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Damian McGilliCuddy 25mm lens test. Fuji X-T1 vs E-M10 at DSLRmag.


Image courtesy: DSLRmagazine

Superb 25mm f/1.8 lens:
As I reported yesterday the new Olympus 25mm f/1.8 lens seems to be a hotseller according to Amazon lens popularity ranking (Click here to see). Well sales may be pushed also thanks to the great test and pictures posted by Damian McGilliCuddy (Click here). Note: He also posted some nude pictures and the site seems to keep crashing from time to time.

The great Fuji vs Olympus battle:
The newly announced Fuji X-T1 and the Olympus E-M10 are fighting for the top positions on Amazon mirrorless ranking (Click here to see).  Obviously the E-M10 comes in four different kits and therefore it will be hard to surpass the X-T1 sales. But more important is the question…how good is the Image Quality of the new cameras?
DSLRmagazine (translation here) posted two very large comparison table, one with JPG and noise reduction off (Click here to open it) and one with JPG and noise reduction on (Click here to open it). The reviewer says that Fuji and Olympus are more or less on par up to ISO 1600 where the Fuji starts to show slightly better results. Quite an amazing result for Olympus considered how innovative the X-trans sensor is. Also Imaging Resource posted many ISO comparison between the new E-M10 and other cameras.


Preorder links for US and Europe:
Special page with all new products at Amazon.
E-M10 Black at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, GetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
E-M10 Silver at Amazon, BHphoto, AdoramaGetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
E-M10 with 14-42mm lens Black at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama , GetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
E-M10 with 14-42mm lens Silver at Amazon, BHphoto, AdoramaGetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
25mm f/1.8 Black at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, GetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
25mm f/1.8 Silver at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, GetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
14-42mm Black at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, GetOlympus. In EU at Wex UK, Amazon Germany.
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  • that Fuji looks better by the day, sure it outperforms the OMD’s at higher iso’s..but in the end photography is not about pixelexamination or trying to smell the print in an exposition.(NR off believer here)

    • Val Evans

      E-M10 for me too. I tried several of the latest Fuji cameras and found that the build quality was amazing, outstanding IQ, but unfortunately the video quality was horrible and their menu system and buttons were way too wonky for my taste. I’m also waiting for the new GH4 which should be the best of everything.

      • that good build quality is superficial!, my x100 has totaly worn out METAL lugs, paint is gone from buttons, viewfinder is not sealed properly (hairs inside ) on/ of button is stiff, + sticky aperture blades
        and my older cheap looking plastic GH2 has no issues at all .

        • Wayne Summers

          That is so true. I was surprised that I prefer my nex-6 build compared to the x-e1 even though the nex is plastic. I sold them both and got a A7.

  • TheEngineer

    I preordered the black E-M10 with 14-42mm.

    Yeah baby!

    It will be fantastic and I am really looking forward to it!


  • From ISO 1600 on the APS-C X-Trans Sensor moves ahead..OK. I own the Em-5 myself and I am still more than happy with the results it delivers. Its great that we’ve got options for everybody nowadays.I’ll stick with m43 for its capability, responsiveness, excellent choice of lenses and for me – personally – good enough IQ.

    • anyway, everything above base iso is a loss of quality, so always try to use base iso ;-)

      • High ISO can be and by far a lesser evil and it doesn’t cost any compromise on size or ergonomics. Basically, its a free lunch and there is no reasons not to want it.

        • Dave

          Actually there is a reason to not want it! In the quest for higher ISO capability, sensor manuafacturers for our beloved camera’s u have raised the base ISO. Gone is the true ISO 100 I had in the 510 and E-3. The ability to get ISO 50 on the E-500. In the race for low light sensitivity, the bar had to be moved and now we deal with (minimal) noise at base ISO 200. Please give me max DR at ISO 100 or less. That is far more important, especially with amazing wide open f1.8 primes.

          • jim


            Start at 50 ISO (& gain some premium quality), end at 6400 ISO (& loose 2 stops of noise hell)…

          • Not so fast! It could be that you are correct, but I am not convinced that this is proper evidence that pushing the envelope on high ISO is de facto at the expense of low ISO.

            I won’t make it a wishful thinking fallacy, but its not impossible for instance that the designers of those chips saw no significant IQ difference bellow the current base ISO .

  • AdelphosChaz

    I’ve shot the E-M1 for a while and the Fuji isn’t just a hair ahead in the high ISO noise category, it is ahead by a long shot. That is THE single weakness of m43 for me personally. I shoot in low light a lot and the high ISO noise is worth than many let on. Fuji’s sensor is often compared to the 5dmkII (and does fall a bit short of it in high ISO noise comparison) and the E-M1 sensor is “almost” as good as an APS-C. So you have a m43 than competes perfectly fine with APS-C and an APS-C sensor that gives FF a run for it’s money in some categories. Maybe my E-M1 is a dud but I do not see how it could possibly be close to the X-Trans sensor in low light, high ISO, noise category. Just my personal experience. Still love my m43 gear, but don’t like to see emotions play into posts about gear. I like m43 better, sure, but doesn’t mean I can make myself feel better and talk away the poor high ISO performance compared to APS-C and especially the X-Trans sensor. Hope no one flames on over an honest assessment :D cheers!

    • jimbo

      Fuji’s APS-C is probably the best APS-C sensor. If you are doing low light work beyond ISO1600, you would not be using M43. Go full frame.

    • Bob B.

      The DSLR Magazine is comparing Jpeg to Jpeg…on the EM1 and Fuji….how is that meaningful at all about what either camera can do???? It has to be RAW to RAW, no?

      • Bob B.

        Interesting comparison…but I wish that the reviewers had turned off the “warming” on the Oly’s would be a more true comparison. That is the first thing I do when I get a new Olympus camera…I might go back in and bump the warming up one notch..but as it comes from the factory I do not know why that is the factory setting…the warming should be off and if you want it for your shooting then turn it on.

      • Imo Fuji’s raw files are cooked already.

        • stev


          • Bob B.

            A lot of people seem to have that opinion….

        • calxn

          I hate to break it to you, but Olympus cook their RAWs to well done. Noise reduction, edge sharpening. It’s clear as day. I don’t have any problem with cooked files, but if you’re going to criticize one camera that does it, might as well criticize your own camera that does it.

          • Es

            I own both Olympus and Fuji, there’s no copmarison. Nobody cooks RAW files like Fuji.

          • Joerg

            Can you tell any fact that supports this?

            • Both pixel mapping and noise reduction (dark frame subtraction) are clearly applied to raws, so yes, they are at least somewhat ‘cooked’.

          • Doesn’t the de-mosaicing already include some processing, depending on the kind of method. Raw software like RawTherapee allows you to choose the method for demosaicing, with info what each method is optimized for. After all, the Bayern sensors need some precooking, its in their nature.

        • Riddle

          Yeah, the Fuji RAW files look over processed, regardless of the software used for processing. I dont’s like it. Micro 4/3 files look noisy. Why not just buy a Sony A7R and be done with it? Maximum resolution in an even smaller package ha, ha.

    • sarah

      I don’t mind using up to ISO 1600, especially if it means I get less camera shake from long shutter times. If I use DXO with the new prime engine for NR its pretty much the same as shooting at ISO 200 anyway

    • Fuji Cooks RAW

      The OM-D cameras produce images with more noise then the Fuji cameras. However, the OM-D images contain more detail and in post processing it’s fairly easy to make images from both systems look practically the same. Fuji relies on heavy in camera processing. The RAW files are cooked.

  • Raist

    The Fuji comes ahead since early iso. Less nosy skies even in daylight, more dynamic range, better gradation (14 but Raws after all).

    That doesn’t mean the em10 is bad. Its just the pros and cons of each format. If the em10 had an electronic shutter I would be piling one up over the fuji

    There Hould be no insecurity in admitting pros and cons of two cameras with good performance and sensor I their class.

    What I see more in trouble if we were talking that way is the em1. It’s not smaller than the xt1 and with the new lenses I even wonder if its smaller at all

    I think the em10 is the right move.

    • Oly cams make to much noise in blue channel, and if you make pics with dark grey clouds, there is much to much noise, even at base iso. and I don’t like the NR of the E-M5, I have always switched it of. but anyway, it’s a nice camera. before I spend a lot of money for another small, leightweight camera system for traveling, I wait for new sensor technology ;-)

      • I don’t think I have ever owned an Olympus camera that didn’t have noticeable noise in blue skies, even at iso 200. You would think they would be on top of something like that.

  • Dan Smith

    “The reviewer says that Fuji and Olympus are more or less on par up to ISO 1600 where the Fuji starts to show slightly better results. Quite an amazing result for Olympus considered how innovative the X-trans sensor is”

    Amazing, indeed, since the image quality of the EM-10 was supposed to be around where the EM-1 is, and most reports put the image quality (mind you, I said image quality, not autofocus, or bells and whistles) of the EM-1 at just slightly better than the e-m5.

    I guess, therefore, that my e-m5 has about the same IQ as the new Fuji.

    Indeed, emarkable!

    • AdelphosChaz

      E-M5 definitely does not have same or even similar IQ to the new Fuji haha

    • Peter_K

      “I guess, therefore, that my e-m5 has about the same IQ as the new Fuji.”

      @Dan Smith. I really don’t think so. I have no idea about the IQ of X-T1 but I have both X-E2 and E-M5. The output of X-E2 and XF23/1.4 or 35/1.4 is really stunning and impressed me a lot. IQ is way better than my E-M5.

  • Turbofrog

    I would say the Fuji is a full 2-stops ahead of the Oly in terms of high ISO noise, though I definitely prefer the results from both with noise-reduction off (with NR on, both look pretty terrible).

    ISO 800 is the last one before fine detail starts to disappear on the EM-10. The Fuji has similar results at ISO 3200. And ISO 1600 on the Oly looks very similar to 6400 on the Fuji. Then again, this is JPEG, which I don’t particularly care much about.

    • Turbofrog

      …And when you get down to it, even the 3-axis IBIS on the EM-10 is claimed to provide a 3-stop advantage, so potentially you could get even better images from the EM-10 than the Fuji (assuming you aren’t trying to stop motion).

      Tomato, tomahto?

      I still really like the Fuji, I just don’t think I can afford the system, and love the idea of IBIS with adapted lenses.

      • MrALLCAPS

        Wait.. THREE STOP ADVANTAGE over the APS-C sensor Fuji?

        hahahahaha haha!

        Olympus defense force, UNITE!

        • El Caballero Que Dice Ní

          Three stops over no stabilization.

          If the Fuji sensor has a two stop noise advantage over the Oly sensor, but the E-M10’s IBIS lets you shoot at 3 stops lower ISO, that means that the E-M10 will have a 1 stop advantage (for static subjects).

          • Turbofrog

            You are correct. Spoiling for a fight, MrALLCAPS?

            Fuji 2 stop ISO advantage with its better sensor < Olympus 3 stop advantage with IBIS.

            …but then Fuji has some OIS lenses with 2-3 stops of effectiveness, so depending on what you're using, you can still have a 1-2 stop advantage with the Fuji. So there you go.

          • But for static objects you might as well use a tripod ;-)

            • El Caballero Que Dice Ní

              You can’t be serious.
              The advantage of these cameras over DSLRs is that they are light and compact.
              If I’m going to carry a tripod I might as well get a Nikon D800.

              • Its a comparatively lighter set up. A tripod won’t ruin it all.

                • Oh get serious. One of the big points of a dmaller csmera system is that you can always have it with you, even when NOT planning on taking pictures. Yes, a tripod TITALLY destroys that. If you are planning on making a trip specifically for taking pictures or on some photoshoot its a different story, but even a small light tripod that is still stable enough for real use adds significant bulk to a m4/3 set, even when that concerns say a gh3 with 12-35 and 35-100.

                  • This is an variant of what I call the pocketability fallacy, where on every occasion where the set up grew a bit too large past a bogus threshold, you could hear a sales pitch for dslr.

                    Yes you can travel light without a tripod and yes its a cool thing to do, specially if thats what you want. No, you don’t have to and no you don’t have to feel wrong about the extra bulk. This is where I don’t share your idea about who should get serious on the topic.

                    I often let my tripod back at the hostel room, actually missed it on a few occasions but its no worse than having chosen the wrong lens before walking out. At the end of the day, I was terribly happy to have it. Specially for some planed long exposures.

                    • El Caballero Que Dice Ní

                      But it’s still not the same as IBIS. IBIS takes no space. A tripod takes a lot of space.

                    • You trust IS for long exposures?

                    • El Caballero que dice Ni

                      I trust IBIS for any exposure under 1/3 of a second with the 12mm f/2 lens.
                      I don’t take exposures longer than that.

                    • @jules

                      Sorry but a tripod does not fit my small backpack that I use while commuting to/from work, and no, there is no room left in it because of other things I actually HAVE to carry, and no, in public transport, a bigger backpack would not be a good option either. For me that covers more then 90% of the time, and indeed for the remaining 10% I may consider carrying a tripod.

                      I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this either.

                      That you always travel by car or are in the position where you can always carry one, good for you, but you are extremely narrow minded for thinking this is the case for everyone.

                      Beyond that, stick your falacy where the sun doesn’t shine, and learn to look a little bit beyond your own situation, learn that others have totally different considerations then you, and that doesn’t make their argument a falacy at all, it makes their experience and hence their argument and conclusion different then yours. Maybe grow up to the point that you can actually learn from it instead of writing stupid things about falacies.

                    • Forgot your chill pill?

                    • @jules

                      Because of calling your fallacy argument narrow-minded and stupid? Sorry but it is.

                      No, has nothing to do with disagreeing with it, but with you not realizing the possibility that what works for you may not work for others and the other way around.

                      That the pocketability argument doesn’t work for you, sure that can be, and I can quite see why it might not, BUT that does in no way mean it doesn’t work for others, but instead of realizing that simple thing you dismiss it as a fallacy.

                      And along those lines, that using a tripod doesn’t work for me much of the time in no way means it doesn’t work for others, but if I’d reason like you do, I’d be arguing tripod sockets can just be removed and talk about the tripod fallacy (just put it on a beanbag and you don’t need a tripod).

                    • I have re-read the thread and carefully checked what I wrote, what I said what I did not. I am fine with it.

                    • @jules

                      In that case, I’ll point out exactly where you go wrong with your argument:

                      “Yes you can travel light without a tripod and yes its a cool thing to do, specially if thats what you want.”

                      So far so good.

                      “No, you don’t have to”

                      And this is exactly where you go wrong, for the simple reason that you have absolutely no idea whatsoever about the situation someone else is in, so you have absolutely zero idea about if this is possible for someone else or not.

                      “and no you don’t have to feel wrong about the extra bulk. This is where I don’t share your idea about who should get serious on the topic.”

                      See Jules, since you have no bloody clue about the situation of others, you simply are in no position whatsoever to say this. Go take your arrogance somewhere else.

                    • Here is an other possible lecture: “no you don’t have to(travel light)” in the sense that it is not the absolute goal of m43, but “yes you can if thats what you want to”

                      As I said. I know what I wrote, I know what I did not and I am fine with it.

                    • @jules

                      And here is another little lesson for you, communications is about how others understand what you say, what you intended to express is totally irrelevant.

                      And lets see, this was about IS giving some 2-3 stops better low-light performance on static subjects compared to no IS, so your ‘use a tripod’ comment had what to do with this exactly?

                    • Ouch! Your lesson on communication is a glorified get out of jail card for those who can’t read or cannot understand proper arguments. …but I assume this is not exactly what you meant ;)

                      Anyhow. Double lectures happens all the time. Its no excuse, even if I still think it wasn’t that confusing. That admitted, given how quickly and aggressively you jump on it at first, built a straw man and how loosely you use personnel attack all the way through -none of which provided anything constructive to the debate- you didn’t exactly placed yourself in a credible position to give anyone lessons on communication.

                    • @jules

                      I told you to get serious in response to you saying adding a tripod doesn’t ‘destroy’ the weight and size of a m4/3 setup (talk about aggressive approach). Too bad, but seeing how it does add bulk and weight, it might quite ‘destroy’ the size and weight advantage, it depends on the actual setup you look at and is a matter of personal judgement, and not at all something you can determine for others.

                      You then resort to nonsense like ‘pocketability fallacy’. Nonsense? Yes because an e-pm2, gm1, all the gf models, and even the e-m5 with one of the available pancake lenses easily fit a coat pocket, people do this all the time, and regard it as useful. You don’t? Cool, noone is forcing you, but going from there to assuming noone does and calling it a fallacy is rather narrow minded.

                      Before accusing others of using strawman arguments (you love calling things fallacies whenever you disagree, but it would be a really good idea to learn a thing or 2 about fallacies), maybe try to read your own statements somewhat better. Saying someone else should just read better is a cheap way out of jail when you are being unclear and suggestive.

      • Andy

        Tomaito, Tomato…

    • TheEngineer

      2 Stops? not even a ff like the 6d has a 2 stop advantage so you can forget about some lame aps-c with cooked raws (what fuji always does).

      • TheReal Engineer

        Well a 6D has more than a 2-stop advantage… But this whole thing is not about photography anyway, is it?


    Wait, Jpeg comparisons?

    not even worth clicking.

    Let me know when they compare RAW files. That’s all that matters to me.

    • Dan Smith

      Correct. JPG? Who cares?

      MAy as well shoot each camera through beer glasses and compare.

    • You already preordered that new fuji, so evidently those tests don’t matter to you even if they’d be based on raws…

      • MrALLCAPS

        You sir, are correct.
        I just get tired of reading image quality comparisons, then mention that they’re Jpegs.
        It’s just the dumbest thing. Why not base it from the BEST IQ you can get, and that’s RAW.
        Not everybody swears by jpgs.

        • You didn’t wait for raw comparisons either.

  • Andy

    Truth is, it doesn’t matter which one is tipping the other in the rankings. Fuji success is good for Oly and vise versa. Both manufacturers are getting people to take mirrorles options seriously and when that happens people will start looking outside the traditional canikon duo for good equipment. Soon, this year or next the likes of Fuji, Oly and Sony will slowly start cannibalising the dslr sales of the big duo. Though prices do need to come down some.

    • Ash


      Fuji, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus are fierce competitors, and that is good for consumers.

      That said, they are also allied in establishing a mature mirrorless camera market.

  • I hope that in 5 years from now Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony will rule the camera world. Mirrorless is the future but Nikon, Canon and Pentax stubbornly refuse to go on this obvious path of progress (the mirrorless systems of the three mentioned before are big jokes).

    In the film days there was the SLR war of the 70-80, in the last decade the DSLR war and in the next one there will be the mirrorless war. The question is: FF, APS-C or MFT? I think there will be place for everybody.

    • Peter

      A place for everyone.. I don’t think so. My take is that the APSC will be caught in the middle, especially as m43 will start having lower end (cheaper) models. It will no disappear of course, but not the dominant segment. At least unless Canikon will break the current landscape..

    • +1

  • Yes, prices need to come down, why should I pay more (as Im the average stupid co nsumer) for a small amateurish-looking camera then a big pro-looking dslr from Canon or Nikon? The consumers will never understand! All they care about is looks and price.

    • Froggy

      As soon as smartphones have high MP count (average consumer only look at numbers), high CPU power (auto modes with software bokeh or creative effects), convenience of use (shoot and share, always with you), etc. they’ll “eat” that “low end DSLR+kit zoom” market as they did with compacts… Sensor size won’t matter for 99% of the pictures those ppl take, and they never buy a prime anyway…

      Of course hobbyists will need “conventional” cameras… but hobbyists rarely rush for the “low end” market anyway…

  • Bob B.

    Has anyone read a review where the reviewer has compared the AF capabilities of the Fuji XT1 to the Oly M1 in low light. Is the M1 still much better????

    • Svenlovesflo

      you betcha

      • TAZ

        @ Svenlovesflo
        Link please?!

  • George

    Why don’t they compare X-T1 to E-M1? Why E-M10? Just curious.

    • Why should they compare to the e-m1?
      aThe Fuji isn’t their top of the line model, and when looking at iq, the e-m1 has no advantage over the e-m10. All they’d achieve by comparing to the e-m1 is allow the typical bunch of people to complain about price of the e-m1.

    • Bollox

      I think they don’t want to make the E-M1 look too bad, or its buyers look too stupid. So they compare the Fuji to the E-M10, which is also a pretty stupid purchase, but at least does not cost as much as a proper camera.

      • El Caballero que dice Ní

        Well, true to your user name, that is Bollocks.

        • Fangirl

          Offended fangirl? Come, come now, the bad man is not going to hit you.

          • El Caballero que dice Ni

            Going by your pre-teen level of maturity I am not at all scared.

  • #1: for ‘George’; they do use the E-M1. It’s the first Olympus camera in the lineup.

    #2: is everyone kidding themselves, including the review site? There is more noise in all the Oly files, period. Not just from 1600 up. I’m not sure what everyone is on, but from viewing those comparisons it is obvious to me. I love me some m43, but the Fuji has them beat, and quite handily, I might add. Even if they were comparable up to 1600, which they aren’t, after that the Oly’s get smoked, plain and simple.

    #3: does this matter? Depends. For some it will, for others it won’t. If you like shooting Oly, great, keep doing so. If you like shooting Fuji, great, keep doing so. But anyone fooling themselves into thinking their system is something it’s not is simply delusional. I think it’s pretty funny how the fanboys of a particular system are continually justifying its existence and abilities in the face of all other manufacturers. Oly does great, but is bested by most aps-c sensors (Fuji being among the better in that arena), and beaten soundly by most ff sensors. It’s just the truth.

    Love your system, understand its limitations, don’t lie to yourself, and have a great shoot!

    • so true, many think their choice is a superior one in general, so sad.

    • TAZ

      Totally agree! More noise from the Oly files, even when viewing on my iPad..

      Folks here are so unsecure about their m43 choice. E-M1, E-M5 have already been proven to be good cameras, so no need to bash Fuji for producing better IQ!

    • HF

      There are a lot of posts indicating that the ISO values of Fuji cameras are to be taken with a grain of salt (exposure time corresponds to 1 stop lower ISO). I read a lot about it, but can’t verify it having no Fuji camera. It’s very unlikely given that a Nikon D7100 as a 1 stop advantage to the OM-D, that a Fuji APS-C camera would have two full stops over m43 (FF niveau, no Fuji bashing, just observation).
      Having a FF and OMD: for handheld shooting both gov similar IQ if you are below ISO 1600 on the OMD (since the IBIS allows at least 2 stops lower ISO) and don’t need extreme DOF.
      On a tripod it’s FF having a big advantage.

      • HF:

        Thanks for the response (and all others as well). I do have to take just a bit of issue, however. I too have owned an OM-D (e-M5), and multiple FF cams. Even the E-M5 has noise at ISO 200. It’s just the way it is with m43. My Sony A7 gives me a much cleaner file at 200 than the E-M5 could ever muster. Larger sensor files also stand up to post processing much, much better. Anytime I start lifting detail (even in LR, let alone in a plugin like Nik or Topaz), here comes the noise. You will of course get some noise from a FF cam as well if you toss it into a plugin like the ones mentioned, but not NEAR the amount you get from an m43 file. Basically, you can push raw files from larger sensors much further without having to worry about ugly noise all over the place.

        My comments about the Fuji besting the Oly were based solely on what I saw in that post. However, I now own a Fuji X-M1. I also own an A7. The Fuji competes with the A7 where noise is concerned. Sure, the Sony has more mp, BUT it’s also a larger sensor. It’s possible that Fuji overstates its ISO, but remember when the E-M5 came out and everyone was saying that’s what Oly does? I remember. Do I care? Nope. I care what the files look like.
        Two things I really like about the Fuji files that I’ve seen so far: one is that they have a LOT less color noise than any other camera I’ve used. Whether Fuji is cheating somehow to accomplish this, again I do not care. It’s awesome. Luminance noise is comparable to what I’m getting from my A7; to me that’s amazing.
        The second thing is that, utilizing DR400 (yes, you have to be at ISO 800 or above, but with the low noise of the sensor it’s not much of an issue), the files have amazing highlight range. Simply stunning.

        Now I’m not trying to be a Fuji fanboy here. Only stating some observations based on my experience. I’ve used many other cams as well, including a FF 5d mk ii, and the Fuji compares VERY favorably with the noise levels found in FF cams, much less aps-c or m43. If you don’t believe me, read the x-pro1 review at dpreview. In it they state that the Fuji gives the 5d mk iii a run for its money in the noise department, and that’s one of the lowest noise sensors in existence.

        Also, I LOVE m43. Love it. I’ve been using these cams for years. Only recently did I ditch most of my m43 gear for a Sony A7, and now I think I’ll be jumping over to Fuji, due to lens availability/size. But nothing can touch the size-IQ ratio of the m43 system. Their lenses are so small… I just love it. I still have a PM2 with the 12-50mm lens (a horrid lens, right? Actually it has the most utility of any lens I’ve ever used; I love it), and still love using it. Perhaps I will wade back in to m43 at some point… we’ll have to see how the next year or two shapes up.

        At any rate, again, enjoy shooting whatever you’re shooting. One of the guys I follow on G+ consistently posts excellent bird pics. The camera? A Canon SX50. Small sensor super zoom. Insane.

        Have a great day everyone, and hope you can get out for some frames!

        • HF

          I have a D610 (similar sensor as in A7), EM5 and EM1. It’s true that there is some noise at lower ISOs already for m43, but it’s only visible at 100%. You are right in that the dynamic range of the Sony processors is great and you can pull the shadows comfortably. One thing to keep in mind is that equivalence principles need to be used. I know many people frown at that, but its like the drag coefficient invented for cars: it doesn’t make sense to compare the total drag of a full SUV to a small sedan car, instead non-dimensional values and equivalence principles are used in order to be able to compare. The same here. As a result of the smaller sensor a 25mm/1.8 at ISO 200 needs to be compared to a 50mm/3.6 at ISO 800 on FF. Everything else makes no sense, since DOF changes otherwise (you see some noise in FF then, too). However, due to the larger sensor FF has the possibility to change f-stop (at the cost/benefit of shallower DOF) to lower values gathering more light then. I’m sure you know that, but in my opinion it’s important to keep that in mind and most tests are comparing apples to oranges. Additionally what we always do is comparing at 100%. That’s one way of checking the quality, but 98% (guess) do never print that large. Most cameras are that good that it’s sufficient to check results for A4-A3 prints imo. And for smaller prints my OMD really holds its own compared to a FF (noise not an issue for smaller prints). I want a FF only for shallow DOF, using primes it stays comfortably “small”. m43 is not optimal for this, resulting in high lens prices (42.5/1.2, for example). But it’s great with zooms like the 35-100/2.8 or 12-40/2.8, excellent lenses and much smaller than what you get with FF or APS-C.
          I was tempted by Fuji, too. If I decided to choose only one system, I think I would have chosen it two years ago. But FF and m43 complement each other well. However, I’m tempted by the quality of the Zeiss 55/1.8, which looks great. When gear lust gets over me, I read the article of Ming Thein on sufficiency ( Even m43 is sufficient for most of us (if I were a professional, however, I would choose a 36MP for landscape work). Regarding Fuji ISOs, look at

  • Camaman

    DSLR images are not working, and I can’t find any nudes on Damians site… what a way to start a day…

    • starting your day with a nude…thats a good attitude, i might embrace it too.

      • jim

        Dam… and theres me checking the news… gotta up my life game :)

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