(FT3) Unconfirmed rumor about a new Panasonic G90 with same GH5s sensor…

I now got two new sources claiming that Panasonic will announce a G90 by end of the year. The second source shared some more details:

Pana might release the new G90/95 as an answer on the BlackMagic pocket.
The new G90 will have the sensor of the GH5s, have a good IBIS and a price around 1200-1300

From trusted sources we know Panasonic will announced the new LX100II on August 23. Would be nice if Panasonic would still give us this new “mini-GH5s” version at Photokina too!

(FT3) Panasonic rumored to further streamline the portfolio down to GX and GH line only

The new GX9 and the GH5 (via CameraSize).

I just got this info from a reliable source:

What I heard so far is that Pana will further streamline the portfolio. Essentially there will remain the GX and the GH line only. For GH it will be discussed that you can buy software keys to enable different features for video or photo but hardware will remain the same

It’s not clear if that’s just an ongoing discussion at Panasonic or if that decision has been already taken. But it makes sense to me that Panasonic reduces the number of different cameras. Nowadays you only make money with high end products. It makes more sense to keep the production of older generation GX and GH cameras and sell them as entry level models.

What I don’t like is the “software key” strategy…

(FT5) Confirmed: New Olympus super high end camera will be launched in very early 2019!

Finally I can give you good news: Highly trusted sources confirmed Olympus new super high end camera is a real thing and it will be on market by early 2019. They confirmed the new camera will outperform the E-M1II. They also said Olympus is unlikely to tease this camera at Photokina.

We have no specs yet but there are three possibilities:

1) This is the new E-M5III. But I wonder if Olympus would relley make this camera outperform the E-m1II (it would kill the camera sales)

2) This is a new kind of Micro Four Thirds camera. Maybe more video oriented.

3) This is a camera with new sensor format

I hope sources can tell me soon which of the three options it is…