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Change the E-M5 top plate and cover! (Kirk Tuck fells in love with the E-M5!)


It’s so difficult to find the E-M5 in Stock I am surprised to see that there are already pieces(!) of E-M5 for sale on eBay! You can buy a new silver top plate (Click here) and the Black cover (Click here). You may be able to change the color of your E-M5 depending on your mood :)

But now let’s go back to some new reviews or news. Kirk Tuck (Click here) really tried to resist the E-M5 temptation but than he met his friend at a bar and he had an E-M5: “It has the nicest and quietest sounding shutter I’ve heard since the Olympus e1 camera from 2004.  But it’s even quieter and more refined than that high water mark of shutter elegance.  It may be the perfect camera shutter from a auditory point of view.  The sound of the the shutter is what I imagine the door of a Bentley car feels like when it shuts.  Reason enough to own the camera even if it were only as good in the files as its predecessor…” read the full “in love” report on his website ;)

P.S.: 90mm resolution test at DSLRcheck (Click here). File Notes at Outbackphoto (Click here).

E-M5 (Pre)order links (Click on store name): Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

Bestseller list. Check the list (changes hourly!):
USA: E-M5 on position 11/12/13 (Click here)
UK: E-M5 is on position 7 (Click here).
Germany: The E-M5 is on position 2/9 (Click here).
France: not available (Click here to see rankings anyway).
Japan: E-M5 on position 3/4 (Click here).

  • jim

    Sound of the shutter – how much pretentiousness can I take… the best shutter sound is the quietest… sounds like a bently, reason to own… lol

    • BLI

      I’m sure Kirk Tuck will come back with a more thorough test if he chooses to buy the E-M5. For me, his ideas are always interesting and I really like his pictures; he knows what he is talking about. Much more so than myself and other amateurs in forums like this :-). (Note: I’m not saying that there are many amateurs in this forum!!).

    • Anonymous

      The shutter is noticably quieter, and smoother than anything I’ve shot with… Great for a wedding ceremony, and makes the camera less intimidating for a subject. Its a perfecty valid point.

      • rrr_hhh

        Plus one !

        I haven’t yet received mine, but the shutter sound I have heard from Internet videos issued after the February event was stunning. First thought that came to my mind was Wow! I haven’t heard such a great sound since I got an M6 near the end f the nineties. It is really something.

    • Don’t get me started on “Tinkerbelle” Tuck (remember the “boo-hoo, I’m going to stop blogging unless you beg me to go on” shtik?) but in general…

      It’s amazing how the E-M 5 gets such uncritical love: It’s almost as if Olympus has some kind of secret genetic code to bypass reviewers’ critical faculties and make their toes curl up with delight. (Maybe the medical division passed along some secret research to the camera division…)

      • Nikku

        Clearly you haven’t used one :)

        • Ross

          I’ve seen it described as the sound of angel’s knickers dropping. ;)

      • Vlad

        But the possibility that they actually made a really good camera will never cross your mind.

      • Jesper

        Buy one and write your own fell-in-love-with-omd blogpost.

  • Bob B.

    Well…lets see…I can buy a repair top plate for $59.80 and the repair black body cover for $59.80, all I need is the repair back cover for $59.80 and the repair guts of the camera for $59.80 and I can have my own Frankenstonian OM for about $239.20. This is awesome. Come on eBay…cough up the other parts, dammit!!!!!

  • Hmm your link to Kirk’s post is erroneous, currently it drives us to some rants against the e-m5 :D

    Correct link is probably

    • admin

      Oh damn me. It s sunny today I got confused. I am going to post an article with E-M5 flaws soon. That’s why you saw that link at personal view :)

  • olivier

    lot of blak ones here ine HongKong… But no silver

  • bedrzich

    Just bought black in Singapore Duty Free with double lens kit 14-45 + 40-150. Not the perfect one – but it’s a start :))

    • Duarte Bruno

      Are you going to keep the 40-150mm?

      • bedrzich

        Not sure… Interested?

  • Fan

    Just got my silver E-M5. Wow it is loud. Like a laptop computer with a hard drive constantly emitting this white noise. Yes my office is quiet. I can only bear laptops with SSDs and near-silent fans. There are no hard drives around here. So – I guess this will be my outdoors camera. Outdoors and parties.

    • Nawaf

      Yes, we all live in a library! White noise? Really O_o

      • Nikku

        I was going to post this in reply to Ranger, but I’ll post here since it seems more appropriate.
        The only criticisms of the E-M5 have been the hump, strap lugs, and noise. These are valid, but are minor niggles compared to those leveled at the Nex (poor lens selection) and X Pro (poor autofocus, the size of a DSLR). In fact, these complaints are about cosmetic issues, not anything of substance. That is why critics and reviewers are so smitten with this camera–it’s a killer tool that works exactly as advertised.

        • Fan

          My office is MUCH quieter than a library. Essentially 0.000 dB.

          Did some shooting outdoors and did not hear it.

          The fast and quiet shutter is awesome!

          Some of the C-AF shots are even in focus ;=)

          • Ummm, Mr Fan, perhaps you should change your username to Heat Exchanger? Might suit your quiet environment better…..
            Glad that photography outside your office works for you ;)

      • Atle

        It is reaonably loud, although I would guess its not quite white noise. Maybe closer to pink noise. I have access to high quaility noise measurement equipment, and can make a measurement if people are really interested (although I’m not quite sure how much info a dB-number gives to the “average joe”)

        • Jesper

          Atle, it will do suprisingly much to the average joe, since this typ of people are always letting them be led by numbers they don’t have a damn clue about. Sad…

          Back to the topic, yes the noice is present, no denial. But it has never bothered me, my subjects, the way i take picture, or anything! Try to use it in real-life situations instead of taking pictures of your laptop inside your silent office….

          • Atle

            I would have to agree, the noise is mote of an annoyance than an actual problem. Personally i don’t like noise where i feel noise can be avoided, but it doesn’t really make that much of an impact in actual real world use.

          • The Real Stig

            I would love to know the db level at 1m.

            I find mine loud, but think I possibly have more sensitive hearing than most. it doesn’t bother me at all. The shutter sound should be trademarked and copyrighted.

        • BLI

          White/pink noise??? I’m sure it is noise dominated by a very specific frequency: the frequency related to the IBIS/sensor movement. Definitely not white!! (White noise = every existing frequency with the same amplitude).

          The intersting thing here would be which frequency this is. Perhaps the frequency may explain why some people hear the noise and some don’t :-).

          • Atle

            One might believe that, but the noise is actually pretty broadband. Have you heard the actual noise in real life?

    • E-1

      ” I can only bear laptops with SSDs and near-silent fans.”

      After weeks of people talking about this, and you can’t bear any sound, you bought this? I’m confused.

  • Kaspar

    E-M5 is in stock in Innsbruck at local dealers. They have the black kit in their window.

  • 43shot

    Who cares about another opinion from a person that looked at it in a coffee shop, go see it yourself. I just went and picked up my EM-5 and my GF-1 and checked the shutter and the GF-1 is slightly louder and higher pitched, I would not call the EM-5 shutter some break through in noise level or sexy, get a life. Second, I’m in my kitchen and I can easily hear the EM-5 even form 10 feet away, it is not irritating but it can easily be heard at times when there is not much background noise. Clearly some folks have bad ears or only test this in noisy environments, it’s relative but it actually can be annoying because one can tell when it is off often and it is much nicer that way. After having the camera a couple weeks I can say that this is the most hyped camera I have ever owned, people talk it up to be far more than it is because they fall in love with some feature or how sexy it is. I thought I would like it far more than my GF-1 but it is not all that and I’m still not liking the ergonomics which many are ignoring. People even convince themselves the silver lenses look ok on the black bodies. Folks it has some nice features some people can take advantage of but it is sooo over hyped by too many camera geeks and Olympus fans. I say that not being a fan of any single brand. The irony is that the most honest and accurate reviews I have read here have been criticized the most, Like Kia’s and others. If you have lens porn pictures in your bathroom and your life revolves around nit picking pixels and not caring about form and function then you will be locked in your soon sleeping with the EM-5 and it’s white noise generator. It is a nice camera with some major stupid flaws but it is not all it is being hyped to be here and elsewhere.

    • What are the MAJOR flaws exactly? I’m genuinely interested.

      I agree the camera has been hyped but the thing to note is that it’s not massive amounts of Olympus money being spent here, it’s all website and user reviews. I’ve seldom seen a camera so well-received, so obviously quite a lot of people disagree with your assessment.

      I’d say the reason it’s doing so well is partly because it looks bloody gorgeous but also because it has NO majors flaws. It has a few minor ones but what doesn’t?

      So. I’m curious to know what you think are the major issues.

      • Nikku

        Mountains out of molehills. See my reply above.

        • The hump hoo-ha has died down now. There was a massive fuss about how HUGE it was when people saw the photos. Then they saw the camera and realised it was tiny. More of a humpette really. Pretty small given all the gubbins stuffed into it.

          The strap lug thing bemuses me. I would never have thought of this so-called “issue” if I hadn’t read about it. My hands are intact. Granted I lost a finger yesterday but that was the lawnmower, not the OM.

          And finally the appalling, deafening, distracting, disgraceful, idiotic white noise debacle. Or as I prefer to call it, the whisper barely louder than a mouse fart. If anyone is ACTUALLY as upset about this as they claim, and I mean people who OWN the camera, not people who’ve READ about it, then for God’s sake please shut up and sell it. There’s a shortage in case you hadn’t noticed. You’ll make money. The hard of hearing need your camera today.

          Straw Poll: is there anyone who owns the camera would sacrifice the frankly amazing IS to get rid of the noise? No. Thought not.

          There. I’m done.

          • Ross

            Now, if it smelt like mouse farts, then maybe there might a reason to dislike it. ;) I’m still waiting for my silver model to arrive. Perhaps I should have ordered the black one instead, but I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

      • hifinut

        Still ranting about the humming hump? Don’t we all make some noise when we hump? LOL

      • I’m waiting for your answer to Thevoiceoverman, 43shot.

      • 43shot

        I wil call out a few I have already mentioned. The ergonomics are very awkward without adding the large battery grip. The buttons on the back are also poorly designed. The posts for the strap are as stupid as it gets as they stick straight out where many people place their finger making it uncomfortable and irritating. If you don’t believe this is really poorly done simply compare a GF-1 and the EM-5 in your hand. I never noticed this on the GF-1 for a second but it was evident instantly on the EM-5. The lugs are abrupt and right in the way where the GF-1 lugs are flat and smooth and require no strap rings. I don’t want to have to buy a over priced $300 grip to solve poor ergonomics. Holding the GF-1 with one hand on the horizontal is easier then the EM-5 for sure. Using the camera makes these things clear in the real world not quick reviews in code shops and the like.

        I’m not ranting about the noise but it can be irritating at times and I assume other Olympus cams are loud because it is not a big change over a GF-1 in shutter noise. Reviewers like Kai got it correct, they skipped all the stuff we have already heard over and over and actually pointed out some of the real flaws. No cam is perfect but the ergonomics should be a top priority and if you are a street shooter you will notice this in using the camera not holding to avoid these things as many do when first examining anything. I find my GF-1 pics more 3D but that is likely perception or something else. I’m just a bit tired of hearing all these quickie reviews form non-owners and never any mention of what they don’t like because they are so smitten. I was excited when I opened the box and honestly I’m using my GF-1 more. The big bonus for the EM-5 is the EVF for bright days and the IS for video and some stills but the video seems a bit off to me as well.

        People who are itching to get this will be happy but those that have used a GF/GX series or DSLR with good ergonomics may find it awkward and irritating at times. I’m not bitching just being realistic and not in an EM-5 love haze.

        Once more people use the camera all this talk will tone down and more real opinions will be formed but it’s hyped because few own them

        • So that’s it? The strap lugs are the wrong shape and the buttons on the back are poorly designed. These are your “some major stupid flaws”? Actually, that’s two flaws technically. We can debate the stupidity of them at length.

          Fair enough. I guess you unlucky enough to have huge hands since neither point is an issue for me. Private Message me since you’re obviously going to have to sell. I think I have a friend who would love to buy your OM. Especially if it’s silver.

        • The Master

          Amen brother!

          • The Master

            The amen brother was for 43shot, buy the way. It’s nice to hear at least a few people around here have some common sense. I think the problem for some people is that as soon as they own something, doensn’t matter what it is, it suddenly, becomes the gnats ass and there can be not fault found with it, as if it were there very own child.

            As far as I am concerened, Olympus doesn’t deserve even a shred of respect, as they did the same thing a few years ago, with the E4XX strap lug.

            • @TheMaster 43shot has a right to complain. He owns the camera. You don’t.
              You’re just repeating things you’ve heard. Except you choose only to repeat the negative things, presumably because you’re having an unhappy childhood and need the attention.

            • Nikku

              Ow! Strap lug in my eye!

            • 43shot

              I encourage anyone to go and hold both cameras and see what I mean. Do this without the strap on of course. The EM-5 lug is pointed and narrow and sticks out more. The GF lug is lower profile but the key is that it is long, smooth and rounded like a long rail so the finger follows the length of the lug around the camera as it should. Even with the hand or finger around it it is not noticeable and comfortable. The Lug on the EM-5 feels like something used to keep pigeons away. This makes it worse if one uses a strap on the EM-5 it requires a metal ring with another plastic piece to prevent body wear, more crap in the line of your natural finger position. The GF strap does not need a lug like other cameras and if is one smooth unit. This is not nit picking it is very poor design. For those arm chair warriors that don’t have the camera or don’t actually carry it without a strap you are entitled to your opinion but I bet in time all this FUD pans out and those that are awake most of the day will see this idiotic design issue. If I could grind it off without ruining the camera I would and it would be solved.

              • Atle

                I have the cam, I guess the lugs are under your fingers when you use it, in that way i guess you can say they are in the way. But i can’t say their placement bother me at all. It doesn’t cause any discomfort for me.

              • Ross

                Have you ever used an OM film camera? It has the lugs in a similar position. Maybe they continued that because the OM range was just so successful. I only hear praise for the OM models (in general).

              • The Real Stig

                I use mine without a strap and have removed the split rings. Thanks for pointing out it has lugs, if you hadn’t told me, I would never have noticed.

                For you it is a big issue, for me it isn’t an issue at all, so your gripe does not mean the problem is due to a design flaw in the camera, it’s more of a ‘you’ flaw. I am sorry your hands are malformed, I guess you will just have to live with them.

        • Bob B.

          Dude you are out of line…whimpering about strap lugs and the minor noise of an incredible IBIS at work….. LOL!
          I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the lugs on the EP3….not once….they are exactly the same. Are the lugs on the Pannies a little more ergonomic, well yeah…but it isn’t a deal-breaker on the Oly. Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz…..
          Reviewers are mentioning the IBIS noise..but saying it is worth having to have such great image stabilization.
          These are minor quibbles. Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulease!

          • 43shot

            I was not whimpering about the noise, I was stating the facts about the level base on how others said it can’t be heard. I’m ok with it for the most part but it can be annoying at times. Read.

    • Vlad

      So why did you write your opinion then?

    • Fish

      Olympus can’t win. Even if they bring out a camera that people love, it’s dismissed as ‘overhyped’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a weaker criticism of a product. People like it too much?

      From now on, if you own an E-M5 and are happy with it, please keep it to yourselves. Somewhere along the line, E-M5 owners (and reviews) have crossed the line from hype to over-hype.

      Those who are offended by people enjoying their gear need to watch this comedian:

      • +1 I love mine. Dammit. I didn’t mean to say that.

      • Ross

        I think the sales (& back orders) speak for themselves. This is ONE VERY SUCCESSFUL CAMERA.

    • E-1

      I’m confused why someone shells out EUR 1299,- (or $) for something that has MAJOR flaws. I’d love to have the money to buy things I don’t like, just for the sake of it.

      • 43shot

        I paid $1099 us for mine with the disposable kit lens and got it a couple weeks ago. Note, you have to buy it to see it and I do consider major ergonomic issues a big deal since that is a very important feature on a camera I use daily. Those that can see the camera first don’t have to buy it. Sure is some odd logic and assumptions here. In fact most of the EM-5 talk is opinions from non-users. I manufacture consumer electronics and one ounce of usability testing would tell me these lugs need to be changed not to mention the other users that noticed it on the EM_5 and other cameras. For those that can’t handle some real feedback on the camera I submit this.

        “This is the best camera ever, it is perfect in every way and Olympus should not ever change a thing and design in a bubble like they have. All new lenses should be silver and the 14-50 is one of the best kit lenses ever, even though I don’t own one but it looks so much better then the one I have which is the second best plastic $99 kit lens in the world. My deaf GF loves the camera and says the noise form the IS can’t be heard ever under any conditions. Not that that matters because it is not white noise which was a joke. Not that I know about that stuff as an audio engineer and 20 years in product development for a fortune 50.” I love this camera it is perfect! I may even take a picture with it!:) I should start a blog in some country and get samples of new Olympus product to review!

    • BLI

      “White noise generator”… You obviously do not know what white noise is. There may be noise, but I am certain that it is not white noise!

  • Mar

    E-M5 is the best camera I’ve used by far.
    I just got it 2 days ago along with some lenses.

    It’s almost a perfect camera, AF is blazing fast and accurate, CAF is even usable as long as you don’t need 9FPS, EVF is great and very responsive – maybe Sony’s EVF has higher resolution but Olympus doesn’t feel too much like an EVF because it’s so fluid and doesn’t tear or ghost and indoors it looks better than OVF.

    IQ is superb too, ISO3200 is easily usable and IS is amazing.

    There are so many nice details around this camera and vast customization options so you can set it up personally in detail.

    I LOVE shutter sound, it’s so unobtrusive and inaudible for people around you and it doesn’t vibrate as much as other m43 cameras.

    Regarding humming noise – I have to laugh at people complaining about it as it’s completely irrelevant for anything, it doesn’t impact negatively at all and you can only hear it when you’re in quiet environment and have your face up the EVF.

    • You have to remember that the OM has been bought by a lot of bats. Apparently.

    • Nikku

      Hey man, but those strap lugs, they totally destroy any usefulness the camera might have had otherwise. Yeah, strap lugs.

      • I was in a rock band once. The drummer choked on a strap lug.

        • E-1

          I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took strap lugs to my knee.

          • Nawaf

            You bastards! LOL

  • Kusuke

    Just like a Barbie Doll…

    • Fish

      Wow, Aki Asahi has released the wood skin for the E-M5! This is a cool combination.

    • Ross

      Not all to my taste, but the black (real) skins would probably be nice, so long as it isn’t too hard & smooth. The browns aren’t bad either, but I’m sure some of the other colous would have appeal for some others. Thanks for the link & the idea. Something I could do when it is out of warranty (maybe).

  • Camaman

    Man those parts are dirt cheap!
    Makes you think what on this camera is €1000. :-)

    I waited for the Asaki trims… But I am disappointed in his lack of imagination.
    Same old cheesy alligator skins and light wood?!

    But I will buy one and make others from it myself thank you…
    My ongoing experiment with EP3 and EPL3 is giving interesting results. :-)

  • Kusuke

    Actually, I don’t think they’re ‘skins’. A bit of effort went into replacing the molded plastic parts. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the weather sealing is compromised.

  • 43shot

    Prediction, if someone makes a reasonably priced low-profile grip without battery for the EM-5 of decent quality it will sell like crazy. A slim version of the one now without the battery part. If I did not have two other electronic devices to design and build in Asia at the moment I would tool and sell this on Ebay and make a small fortune. Because one’s hand did not fall off because the camera lugs are a shit design does not mean it is not a poor design, many people can’t even recognize good ergonomics or design. I’ve been using cameras for 30 years and never had a ergonomic complaint about any camera until this one and it is disappointing and dumb but not a show stopper. If something is better it is also more noticeable but then again I’m not the first to point this out but they were slammed for mentioning anything other than perfection’s well. If you use a camera for street shooting and not with a strap about your neck you will understand what I mean.

    It;’s easy to separate real users as they tend to comment more about the looks of the camera and minute differences in IQ over functionality and taking photos.

    • Nikku

      And here’s what we’re saying: as actual real life users of the E-M5, the strap lugs have not been an issue for us. Unlike the slow AF of the XPro-1, the strap lugs are clearly not a universal design flaw, but it rather depends on the user.

    • BLI

      I noticed the right strap lug when I held the camera in the shop. I am still waiting for my camera. Normally, it just takes a small adjustment of the grip to get used to it.

      43shot: I agree that since I haven’t got mine yet, I am not in a position to disagree with your experience. At the same time, I believe other people when they say they don’t have any problem with the strap lug. Your theory on who are real users: it sounds like you define as real users only those who agree with you??

      Anyway, I will certainly bitch if there is something with the camera I hate. However, wordings like “the most overhyped camera I have ever owned” really gives the impression of a lack of proportion. I don’t mind criticism of cameras I have ordered, but when the phrasing gets exaggerated into the ridiculous, it is hard to take the criticism serious.

    • Nawaf

      I consider the GH2 to have really bad ergonomics, but this is the price you pay for a tiny camera. Atleast the E-M5 has an addon grip (expensive, I know). I’m surprised that they offer the battery grip in the first place. It makes a very versatile camera which is great for most situations. My 7D can gather dust until I need to track something.

      Personally I wish they made the E-M5 wider like the old one. This way it would fit my big hands better and the tiny buttons at the back would be bigger. Will this stop me from getting it? Hell No!

      • Ross

        I think it is about 12mm narrower than an OM10. I have yet to try one & have ordered because of many other features it offers over my E30, one of them being smaller & another, much higher ISO.

  • 43shot

    Sorry- people that like to take photos do not talk about cameras like jewelry and sex objects over and over. They take photos. Sexy shutter sounds? Get out often? I may need to make some “I love my EM-5” shirts and caps to sell. :)

    • Nikku
    • Given that you’ve bought one, and it is so majorly flawed, you must be feeling like a bit of an idiot. No wonder you sound so angry.

      • The Master

        voice over the man, wtf is wrong with you. No one comes to this site so you can insult them. Have some balls, ya pussy. If you want to lip off to me, give me your address and I come over to your house and you can do it in person. That way, I can show you my camera and teach you some manners at the same time.

  • Kusuke

    Prediction…In less than a year, it won’t matter. (And I’ll still have a GF1.)

  • Camaman

    Where is the order link for the Asahi skin?
    Its not available in store jet?

  • Kusuke

    From tomorrow. Which is actually today.

    • Camaman

      Oh yeah!
      Thanks dude!

  • JP

    New E-M5 is so good. Here is one image shot with the 50 mm f/2.0 and a flash:

    I cannot wait to really start trying the E-M5 out. Shutter sound is so quiet and oh so nice. The low-light ability is a million times better. I can now shoot at 1:2 without a flash in a dimly lit room – never possible with past Olys.

  • chris

    The EM5 is very good indeed. I never noticed the strap lug “issue” until I saw someone else talking about it. My fingers don’t rest on it and I have fairly large hands, so it hasn’t been an issue for me. I do find my Nex7 more comfortable to hold as the grip is larger and covered in a nice tacky rubber, but after adding the OMD grip the EM5 is feeling good. I do wish the grip either came with another battery or was about 1/2 the price, but it is what it is – and it is a very good camera. I’m getting better results from the EM5 than from my brothers 60d with good glass. The EM5 isn’t perfect – no camera is – but its right there with the Nex7 as the best compact available.

    • JP

      I could have bought a Nikon or Canon, even a full frame, but why spend the money to have the excess weight unless I’m shooting exclusively for print and even when considering print – unless you’re shooting more than a full page – a full frame is usually over kill – assuming you’re using prime glass, flash and a good body that is…

    • 43shot

      The lug issue is all about how you hold and use the camera. Everyone is different, like I said some people use a strap like tourists.

      • Ross

        If I find it a problem while I wait to buy the HLD-6, then perhaps I’ll make up a padded grip to go around it & the front, but still leaving room for the card door to open. I don’t see it as being a big issue though, plus I will probably use the Q-Strap (Black Rapid copy) on it anyhow. But it is true, everybody is different. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.

  • cosinaphile

    it is as quiet as is said …


    THANK YOU :)

  • flash

    I see a lot of people complaining about the strap lugs. I personally like them there, but I have big hands.

    I can’t believe all of you are serious, but some of you might be as some times a bulge is a bother. If you are serious bring the camera back or send better yet give it to some kid that has an interest in photograph; the young have more nimble figures and it will not be a problem.

    If you are dead set in using just grind off the lugs.

  • ronin

    Is the shutter sound quieter than that of the Nikon V1 electronic shutter?

  • NelsonC

    The continuous mode is too fast for me to handle given the background of an E system user. I had to agree that em-5 is the champ cam for auditory application as when the shutter is slicing at its top speed, the sound does not disturb the attention on the stage. Just imagine, it is very much quieter than Nikon Q mode.

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