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Connecting dots: E-M5 price drops brings me back to a rumor….


Two months ago a new source told me that there would be a new OMD camera in very early 2013. And before the launch of that camera the E-M5 would get price drops in winter time. And as you know a couple of days ago we wrote about a (low FT2 rated) OMD camera rumor having more advanced video features.

Olympus itself said months ago that there is room for new OMD camera above and below the current E-M5. If we connect the dots…than can we really expect a new OMD camera soon?

EUROPE E-M5 price drops:
E-M5 Lightning deal at Amazon UK (Click here). You save 150 pounds!
E-M5 body for 877 at Amazon France and 12-50mm kit for 1.058 (Click here).

USA E-M5 price drops:
-$50 on the body only at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto (Click on store names to open the page).
-$50 on the body with 14-42mm lens at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
-$100 on the body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Same price drops on different auctions on eBay (to check here via Slidoo).

  • MAFAv8r

    I want one above!

  • Stupig

    Fix the damned cracks first. As for video features – how about doubling the bit-rate for a start (short of investing in a better encoder)?

  • Anonymous

    Oly do a firmware upgrade first to unlock PAL settings!!!

  • EASY

    And I want G5.

  • The post has been up for about an hour.
    Where are all the technical wishhaves and wishwants?
    I like that, new words wishwants and wishhaves.
    Wishwants. That sounds real cooooool and sexy.

    • Hifinut

      I start with the wish lists:
      1. ISO 50 or 100 and better dynamic range at that too.
      2. Better ergonomics. 2 wheel dials. 1 wheel for selecting mode parameter (eg ISO, wb, exposure comp, etc). 2nd wheel change the value of the selected mode.
      3. Better focus tracking.
      4. Hybrid focusing, contrast and phase detecting. With faster focusing for 43 lenses.
      5. Wifi capability with apps that can control the camera with time lapse function.
      6. Focus peaking.

      • +100

        And one more little thing — uses an existing battery type. I’ve now got three Oly battery chargers in my camera closet (BLS, BLN, BLM), I’d like to get rid of one when I upgrade to the “new thing.”

  • Well, that’s interesting. On the heels of the GH3 just now getting into users’ crusty hands, Olympus intends to offer ‘more advanced video features.’ Oly seems off-the-radar for video; does any of their products shoot progressive? Olympus seldom (read:’never’) gets mentioned at NoFilmSkool, and perhaps if this rumor sprouts truth Oly will be in the game. And didn’t the company just partner with Sony, a possible 4k leader that is impacting Red and Canon on both sides?

    • KI

      Doesn’t the E-M5 read at 30p and then converts it to 60i due to “compatibility”?

      However, I’d like a 50i (25p) through firmware update…

  • I want an OMD with a Nex level sensor or higher. Is that too much to ask?!

  • Yun

    Yes , OMD pro likely be my new camera .
    Hopefully it’ll feature another advance sensor to bring M4/3 to even higher level .
    By the way , I still hope Pana can deliver the L style camera that everyone is yelling for .
    The one above GX !

  • solar

    For the lower model – A similar body with better ergonomics and no weatherproofing would be ideal. A larger grip with the shutter button further forward. No weatherproofing should result in less rubbery buttons. Dual controls should remain. Why not throw in a pop up flash with similar power to the clip on unit, for those “amateurs” that would be interested in this unit.

    For the higher model? What else can they add unless it has PDAF support for 43 lenses. It would be difficult to believe that they would design dedicated shutter and exposure wheels when it appears that their philosophy is to have multi function controls for different modes.

    Interesting times ahead for M43’s. Both Oly and Pansonic need to deliver a X-E1 / NEX 7 styled body in the very near future. Customers have been demanding this for 2-3 years and neither have delivered whilst Sony and Fuji have jumped ahead.

    Olympus needs to release a quality standard zoom. This is another hole in their system that primes do not cover. Primes are fantastic but there are many occasions where swapping lenses is not ideal, and opportunities are missed. A new release of the14-54 or preferably the 12-60 is needed now. Either one of these lenses in M43 mount with modern CDAF focussing would sell in large volumes.

    • The last thing I want is a nex style body! or camera, come to that. Though slimming down of the former may help.

  • pll

    For my day job I dream of a system to utilize m43 in conventional surveillance camera housings. All I’d need would be an “externally powered 24/7 video out” mode and external preset switching of zoom/focus/sensitivity…

  • Ranger 9

    Forget about “dream” features such as a new miracle sensor and Panasonic-caliber video. To keep sales ticking without draining profit into R&D expenses or killing the E-M 5’s popularity, Olympus will need to introduce cameras that use the same basic imaging package, and have the same level of results quality, but tweak the feature sets:

    — Lower-end camera: Less metal on the body, single control dial, most functions controlled through touch screen.

    — Higher-end camera: Slightly larger body, more individually dedicated switches and buttons, maybe multi-angle LCD, a few tweaks to video specs.

    I’m sure they realize they need Wi-Fi, but bringing out new models with that feature built in would instantly kill E-M 5 sales, which they can’t afford to do. I’m hoping for an accessory-port Wi-Fi module that could be used on new or existing models (maybe that’s the “firmware surprise” previously rumored!)

  • If they are smart, they’ll bring in a lower model which will be a transposal of the E-P3 with Built in EVF, and an upper model, an OM-D 4/3 compatible.

    Both have been asked for for at least two years. Yes they might have some more exotic features, but the gist of the problem is a pocketable inheritor to the E-P3, and an upper tier model that can male the best use of the more expensive 4/3 lenses. The new E-Px could be sold with the new 17mm too.

    Another lens with good market expectation is the 40-150/2.8-4 (possibly, for size reasons)

    • Le frog

      Dear Ranger9 – “slightly larger body”? I am sure you meant “significantly SMALLER body, or at least not bigger than the body of an RX1”, but with MORE manual controls, focus peaking, fast continuous tracking, better video AND still weather-sealed, with 5-axis IBIS. If you want a large body, why would you go mirrorless? Mirrorless cameras were created for people who want high IQ and full manual controls in a tiny body. The rest can always get a dslr.

      • I agree with ranger on size. Upper model size larger but not by much and none of the “me to” rounded plastic tops, they are ugly, did I mention they are ugly, yes, and they are ugly to.

      • MAFAv8r

        For the pro-definitely slightly larger, but not as big as the E-5. It makes a difference to the handheld shutter speed you can attain. I would want 10-15% bigger with a better grip. Oh and better wake up, GPS and wireless and battery life.

  • furb

    …and there is supposed to a firmware update for the OMD soon also, no?

    • hendrik

      First, oly need to get rid of all larger size LCD in order to put the built in EVF while maintaining compact EP3 size

      • Good point. I’d gladly leave the tilt up LCD with the ridiculous 16:9 aspect to emphasize the 4:3 one.

        Another matching lens could be a small 25/1.8, which is a classic for the Leica RF inheritors.

        Do note that Terada spoke of a v. different camera, so perhaps not even an E-Px. However I hope they keep the E-Px low profile metal wheel: it’s a classic.

        • bart

          That rear display with its 16/9 aspect ratio is rather desirable for video, especially when putting the camera on some rig.

          • Might be. I see a future to 4/3 movies with zoom lenses. However they will be specialised bodies.

            If you knew the movie industry shooting with a photo camera is just a compromise.

            I’d hope O&P give us some no nonsense photog. cams. Like Fuji and Leica Monochrom.

            Family fathers look for lighter stuff. Your brats are not worth immortality :)
            Nobody cares even about your wives and dogs. Unless you make them copulate Bart – LOL!

            • bart

              Whatever the movie industry uses is their thing, but there is some rather clear indication people are using especially dslrs and cameras like the gh3 for serious video, regardless of if you or me or ‘the industry’ thinks that is right.

              I’d like a smaller screen because I’m not really interested in video from such a camera, but that is really besides the point, as enough people are interested in that to make it an argument for having a bigger display.

              A pure photographic camera with no distractions? I’m all for it.

            • I went to Oly initially with the e-330 because of features such as the tilt screen. I still want that. I am not interested in video other than for occasional use. I agree with your thoughts on movie cameras being different to still cameras. A bit of back to the future. Cross over is fine but I don’t want to pay for 100% capability of both in one camera because that is all that is made. I am happy with a still camera that I can use for video some times.

            • I don’t think that oly will give cameras such as the Fuji and Leica monochrome. There is no market for them.
              The Leica mono is a very low volume seller and the Fuji X-Pro1 good as it is is not selling, the price in Oz is down to $1065 (inc all taxes) body only, that’s a drop of over 40%. In fact now I come to think about it all my M lenses I use on the E-M5 I can use on the X-Pro1 without worrying about slow focusing,mmmmmm!

          • OM-4

            The 16×9 screen on the E-M5 is ridiculous since the camera is stills oriented.

            Had they gone with 4/3 screen there would have been more realestate for buttons.

            A 16×9 screen for video is okay in run and gun situation. For proper shooting most will use external monitors.

            Anyway. Oly can redeem themselves if they’d issue a firmware upgrade for more video features (read PAL) so that the E-M5 can be used as videocam in other regions too.

  • I don’t believe Olympus will become a leader in video anytime soon. I expect the next camera to be a PEN with EVF (in the corner) rather than a new OM-D. The price drops of the E-M5 could be related to pressure inflicted by Sony and Panasonic, much less so by Fuji.

    In the video arena, an Olympus branded m4/3 camcorder featuring the OM-D IBIS with all the rest made by Sony won’t be a bad idea. Nevertheless, I doubt such a product will be released in 2013.

  • Another Guy Named Bob

    It is X-mas/holiday in most of the world.. of course there are sales. And in case anybody has been sleeping for the last few years… Olympus seems to announce new product in January and Feb.. and starts shipping it a couple of months later. No rumors needed.. there is no mystery in this machine, Scooby Doo.

  • Anonymous

    1. Move built in EVF to the left, rangefinder style.
    2. Allow exposure compensation in manual mode (useful for manual + auto ISO).
    3. Bigger and better buttons with positive feedback.
    4. Allow direct metering mode selection through button.

  • There’s something about Olympus essentially staying out of the video realm that could be very helpful to the company if they (and their friends Sony) decide to jump in with a splash: they know the trends, the industry, what the people want, the mistakes of their competition, and early 2013 is countdown to NAB!

    Although it’s just an FT2 it might be worth watching and perhaps waiting. However, I’m also waiting for a serious comparison between a Driftwood (or other hack) GH2 vs GH3. When the dust settles and the GH3 hype blows away (which will be very soon), is the GH3 in its END PRODUCT (footage, not the tools of CAPTURING footage) really that much of an improvement? Whereas Olympus has Sony (Red killer) and FT2 about a forthcoming 4/3 hybrid. These chumps might be on a steamroller!

  • Some argue that there is no money to be made in visual journalism unless it’s video. There are however other forms of art, or artisanship, where stills are better suited.

    Oly I think has still to make choices: its cameras are still saddled with consumer modes like scene modes, lto of unnecessary menu options, cranky MyModes. If you add to that another layer of video modes, I wonder if a human being will ever be able to grasp the whole. Therefore my proposal for a purer stills camera at the top tier.

    Movies however are an interesting market for top 4/3 lenses, perhaps a blooming one. Admin and others can certainly argue. The kind of work needed by a movie however is different from what is needed to catch the decisive moment and the geometry of a scene. You need to organise continuity. In Journalism a strict separation between genres is not needed but in commercial visuals probably a pro video tool is better needed. As said above perhaps Oly could partner with Sony and provide a revamped version of its celebrated zooms.

    For stills however I much prefer the drive towards high quality primes, with some zooms at the periphery of the range.

  • —>

    Oly Lineup: how I THINK it should be…

    Pen mini —> gf3 style
    Pen normal —> GF1
    Pen EVF —> OMD but “Rangefinder”
    OMD —> OMD =)
    OMD Pro —> 43 lens support, E-Serie, Video

  • rialcnis

    Much to wish for. I have trust in Olympus. We need pro filmmaking bit rate and 60p and a surprise new low light Video kit-lens masterpiece all at a really nice price I want one.

  • I love my em5 but if I could add/change things they would be:

    1. Tethered shooting support,
    2. Higher shutter sync for flash,
    3. Built in microphone jack,
    4. Pop up flash (connecting and disconnecting supplied flash can be mildly draining),
    5. Dual memory card slots,
    6. Ability to change settings while recording video,
    7. 50/100 iso,
    8. Don’t have to hold down function button while shooting in “my settings modes”,
    9. Up button can be a custom function,

    and probably asking a bit much but…

    7. Built in radio trigger with optional receiver/s for purchase.

    To name a few


    • Farrukh

      I’d love a built-in receiver for a selection of wireless microphones, along with a sensible built-in flash, so I can use the hotshoe for something/anything else.

  • Although some additional features might be welcome, I don’t agree with those who’d want a total revamp of a camera. Often in Oly’s kingdom, more is less – a successive model might have some worse aspects. And the ridicule of lame consumers still believing that Oly engineers spend their time reading their requests!

    Do read Ming Thein ‘More is less’ reminding us that first you have to train yourself to use a camera, in order to get the results *you want* with any camera:


  • Admin there is a need to monitor this forum for trolls and abusive, vulgar language.

    See this aaariki, a likely candidate to ban.

    • admin

      Removed it!

      • Because spelling someones name incorrectly on purpose isn’t offensive or anything.

        Admin I understand I went a bit far by calling the guy names and for that I apologise to you and amalric. I have to ask though how is it that you are allowing amalric to call me a “lame consumer” and then go on to tell me that I should learn how to use a camera and to top it off have me silenced when replying to such comments. Im sorry but using clever langauge to disguise arrogance doesn’t justify it.

        If we are not equal here could you also remove my earlier comment also as I no longer wish to participate in a forum where one party is more equal than others.

      • bart

        Hi admin, didn’t see the removed post and don’t care for what it says. However, the complainer in this case has a very long history of posting things to troll for responses, and not for having any kind of discussion, resorting to provocative and insulting language, and then goes nuts when someone returns the favor. He is smart enough to post real content also, but seldom without embedding a subtle insult aimed at anyone who doesn’t share his point of view. Good for page clicks maybe, but rather bad for the atmosphere here.

        • First few posts actually so not sure who you are refering to sorry buddy.

          • bart

            I was not talking about you but about amalric.

  • Far from me the intention of trolling. This is a serious argument. A simpler camera, the Leica M8 changed the way Ming Thein was taking pictures.

    It let him concentrate on composition, instead of spending time on thousands of automated settings.

    Fuji is following the same path.

    This BTW wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, so I was surprised at the harshness of the response.

    Don’t you have any general arguments at all? This debate has been going on courteously on many sites, so why not here?

    Thank you admin for your help.

    • bart

      Courtesy, sure. Make your point (one I agree with btw) but why then talk about ‘lame consumers’ and have this generally negative and ridiculing use of language? Your argument doesn’t need that at all, rather, you distract from it, make yourself look rather arrogant, and rub anyone who has a different opinion the wrong way. Sorry amalric but if you want a serious discussion based on courtesy, this is not the way.

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