Continually updated: Panasonic G3 announced! Preorders available now!


This post gets continually updated. Latest addition are on top of each categories. UPDATE: preorders now available!

Links to preorders

Preorder the black,white, red or brown G3 at Amazon US (Click here)
Now preorders in Europe too! At Amazon UK (Click here).
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 14-42mm Lens Kit at Bhphoto (Click here)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 Camera Body at Bhphoto (Click here)

Reviews and Previews

First look at Amateur Photographer.
Full review at Techradar: “Panasonic appears to have a winner on its hands. The Panasonic G3 manages to combine the best elements of the G2 and GF2 and as a result is a camera that is likely to find favour with many enthusiasts, especially those who like street and reportage photography. G3 test (You need to be a registered member)
First Impressions Review at ePhotozine.
Hands-on preview at Dpreview.
HOT! Full G3 review at Photographyblog. And the camera earns 5 of 5 stars!!! It’s an “essential” camera: “The Lumix DMC-G3 is the most well-rounded Panasonic compact system camera to date
HOT! Interview with Panasonic at Photographyblog (Nice job Photographyblog!). Panasonic confirms they will launch the m43 version of the Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 Four Thirds lens (Click here to see that on eBay). And there is a small surprise, it will be Leica branded!
G3 unboxing (Photographyblog)
G3 size comparison (Photographyblog)

Image and video samples

Test images at Imaging Resource.
Image samples on Flickr (taken with beta firmware).
Panasonic G3 presentation from Panasonic Uk on youtube.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 hands-on and interviews at London 2012 HQ on youtube.
Panasonic DMC G3 first look from PhotoRadar on youtube.
Another G3 presentation video (italian) on youtube.
Stuio scene comparison at Dpreview.
Samples gallery at Dpreview.
ISO test at Focus Numerique
First video sample on youtube

Official press release

Le monde de la photo.
Amateur Photographer
Focus Numerique

Hot new features of the G3

16.3Mp Compact System Camera
3.0″ Free Angle Touch Enabled LCD
Micro Four Thirds 14-42mm Zoom Lens
Electronic Eye-Level Viewfinder
Multiple Lens Options Including 3D Still
Intelligent Auto Plus


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  • And

    Why is it labeled “G” and not “G3”?

    • GreyOwl

      Maybe that there is no longer any room for the number to be included….

      • Sam

        Apple probably own the copyright to use G3, or Canon may have had a few legal issues if the Lumix G series carried on the numerical iteration.

        • Trademark. However there would be no violation as there is no possibility of confusion between a CPU and an EVIL camera.

  • Oohh i hate that extra iA button :(

    • +1, but I guess it’s configureable (hopefully!)

  • @admin: Optical Image Stabilization?

    Does this mean Panasonic now has in body IS as well? That would indeed be interesting!

    • OK, the product description at Amazon says nothing about in body IS, so it’s in the lens still. Boring.

      • Had my hope up there for some minutes… but this is Panasonic so :P

      • MikeH

        OIS has always been in the lens. Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic’s implementation has always been this way.

  • So for video the French reviewer says there’s not much difference from the GF2, other than ergonomics, and “no manual adjustments of exposure video.” But what happens if mounting a legacy lens via adapter and setting the aperture ring wide open, e.g., f/1.4? Presuming there’s a “shoot without lens” option.

  • looks like improved performance but short on new features :(

  • Robbie

    Looks like a superzoom DSLR like bridge camera

  • robenghuse

    I bet it has an encrypted Firmware… 1080p50 would have been nice. For me as a video-guy I’ll stick to the GH2, especially when the hack is on its way. You have been announcing a wave of new products for July, is a GH3 possible for a Winter launch?

  • Agrivar

    I’ve been reading a Q&A on the G3 on photographyblog and they mentioned that the G3 has a metal (aluminium) body. unlike the GH2 and G2… cool… now for a fully weathersealed body..

  • tobi


    I might be tempted. Depending on noise performance, I might replace my GF1 with this instead of buying the LVF that I crave.

    Even though I would have wished for a Rangefinder-like body, looking at the pictures at photographyblog suggests that the overall profile is quite similar to a GF1 with attached viewfinder – with no moving parts.

    Again a RFBody would have been nice, but purely for style reasons. Now that the big grip is gone, I may just be able to fit the new G3 in my coat pocket.

    Cheers, Tobi

    • amne

      Same here, looks like a potentially good upgrade path for the gf1, if the sensor performance is significantly better. I would have dreamed of ISO 12800 though, but well.

      I hoped they would integrate the 40 fps fast shooting mode at 4 MP that the GH2 has. Luckily they did (see photographyblog), even though it’s “only” 20. This really is a nice new feature.

      • Bizzarrini

        From the Pany interview it appears that RAW performance is not improved, but noise reduction is applied before JPG conversion. Bummer!

    • Same here. And it looks like we are quite a number in this situation. As a portable stills camera the G3 looks tempting but I think it would be premature to rush and buy it when the Pen Pro is maybe just a few months away…

  • Tom

    the reviewers are pretty impressed by this little cam, so am I !
    It looks simply awesome. Just exactly i was looking for O_O.
    And Image Quality seems to be nice too.

    Lets just hope they can ship it quickly, not such a mess like with the GH2…

  • 250 shots with the supplied battery, that’s not good at all

    • Arrow

      It is good if you are the one sell the batteries.

  • Seriously, I don’t get the point of having both a viewfinder AND a touchscreen. How anyone can use the touch-based features while having an eye glued to the EVF?! Furthermore, removing buttons and manual controls involve more use of the touchscreen…

    I can understand that Panasonic wants to conquer a wide range of market shares, but targeting too many different usages with a single camera produce something quite weird here.

    Anyway, if it’s as small as it looks to be, might be a good option compared to my current e-pl2 + vf-2 combo.

    • tobi


      Easy as that. Of course no-one will be able to use a touchscreen while using a viewfinder, but judging from the review on photographyblog Pany seems to have gotten it right this time – as in all functions are accessible without the use of the touchscreen interface.

      I love to be able to shoot with a Viewfinder, but with an articulated LCD I can use as a waist level viewfinder and the clever focus point selection of the G2 I might get some nice and candid shots of people not realising that they are being photographed.

      cheers, tobi

  • My question is – have they improved the dynamic range on the sensor as well as the noise performance?

  • s10ly5

    I was hoping for a different form factor as rumors hinted a rangefinder possibility… anyway I’m neither surprised or disappointed coz I’m sure there is a market for those who is looking for a compact M4/3 WITH a built-in VF… as for me, I’m continue to explore the countless possibilities with my GH2, peace.

  • kesztió

    This is definitely MY camera.
    And – taking in account the price – also suitable for the relatively poor Romanian pocket. :D
    Looking forward to get it.

    • +1 The upgrade to my GF1 i though the GF2 would be…

  • DCR

    The ergonomics look sweet and the insides promising. The better materials used will also give it a better feel. Well done Pana!

  • rampart

    Pretty nice little set up. Might be nicer paired with something other than the 14-42 lens though. I won’t be giving up my GH2 for it, but if I ever needed to own 6 cameras, this could be one of them. I’m much more interested in the promised new lens announcements.

  • James

    Amazon UK pre-order price is £1600!! .. no hold on, US price is $699 .. so the UK amazon price must be wrong

    I had pretty much settled on a G2 having considered and rejected the idea of a pen or GH + bolt on EVF but was waiting for confirmation on the G3 before deciding. On paper the G3 looks worth waiting for (an apparently missing AE-L button aside) .. just need to see if I can wait till june and what the proper EU price is….

    • rampart

      But in typical panasonic fashion, you may not be getting a G3 before Christmas.

  • leendert
  • Nick clark

    Sounds like a great entry level kit, with a few bits to tempt the enthusiast (two Fn buttons, two C settings), and a great price!

    Body only is very tempting as a GH2 backup :)

    • Inge-M

      In white version ? ;-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      As a GH2 companion it could be excellent. The size, weight and price are all quite good, too.

      If they sell a body-only version I might be tempted. Can’t wait to try one out.

  • Nick clark

    29 comments on the G3 and only 1 on the PL 25/f1.4 confirmation?

    lol I thought people were grumbling about the lack of lenses?

    • Robbie

      I was wondering about the same thing too LOL

      • yes but this thing here is for attacking panasonic i guess. the leica lens is a good thing so nothing much to say about it. this here camera is another toy by panasonic. toy without external controls hence pushing m4/3rd user to either GH or going Canon… i have a GF1 and i haven’t seen anything that makes me want to part it. image quality is the major reason that Panasonic have unexciting body announcements…

        • OK now that I see some samples the JPEGs look pretty good. I am shooting in raw so I wonder how Raw will turn out.. But that is not the only reason to buy a camera. Lack of external controls are a major downside for me. And also only 2mins long exposure? Not good… really restricting in terms of experimentation. This camera is mainly for snap shooter i guess wanting very good image quality and video and nothing else.

          • Jules

            the only missing control that really strikes me is the AF/AE lock . Unless it is there using an other button.

  • io

    This is funny. GH2 has no 1080@25p, but this camera has it. And it is because Pana thinks that 50i is better and must be available only on GH2.

    The true is that many GH2 users would change 50i for 25p.

  • Anentropic

    does it? that’s not what DP Review or Photographyblog say?

    They say it has the same 50i/60i modes as the GF2

    • io

      sensor output is 25, in GH2 sensor output is 50 (if i’m not wrong)

      • kesztió

        Not sure about it.
        Such huge difference would reflect in noticeably slower focus speed which is definitely not the case for G3.

  • Anentropic

    what’s more scary is the price on Amazon UK – £1600 for the G3 vs £1200 for GH2…! I guess that’s special pre-order pricing from Amazon, if the price was supposed to be more like $650?

    also why is ‘Optical Image Stabilization’ listed as a feature of the cameras when, as ever, that is only via the lenses…

  • Jonas

    Shame the eyepiece sensor has gone, also that it has smaller battery, (if GF1 can hold a bigger battery I don’t see any reason this couldn’t have – maybe more of a “battery greed” decision rather than size constraints). But apart from these minus points I’m quite impressed so far (subject to IQ) – and I’m not easily impressed!

    Does Amazon’s pre order price of £1600.00 suggest this will be in very short supply?

    • Anentropic

      Amazon UK price is down to £629 now… only a slight rip-off compared to the USA pricing… ;)

  • kesztió

    Is the fourth colour silver or brown?! I greatly prefer silver over all other (but black) colours…

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yeah, brown. Zune brown, not silver? That’s an odd and fugly choice.
      The blue G2 is a nice color.

      I’d like to see pictures of the G3 with the 20mm. That could be a pretty nice walk-around rig.

      The 25mm f1.4 with Leica branding could be a winner.

      • Sam

        First impressions are it looks like a jelly baby.

  • Nick clark

    So if the entry-level G3 has an aluminium faceplate perhaps hoping the GH3 will be ALL-alloy isn’t so far fetched? It’d do wonders for the ‘feel’ of the camera :)

  • Y

    As seen on Dpreview’s high ISO test, the G3’s IQ even exceeds that of Nikon D7000, approaching Canon 5D mk.2, although only JPEG is available at the moment. That’s crazy!

    • Peter

      Compared to the D7000 (or the GH2), the G3 shows a little more details at ISO 3200 but it also has more noise artifacts.

      That is basically the classic trade-off, so I guess we’ll have to wait until dpreview posts the RAW comparison images to say if (and how much) the new sensor is an improvement.

      Personally I’m still tempted by the GH! + 14-140mm which sells locally for 850 euro; I doubt the G3 can beat that!

  • Ron

    I quite like it, nice features (I for one like the touch screen), use of alloy on the body, good looks and improved performance and IQ. It’s all there. Although I don’t want to replace my GF1, which I still love, just yet. But for the first time I’m starting to get tempted. I’ll just wait and see what Oly comes up with in the upcoming months.

    • My feeling exactly. Olympus, your move!

      If the G3 had in body image stabilization, I would probably consider it, given the low price. It’s certainly an E-PL2 killer.

      • hgras

        The 43 Rumors announcement implies IBS, but that’s wrong: there’s no IBS on G3, it relies on in-lens stabilization.

  • *** major improvement is that you can now move the focus point to anywhere on the LCD screen :D :D ***

  • Yan

    No external mic jack?

    photographyblog says there is one, while dpreview says: “Another disappointing restriction is the loss of the external Mic socket. What functioned as a dual purpose connector on the G2 is reduced to offer only remote control on the G3.”

  • QuantM


    • the external microphone is gone vs G2.
    • ISO 100 is gone vs G2 (improved signal/noise is killed at ISO 100)
    • the Focus wheel is gone vs G2
    • smaller battery vs G2
    • eyecontrol sensor is gone vs G2

    • no witch between PAL/NTSC – shame on Panasonic
    • no 1080p (though the sensor does have 1080p30 output)

    From the prosumer’s prospective the camera degraded compared to G2.

    All the above cons probably will be removed in GH3 – but for ~300 bucks more…

    Panasonic forces us to buy GH3… but I myself is thinking about buying G2 for chip.

    Fuck Panasonic…

    • kesztió

      “ISO 100 is gone vs G2 (improved signal/noise is killed at ISO 100)”

      Sorry, but this comment is worth a LOL.

      G2 neither has ISO 100. it has rather an ISO 160 which IS CALLED ISO 100.

      But beginning from GH2 – thanks god! – PANA ISO setting shows approximately the real ISO – at last.

    • bonzoo

      “From the prosumer’s prospective the camera degraded compared to G2.”

      I guess not every potential customer is a prosumer ;)

      • QuantM

        I was operating the specs on dpreveiw.
        OK, ISO has not degraded, but other CONS are valid.

        for me the most annoying thing is disappearance of the external microphone socket.

        • QuantM

          Come on, the policy of Panasonic in this case is not to attract more customers but rather to force prosumers to buy GH2/coming GH3.

          I do not see the reason not to be attractive for “prosumers” and “customers” at the same time – with G2 it was quite possibly.
          At least keeping the MIC socket does not cost anything.
          What Panny most likely will get is to lose the “prosumer” part of the customers (who cannot afford GH2/GH3) in favor of coming models of other brands.

          And well – since G3 is closer in size to GF2 due to the degraded battery (practically it’s GF with viewfinder) they will have certain troubles with differentiation of them. I predict not a bright future for GF2.

          These Asian marketing gimmicks always make me laughing…

  • QuantM

    slang-free version of the previuos comment…


    • the external microphone is gone vs G2.
    • ISO 100 is gone vs G2 (improved signal/noise is killed at ISO 100)
    • the Focus wheel is gone vs G2
    • smaller battery vs G2
    • eyecontrol sensor is gone vs G2

    • no witch between PAL/NTSC – shame on Panasonic
    • no 1080p (though the sensor does have 1080p30 output)

    From the prosumer’s prospective the camera degraded compared to G2.

    All the above cons probably will be removed in GH3 – for ~300 bucks more…

    Panasonic forces us to buy GH3… but I myself is thinking about buying G2 for chip.

    Damn Panasonic…

    • I have the eye control sensor permanently switched off on my GH1 it’s to easy to trigger accidentally, if I need to switch to EVF I use the dedicated button…

      • Mr. Reeee

        True. I often use my GH2 at waist level for street shooting (for stealth) and because it’s very stable. That’s the homegrown version of IBIS… In Belly Image Stabilization. ;-)

        Using it like that I’m constantly having to toggle the EVF/LCD switch, even with the EVF sensor set to the less sensitive mode. I do like the auto-switching capabilities, so it’s a toss up. At least the switch on the G3 is in a an easily accessible spot.

        • In Belly Image Stabilization

          Ha! That’s funny. I’ll have to remember it if I ever get a flip screen camera :-)

  • is it only me or did they change the design of the lens?

  • George

    eyecontrol sensor is gone. this is a HUGE step down. I owned both g1 gh1 and canon 60d
    Having an eyecontrol sensor is amazing. I am deeply sorry to see that is gone.

    On the other hand it has Picture in Picture manual focus magnification which is a HUGE step forward

    • Nick clark

      I think the eye-control sensor is a pain in the ass to be honest – permantly disabled on my GH2.

      I get a little puzzled when what is obviously an entry-level camera is criticised for not being complex enough…

      • TR

        I like the eye-control. With the screen fliped away you can have the camera on but no screen on until you bring the camer up to use it. Saves battery.

        • Nick clark

          Hadn’t thought of that, might give it a go :)

  • panka

    what about the dinamic range? is ti on par with the sony Nex sensor or not??

    • Unlikely. It sounds like Panasonic has improved some aspects of the sensor, and processing, but I seriously doubt that they have caught up to Sony. But if the gap between the quality of the G-3 and the NEX-7 is smaller than between the GF-1 and the NEX-5 that will be a very good sign.

      Something I’ve noticed is that Olympus and Panasonic are relying more on processing than on raw sensor performance to deliver IQ, leading a lot of high-level users to just use the cameras (especially Olympus) in JPEG, where they tend to extract more from the raw data than is easily done in Photoshop.

  • sesa

    No buy nothing until a real 1080P@60fps or up frames rate….

  • Miroslav

    Very good news. I like the shape and size, this is how G1 should have looked like in the first place. Now Panasonic has three lines of cameras that are physically different. 115.2 x 83.6 x 46.7 mm is spot on, anything smaller would be too small for DSLR-like shape – this is obviously the smallest you can go with the 3″ LCD, hand grip, integrated EVF and flash. I’ve no problem with 2.7″ 16:9 LCD, which would left place for more commands and enabled camera to be shorter, but Panasonic marketing department obviously has :). And for people that want/need bigger camera, there’s GH2 or GH1 (if one’s on a tight budget).

    ISO1600 looks decent to me, even ISO3200 is usable! Nice to see HDR (Intelligent D-Range) implemented, but still no panorama or low light stacking modes. Maybe Photographyblog just didn’t mention them. No mention of advanced manual focus assists (“peaking”) as well.

    Now if it only had IBIS and flash that bounces, it would be perfect for me. Until then, I’ll stick with E-PL1, wait for the Olympus version of G3 and spend money on lenses instead :).

    BTW, G3 looks like Olympus SP-550 UZ to me :).

    • Miroslav

      Forgot one thing: beat this Sony :)!
      Even if NEX-7 is smaller than G3, it’s going to look ridiculous with APS-C lenses on it.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      >Now Panasonic has three lines of cameras that are physically different.
      Wrong, GH’s ergonomy isn’t above entry level so lines are still pocket body and entry-level with later just having some variations of the same.

      It’s same how m43 line-up of Olympus lacks entirely any higher end products.
      But at least Olympus gives change to contact their camera department in Japan while Panasonic is obviously trying to make it impossible to have any contact with those doing product development.

  • Stupid question, if the shoulders are made flat (like the GF) instead of tilted like this, will it be ugly and more difficult to use ?

  • QuantM


    And well – since G3 is closer in size to GF2 due to the degraded battery (practically it’s GF with viewfinder) they will have certain troubles with differentiation of them. I predict not a bright future for GF2.

    In essence Panasonic merged G2, G10 (which was a marketing nonsense) and GF2 into a single model (indeed averaged downwards G10).

  • a_lesss

    My opinion on this new positionning/design :

    I use the GF1.

    Bought it for ideal blend of compactness, image quality, controls and rangefinder looks.

    Use it with the 20mm, the 14-45mm and a 50mm Minolta MD (which is a great portrait lens, bought 30$ only). Have also the LVF1.

    I was looking into buying a DSLR like body with a good vf as a second body or a new rangefinder styled body with integrated vf, better image IQ as a replacement for my GF1.

    For the first option, I could not decide between G2 – GH2:
    G2 -> good price, but sensor not on par with GH2
    GH2-> high price tag, and more seen as video tool

    For the second option, I hoped for some good news from Panny or Oly.

    Now the G3. Panasonic did a good job differentiating because know what I do not want: the G3 because it does not fit into option 1 (not real size gain compared to G2-GH2, less controls) or option 2 (Less external controls than GF1, and, less importantly, not a rangefinder look).

    So great, now I am starting to look into the GH2 body only (trying to convince myself that the video capabilities that I will not really use do not overshadow the good stills capabilities).

    At least this got me decided… unless….

    Unless Panny makes the perfect set for me:
    > a DSLR like body for nature, sports and portrait, optimized for stills, high iso & AF performance, magn alloy body, weathersealed
    > an upgraded Rangefinder like body for my street shots, with lots of external controls, metal body, integrated vf (or a HQ removable evf, better than the current one)

    Dream on….

    • pdc

      A nice camera and will do well. The line differentation that Panasonic so badly needs to establish is beginning to make sense:
      Consumer models (hopefully readily available from all big box retailers:
      G3, GF2
      14mm, 14-42mm, 45-200mm
      For the enthuthiast (best sourced from photography specialists and on-line):
      G2, GH2 and ?? (news in June?)
      8mm, 20mm, 25mm, 45mm, 7-14mm, 14-140mm, 100-300mm
      Now, what market market niches is Olympus going to focus on, and how?

  • Per

    THe G3 seems to be a very good compromize. The EVF is a must for me. Need to see more RAW examples though. IF Pana/Oly presents a high enf rangefinder style in coming months, a G3 can still be the second camera housing. The 25/1.4 need to be significantly better than the 20/1.7 to be bought by me.

  • I don’t get how the “rangefinder look” can be a deal breaker. I mean, a camera is a camera, of course i want my cameras not to be ugly, but main point is – is it comfortable, is it intuitive? A “rangefinder look” by itself does not ensure those qualities, only that the camera pays homage to a vintage design. I mean, you could have a camera with “rangefinder look” and without a good ergonomy, so what’s the inherent value of gimmicking an old camera? Now, if we are talking about build quality, small size, external controls and so on, that can be obtained in rangefinder or dslr form.

    I used to have a Voigtlander Bessa R3A rangefinder by the way, and despite it was gorgeous, i’d rather walk all day with a small dslr, they are much more comfortable *to me*.

    • You clearly haven’t owned a G1/2/10 and tried to put it in a coat pocket during the winter. Wear a coat, go in a shop and try it. The marginally small G3 does not make that easier. PENs, GF1/2, NEX100 do fit nicely (granted, only if you use pancake lenses, which btw are the ones I like).

      Let’t hope that Oly makes a PEN with a 8Mpix sensor using the same technology of this new Panny. If they sell it with the new 12mm wide lens, I’ll buy it immediately regardless of price (well, up to a limit, of course, but pretty high).

      • Miroslav

        “Let’t hope that Oly makes a PEN with a 8Mpix sensor using the same technology of this new Panny. If they sell it with the new 12mm wide lens, I’ll buy it immediately regardless of price (well, up to a limit, of course, but pretty high).”

        Completely agree, I’d buy that combo as well. According to couple of rumors here, that may be more than a dream soon.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Fashion is more important than function, don’t forget that! ;-) It’s a hipster imperative!

      My first couple of 35mm cameras were rangefinders and I never really liked the form factor. I certainly didn’t like the fixed lens! And neither would ever fit in a pocket.

      The combo of built-in EVF and an articulated LCD in that small a body should make the G3 extremely flexible. I look forward to seeing and trying one. Whether that’s enough to get me to pull out a credit card is another matter entirely.

  • OK guys, someone has to say it: The Panny G3 looks like a Samsung NX11 (see here). But as Seinfeld would say, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I was hoping to see a new EVF, but apart from the increased eyepoint it seems to be the same 1.44 million dot unit as in the G2. Anyone know if the refresh rate has increased?

    I’m not saying the G2 EVF is bad, but I am expecting EVFs to get better with each generation.

    • pdc

      We expected that from quite some time ago, but they have managed to compress the form factor substantially. Can’t believe how monstrous Canon and Nikon DLSRs seem now.

  • explorer76

    I am curious about the much smaller EVF part which was described the day before the official announcement? I like the more compact dimensions of the G3 but the EVF still protrudes too far off the body

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