the sun ?

      • Bob B.

        Actually’s a plastic cross-star filter!!!
        In reality…. it’s a 58mm Clear MRC filter that was made in Germany. Tell ya what…after I get the lens…I will take some photos with and without the filter and post them here. Then YOU can tell us which ones were “hobbled”. OK? :-)

        • Bob B.

          I reference this article….it’s an “eye-opener”.

          Roger at lens rentals is a pretty intelligent guy with a lot of experience…but as he says…This debate will go on for ever.

        • The Real Stig

          Some time ago, a guy called Gary Reese set about doing standardised lens tests of every single OM Zuiko lens. Along the way, he included some UV filters into the testing protocol – B&W, Hoya, vivitar, Olympus. Only one example did not degrade the image quality enough to cause a downgrade in the lens’ test results – and it wasn’t the B&W. The filter that did not have a negative effect seemed to be a lucky aberration, as a visually identical one from the same manufacturer did have an effect.

          To quote gary:

          “50mm f/1.4 Zuiko (multi-coated)
          OM-2000 with mirror and diaphram prefire; lens with >1,100,000
          serial number
          Vignetting = D @ f/1.4, B @ f/2, A- @ f/2.8, A @ f/4
          Distortion = none

          No filter
          Aperture Center Corner
          f/1.4 B B
          f/2 A- B
          f/2.8 A A-
          f/4 A A
          f/5.6 A A-
          f/8 A- A-
          f/11 A- A-
          f/16 B+ B+
          Notes: High contrast, except moderate in center at f/1.4, moderately low
          in corners at f/1.4 and moderate in corners at f/16; remarkably even
          performance across all apertures.

          With poorly made Vivitar VMC ND3 neutral density filter
          Aperture Center Corner
          f/1.4 C- C
          f/2 C C
          f/2.8 B B
          f/4 B B+
          f/5.6 A- A-
          f/8 A- A-
          f/11 A- A-
          f/16 B+ B+
          Notes: Differences are significant at the 1/3 grade level in this paired
          comparison evaluation. Contrast was slightly lower with the filter, but
          lower resolution was the most important factor in image deterioriation.
          Please note that this particular filter is not indicative of Vivitar or
          Vivitar VMC filters, in general. It just tested as a poor sample. Other
          filter makers, even the most highly regarded, have been found to have
          poor samples in selections taken from used and new stocks of filters.
          The use of the term “poor” means star test images, viewed on
          a vertical auto collimeter, which show images that are: multiple and
          overlapping, fuzzy, off center, and images which rotate when the lens
          is rotated. More often than not, only one of these faults are found in
          an examined filter. These filters (including the test filter) often look
          perfectly good when examined without the aid of instrumentation!”

          • Bob B.

            I am not using a UV filter….Stig…U are not paying attention?
            In any case… When my lens arrives I will shoot some tests and post the results on my flicker page…full size., and call them to your attention…and YOU can tell us all which ones are “hobbled” by the filter. You are the expert…obviously…and talk is cheap…so we can all see how good you are!!!
            This should be fun!!! :-)

            • The Real Stig

              I am sorry you seem to think I was being critical of you in some way. That was not my intention, and if you took it that way I apologise for not being clearer.

              If you do want to take test shots, might I suggest the target be something like Gary used – a USGS map of the Grand Canyon – because of the very fine low low contrast detail.

  • Chad

    Any news on Oly lens in black?

    • admin

      I think these are coming at Photokina….

      • Bob B.

        Can we wait until they actually DELIVER in silver first, please? LOL!

  • Guess many sites have NDA with manufacturers to be able to do early reviews. I always think about that when I read early reviews: Those sites are part of the marketing strategy rather than reader-oriented and more biased than critical. (A review must always be made from a critical standpoint to be worth trust.)

  • BLI

    I am sure that admin has other sources than DMcG, and that DMcG has not broken any NDA.

    Previous reports that a new PEN line will come in late September (Photokina) combined with DMcG’s vague statements about something new coming in August + that his OMD E-M5 suffices for 99.8% of the time makes it reasonable to guess that he is talking about the new PEN’s, and not a high end model.

    Olympus’ new strategy published a couple of months ago makes it clear that the new PENs will have the new sensor (moving high-end tech to lower end models). I think that they will not have built-in EVF; the E-M5 is essentially that model. But perhaps an EVF-4? Whether they will include the 5 axis IBIS depends on miniaturization, I guess.

  • L.S.

    Dear admin !

    Any of the rumors you are working on got anything with a pdaf adapter ?

    This question and rumors ( if exsist ) are even more relevant considering your post the other day about rumors about new 4\3 bodies.
    An adapter that will give full capabilty AF to 4\3 lenses on micro 4\3 bodies is the right and only solution both for Olympus and Olympus loyal customers.

    Can’t wait to have an EM-5 with MY 12-60 SWD and my 50-200 SWD.

  • Geoff

    Some interesting comments being made regarding new Pen range, especially as to what people want, as for myself I’d gladly go with a slight increase in size for the E-P* if it means improved Ibis, included EVF and tilt screen, the improvement in Ibis does not have to be full 5 axis, and tilt screen I feel would be sufficient for this model.

  • Miroslav

    Well, “secret project” can be E-7 testing, not necessarily new PENs.

    • Agree, but the is not only one camera but more maybe two/third.

  • Mathias

    Would like to see:

    – same image quality (sensor, IBIS, …) as OM-D
    – as small and pretty as E-PM1/PL3, but with a built-in grip

    If the new IBIS doesn’t fit the small E-PM1/PL3 sized body, I’d rather compromise on a slightly larger body.

    No viewfinder and no weather sealing, please (to keep size and cost down).

    Pen is dead in the water for me, if it doesn’t have the same (or better) sensor and IBIS as the OM-D.

  • The Real Stig

    The wish list for the new Pen makes me smile.

    1) OMD Sensor

    2) OMD IBIS

    3) OMD Tilting rear screen

    4) OMD Built in viewfinder

    5) Pen Price point

    You might get 2 of those if you are lucky. Choose ;)

    Seriously, most Pen feature wish lists end up being very close to the OMD. Olympus is not going to make a Pen that results in it being 90% of an OMD.

  • Keith

    Now that Sony are making the sensors, hopefully we’ll get a 24mp sensor with ISO 100 which will be class leading (well up until APS-C anyway) resolution at base ISO level.

    • Miroslav

      …and focus peaking and stitching modes.

  • 4543543543

    a new pen every 14 month… hey great new art filters.

    lol no way i bury my money in that olympus crap….

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