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Damian Mc GilliCuddy is already shooting with “Olympus secret stuff”…


In around one month Olympus will announce two new PEN camera (E-PL5 and E-PM2) and maybe another “secret” (Four-Thirds?) camera too. And it looks like Damian Mc GilliCuddy is already having fun while testing that Olympus “secret stuff“. He writes: “I’m in a secret location, for a secret client, preparing to shoot the first of my two weddings this year. Those whom know me will know most of my social commissions involve None Disclosure Agreements, so “mum” is the word… no details“.

Shooting a wedding… don’t think he is using an E-PL5 or E-PM2 for this….or? I got some first hints about a professional OM camera but as long as I heard this will arrive this winter. or maybe Olympus will announce it earlier and ship it later? Don’t know, need a little bit of help from my (anonymous) friends on this …or someone has to do a bit of stalking on Damian ;)

UPDATE: He now updated the post and writes the OM-D’s are with him. But this doesn’t exlude the possibility he carries the other “new” cameras too.

Olympus E-M5 body in Stock at Amazon. And so the E-m5 with kit lens.

Here is the chronological ordered list of all OM film cameras ever made by Olympus. Click on the names to see them on eBay (ordered by first announced camera): M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1N, OM-2, OM-2N, OM-2S/SP, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4T/Ti black and chrome, OM-10, OM-20 (OM-G), OM-30(OM-F), OM-40 (OM-PC), OM-77AF (OM-707), OM-88 (OM-101), OM-2000.


  • Mike

    The E-7 with OM-D Sensor maybe?

  • Jouko

    What I get from that post is that he’s shooting for a secret client at a secret location and he brought his OM-Ds. I’m not sure how you get from that that he’s using any kind of new prototype. Not all secrets are about cameras.

    • bilgy_no1

      Exactly my thought… Nothing there about using new secret Olympus stuff in that shoot.

  • visualfeast

    Yeah he clearly states at the bottom “PPS: yes the OM-D’s are with me ;0)”

  • Yun

    Very interesting about this secret stuff .
    I hope it’s OMD Pro that can mount all the 4/3 lenses .

  • dg

    I wonder how much from the EM5 the EPM2 will get?

  • Adriaantie

    I feel sorry for THE newly weds. Pictures of such an important day with iPhone quality dof.

    • Jouko

      DOF is a quantity, not a quality.

    • Olaf

      Maybee you are missing dof yourself….?

      • Ross

        Yeah, between the ears. ;)

    • jevfp


      Your comment it describe HOW SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD ,.your mind and experience in photography

    • @Adriaantie
      Four thirds and micro four thirds can do reasonable and pleasant depth of field/bokeh with the right lenses in the right hands…

      for over the top/unpleasant use of depth of field go elsewhere…

    • I think Adriaantje gets off on the idea trying to piss off the folks here.

      • figjam


        I think Adriaantie may be suffering from a mental illness unfortunately, the fact that he reads 43 rumors daily to post comments like this shows some level of unhinging upstairs.

    • Pedro del Río

      Adriaantje talks DOF but he sounds doof (to be read in German).

    • bart

      At least they’ll be in focus, unlike your brain.

    • onequartersensor

      The M43 marketing men and wanking fanboys will go to any length to gloss over the crappiness of the system. For example, shallow dof is bad.
      Boooohhh someone has offended your camera fanboys? There are children starving in India. You are lucky you are behind a cable coz I would come and punch you on the head.

      • Oilymouse

        I often need to stop down my FF lenses to increase DoF. The higher ISO needed results in crappier images. However, FF cameras are not crappy systems because of that.

        Btw, my 25mm f/0.95 is probably the king of shallow (or at least not worth comparing to FF 1.4 lenses, it’s all great if you want cream in the back).

        In line with your lacking in reason, you just threathened other posters with physical violence. Let me know where you work out, so I may admire your punching skills. And whine about poverty to your mum or some forum more appropriate.

  • Jouko

    Hey admin, don’t you think maybe you should not put “Olympus secret stuff” in quotation marks. Because it’s not a quote, Damian doesn’t say that anywhere..

    • figjam

      inverted commas are not solely used for quotations, they can be used to emphasise cheeky remarks or irony.

  • nik

    articulating lcd pls.

  • Meh

    This smart arse is in some nice place shooting some pretty chick and probably getting paid for it. Excellent news but who cares?

    • My thoughts exactly… btw, I’m shooting really secret stuff with really secret equipment, too. All day long. See my secret web page for more information!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Admin, interesting list you publish at bottom of item. There are a couple of specials that ar missing but as they were merely cosmetic differences we can ignore. However showing the OM2000 in a list supposedly made by Olympus is not strictly correct, there are many who do not class it as a true Olympus camera as it was produced by Cosina, for whatever reasons Olympus had to badge it I do not know.

  • We should assume that admin knows more than he reveals. Maybe he is getting married? ;)

  • rune

    Why not a E-M7 ? A camera that olympus considers to be “pro”. That doesn’t need to be a DSLR. Maybe with nice features and good use of FT lenses.
    OM-D is a camera line like PEN and E-M5 is just one piece of it, so they might bring an even better one soon.

    But maybe he only plays with the new 60mm macro lense that is anounced for 2012. It would be a nice portrait lense too.

    • rrr_hhh

      Macro lenses rarely make good portrait lenses : they are made to be sharp all over and uniformly and as such don’t create so nice bokey. They are designed to have lot of DOF and to be good at small apertures. This means that they are not fast lenses. I’d be surprised if the 60mm is faster than F2.8. But I suppose that Olympus will try to minimize difraction at smaller apertures and to offer a good sharpness uniformity till in the corners.

      For portraits you have the 45mm and the 75mm.

      • The Real Stig

        Perhaps rarely, but the Olympus Zuiko 90mm f2 macro is fast, has beautiful bokeh and is a great portrait lens.

    • bilgy_no1

      No, the pro version will not be called E-M7. It will be called ‘O-MD E-MP1’. Otherwise, the model names would not be confusing enough…

  • Anonymous

    He is shooting a wedding with two EM-5 bodies. No more, no less.

    Admin, you can do better than this.

    • Jouko

      Not to mention that the article was posted a week ago. Slow news day?

    • Bobafett

      Damian clearly wrote “OM-D’s” and not E-M5s. And we all know that OM-D is the line’s name and not the model. But again this is a rumors site and everybody is allowed to believe what he/she wants =)

      • Anonymous

        Something like 90% of the people call the camera “OMD”. Olympus screwed up there.

  • This is how rumors born.

  • OK but i think Admin have more info so is in it link.
    And i hope also on a E-7 come soon.

  • For someone who was chosen for testing “secret” gear, the bloke has loose lips. It’s just a marketing strategy that’s aimed at generating interest, nothing more.

  • BLI

    D McG is probably using the 75/1.8 in the wedding — see the ad in Amateur Photography, latest edition.

  • GreyOwl

    admin: typo; McGillycuddy is the correct spelling, ie: no space after ‘c’ and lower case ‘c’ after ‘y’. Keep up the good work. ;-)

  • Bring out some semipro or pro mft zooms, Olympus!

  • shhhhhhhsssshhhh… it’s a secret……

  • Biggstr

    Daimian McGillicuddy is one of the finest photographers I have ever viewed. He has mastered lighting (photography as painting with light) … which for me is the essence of photography. He also gets his results using Olympus and occasionally Panasonic MFT equipment. I encourage readers to go to his website, see his portfolio, and read his Journal. Yes, in his Journal, he says he is about “secret work” for Olympus evaluating its next product offerings.

  • ArtP

    He just says the wedding and location are secret, doesn’t say he’s got secret stuff to shoot with… Unless you know something he’s not saying?

    • Biggstr

      See below. Olympus “secret stuff” coming copied from Damian’s Journal:

      Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 9:57AM (Edited for length)
      I know this is a little mean… but hey that’s me ;0) secret parcels from my friends at Olympus… For once my lips are sealed… for now! (A) bit of a tease… but another reason to “watch this space”…

      Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 8:51AM (Edited for length)
      So watch this space Lots of Olympus stuff coming up… as usual just can’t tell you… yet!

      till next time,


      • Biggstr

        Here is another tidbit suggesting Damian is about Olympus marketing shots with Olympus models … from his July 22 Journal entry:

        Whilst in NY we are shooting the amazing Ulorin Vex whom is flying in from LA courtesy of Olympus and we will even be doing a little “secret” filming – more details on that shortly ;0)

        Can we wonder what camera bodies he is using?

  • awaler

    Terumo Corp. is offering a merger with Oly. This is totally on the medical side.
    It would mean that the camera business of Olympus is not merged with other camera businesses.
    If things should actually work out this way, I think it would be very positive, in particular for the future of those models which currently are in secret testing.

  • ike

    Short note for Gilli: That viagra pill the nurse gave you is not one of Olympus’ secret weapons and what it does to you when shooting nude models is something a whole lot of other obese old men actually have discovered before you…

  • Lavinso

    Oly boss is getting married to a pen and Gilli is shooting it.

  • Dave

    Most likely, if he is telling the truth, he does have for testing a pro body in the OM-D line of cameras. OLympus official did state that the OM-D is going to be a line of cameras with the E-M5 being just one of the cameras.

  • B

    E-PL5? This must be a pretty fantastic rumor site, to completely skip over the E-PL4, which would be the next model if the names are done in numeric series order.

    “Japanese superstition” doesn’t carry any weight with Olympus; one of their best all-time selling cameras was the OM4. Until Oly says otherwise, the next Pen Lite is the E-PL4, and the next Pen is the E-P4. Has Oly said otherwise yet?

    • ejiop

      Has Oly released an E-4 before the E-5 recently?

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