Olympus micro four thirds rumors reaction

When you have a website like this you sometimes receive heavy critique. And that is normal. 34 days ago we announced that the Olympus E-450 will be released soon (See https://43rumors.com/ft-5-new-olympus-dslr-is-coming-the-e-450/ to have the proof ) I remember few people blaming on us. They accused us to announce false rumors to make money! This kind of reaction is completely understandable and human. Now that the Olympus E-450 has been announced I hope you will give us some more credit ;)

I bet with you the micro four thirds specs given by us are for 95% real. I expect Olympus to make some minor changes that’s why I say 95% and not 100%. And I can’t wait until summer to see your reation when the camera will be shown to the world ;)

Our website will be redesigned in May and hopefully be online on late May. This is necessary in order to make this say more enjoiable for your eyes, and more content oriented. The advertising should not be intrusive and confusing like it is now.

Thanks to M.N a japanese reader of 43rumors we are quiet close to cover our initial hosting and domain registration costs. With the next money we will earn through adsense banners and donation we will try upgrade to a dedicated server which should allow a faster access to our content.

Thank you all for visiting us. We hope to become better and better in order to give you nice exciting rumors time!!!


New Pentax DSLR? Pentax K7D?

Sorry if we publish some news from other brands. But it seems something interesting is coming from Pentax. May you want to know more.

From what we know three Pentax cameras are expected for 2009. This could be the right time for the K20D successor. It will probably have video and we hope they will make it better than Nikon and Canon! Again we hope they will not follow the Canon (EOS 50D) Megapixel race.

P.S.: You have to wait for 2010 to have a mirrorless camera from Pentax :(

http://tekade.de/ lists the camera


More pictures here:



Kawuuummmm!!! Panasonic to start development of new professional 3D production system!


Wow! Are they going the same way as Fuji? Oh YES! Ok the camera shown by Panasonic looks horrible ;) but I admit it appeals me!

They are ready to start developing a professional 3D Full HD production system. It consists of a twin-lens P2 professional camera recorder and a 3D-compatible High Definition Plasma display. Panasonic will exhibit concept models of the 3D system at its booth (Central Hall #3712) at NAB 2009 to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 20, 2009.


New super wide-heliar 15mm F4.5 Asperical lens

You already know you can use M-mount lens on you G1/GH1 and future micro four thirds cameras. So, Cosina just announced a new lens, the Super Wide Heliar 15mm.


Lens Construction: 6 groups 8 elements
Smallest Aperture : F22 Smallest Aperture: F22
Picture Angle : 110° Picture Angle: 110 °
Aperture Blades : 10 Aperture Blades: 10
Nearest Distance : 0.5m Nearest Distance: 0.5m
Diameter x Length : φ59.4mm x 38.2mm Diameter x Length: φ59.4mm x 38.2mm
Weight : 156 g Weight: 156 g
Mount : VM mount Mount: VM mount

cosina.jp (english translated)

(FAKE) Sony Alpha 500 leaked! It has Swifel LCD!

After the Pentax leak it is Sonys turn! Today we have a lot to talk about. Don’t worry Panasonic and Olympus leaks will come soon or later ;)

17.20 megapixel CCD / CMOS sensor [that we did not understand a bit – different sensors for focus / measurement of the shooting and immediately?]
2.7-inch screen resolution of 920,000 pixels
8 and 9, the main focus points of support
viewfinder 0,98 x

ISO 100-12800 ISO 100-12800
rate of 4 frames per second
вес 516 грамм Weight 516 grams

1920Ñ…1080 32 fps 1920h1080 32 fps

AVI (Motion-JPEG) или MOV (H.264) AVI (Motion-JPEG) or MOV (H.264)

russian website

Good news folks…order the Novoflex micro four thirds adapter !

Novoflex is a german company and we still miss a complete english translation on his website. But if you speak some german you can order the adapter. Price is 149 Euro.


The super friendly administrator from ww.forum-fourthirds.de allowed us to share the review he made over the new Novoflex adapter.

Please respect the copyright. You can download the document for free but don’t make any change of it and don’t make any commercial use of it!

DOWNLOAD test-novoflex-adapter

Short summary: buy it! it is the best adapter avaiable!

If you have some request to Novoflex please write us. We can let them now what you need!