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UPDATED-> Choose your future MicroFourThirds lens!

Now we all know what kind of Panasonic and Olympus lenses are going to be unveiled in 2010. We want to ask you which ones you are going to buy! Let Olympus and Panasonic know what you want and maybe they will produce enough of this lenses for all of us ;)

UPDATE: We added a new option for all of you which are unhappy with the future lens selection.

Do you agree with the current Olympus-Panasonic lens strategy?

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  • fabio

    why not a 9-18 and a 18-180?

  • I want 14-100 F4!!!

  • Agent00soul

    I voted for the 20/1.7 but I doubt that I will wait a full year for Olympus’ version, when Panasonic’s is available now. If the Olympus had been 18 instead of 20, then maybe…

  • Joachim

    Some months ago, you mentioned a Leica Summilux 1,4/30 mm(eq. 60 mm) for the m4/3 standard. Will we not see it?

  • jom

    A good portrait lens (wide open and compact)
    A special zoom for video

  • Erik Ehrling

    I want a 45mm f2…

  • AT

    Still looking for a non-Leica (a cheaper) M4/3 version of 25mm, f1.4 from Panasonic…

  • Radis.Rut

    How about environmentally sealed lens ?

  • Catastrophile

    An additional item called “others” should be added to the poll for people like me who still don’t find their favorite type of lenses, I like fast budget zooms, something like Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 or Sigma 17-70 F/2.8-4 in the APS-C systems. if you also miss a category of lenses not represented by any existent or upcoming m4/3 lens, please add your voice to mine for adding the option “others”.

  • 25mm 1.4

  • jj

    When are we going to see some REAL lenses for this system, like the 14-35/F2 and 35-100/F2?
    (Ok, maybe they could be 2.8 for compactness’ sake)

  • rum

    Other than the 12 which will come too slowly, the choices are pretty woeful. If the M43 system stalls out it will be due to the less than committed way in which Panasonic and Oly are building the system.

  • fabio

    or better 9-18 and 18-90, so it’s better

  • Alfons

    12mm F2.0 would be even nicer, especially on small sensor.

    I love my 24mm F2 Zuiko on OM.

  • emmis

    Why vote for the Olympus 20mm f1.7 — the Panasonic one is great. Let Olympus spend there time on lenses we need (like a 12mm f2.8!)

  • Erik from Sweden

    Of course, prices won’t be reasonable, as in ‘normal for the industry for the amount of glass used and production volume.’ So the question is highly hypothetical.

  • Why isn’t the Leica/Panasonic Lumix 45mm f/2.8 ASPH Macro not listed as an option?

    • admin

      Hi Alberto! This is a selection of future lenses that are coming in 2010 only. The 45mm macro is already on market! cheers

  • Jim from Iowa

    A 100-300mm (equiv. 200-600)? Are you kidding me? Even with IS, how do you shoot with this thing when you’re framing up a shot at 600mm equivalent at arm’s length because there’s no built-in viewfinder.
    This system screams out for fast shorter focal length primes!
    Nothing longer than equiv. 135mm and I think that is really pushing it.
    If Oly and Panny would make a 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50, 85/90mm
    The photoj market would be buying them.

    Wait, they need to make a body with a built-in EVF first.

  • Jay Gloab

    Jim, the 100-300 lens is a Panasonic, and Panasonic already has two bodies with built-in EVF. However, I agree that it’s kind of an odd direction for Panasonic, as a super-telephoto zoom seems destined to be a niche product on a small camera system like MFT. I like your prime suggestions, and especially hope that Panasonic makes a 35mm (f/2 or faster, please) with O.I.S.

    I’m also possibly interested in the Olympus 20mm depending on price, as the Panasonic version is a little rich for my blood.

  • Jim from Iowa

    You are correct.
    My mind is locked on the rangefinder-esque form factor of the GF-1 and EP-1 and EP-2.
    The G1 and GH-1 just don’t appeal to me.

  • Mike

    Jim from Iowa says:
    November 23, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    This system screams out for fast shorter focal length primes!
    Nothing longer than equiv. 135mm and I think that is really pushing it.
    If Oly and Panny would make a 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50, 85/90mm
    The photoj market would be buying them.

    Wait, they need to make a body with a built-in EVF first.

    I agree with you, Jim. Nowadays, there is no option for lenses like you mentioned. I thought mFT was developed especially for smaller fast fixed focal wide angle lenses to short telephoto lenses (compared to DSLR lenses). High End built-in EVF is a must have. Many photo journalists waiting for this pro-mFT camera for so long. Why Olympus can’t see that potential they have? The E-P1 and E-P2 are ideal for consumer market (although overpriced for many) but for more serious users who like rangefinder-styled body there is no mFT system yet. Three grades of mFT system would be ideal – standard grade (E-PX with attachable EVF), profi grade (built-in high end EVF, diecast magnesium body) and top profi grade (weather sealed, flagship model, solid as rock). All models must have equal or better AF speed like phase detect AF system (DSLRs) even in difficult light with any mFT lens (this is no question for modern pro-camera). Prime lenses weather sealed, f2.0 or faster, distance scale, (old schoolers will appreciate aperture ring), high optical quality as finest Zuiko Digital lenses.

  • Catastrophile

    Sorry but primes are not everybody’s cup of tea, you give the framing flexibility and then the optical quality is if any a tiny slightly better than a moderate quality zoom (by moderate I mean 2x to 4x or 5x zooms).

    At the sweet spot focal length, a good zoom delivers (almost) the same quality as a good prime and on top of that you get to change the focal length with minimum compromise in image quality which is nowhere as big a compromise as having to crop the center of the prime image (AKA digital zoom) because your prime was 50mm when you needed 85mm, you actually had an 85mm prime with you in the bag, but you feared missing the shot if you swap so you shot it with what you had on the camera at that time, example of how primes can suck big time.

  • Catastrophile

    sorry the first & second lines above should have read: “…. you give ***up** the framing flexibility and then the optical quality is …”

  • Mazoeca

    Would like to see most of all 18 – 180 or 18 – 200 coupled with an MFT version of the E-620 as a starter or entry-level kit!

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