Fujitsu’s first 3D camera is expected to come out for Christmas


Ok, this news has nting to do with Panasonic or Olympus but that camera will be completely different the others so we thought it is word to mention it. Specs are not revealed but this camera should be equipped with a 2.8-inch screen. The addition of the Fujitsu 3D camera depends on his “Real Photo Processor 3D” chips, two CCD sensors generate a 3D image.

(FT 5) the next micro four thirds camera will have VIDEO!


It comes with no surprise that Olympus will put video capabilities inside the micro four thirds camera. We all had the feeling video will first appear with the micro four thirds camera and not in the E-system.

Two sources confirmed us this news without giving us informaton if the there will be 720 24p or 720 30p or 720 60p (We really hope it will be 720 60p).

Another source told us “…the Nikon D90 implementation is “poor” and Olympus won’t implement video into the E-System, but he that is a perfect thing for mft.”

Apparently Olympus is waiting fro some progression in video quality before implementing the feature in E-cameras.

I ask all our sources to give us a detaiiled information about the video format the micro four thirds camera will use. And again thank you for sending us this infromation!

the 43team

(FT 3) Panasonic GH1 sensor for the first Olympus m4/3 cameras?


We all know that Panasonic delivers the sensors for Olympus digital cameras. We were wondering if the next Olympus micro four thirds camera will have exactly the same sensor as the Panasonic GH1 or a slightly different version (10MPX or 12 MPX). From what we heard until now it seems possible the Olympus will have the SAME Panasonic GH1 sensor. We are not sure if it is true, maybe they are very similar…

In a few words… it seems the sensor could be very similar and have 12MPX.

P.s.: The image is clearly fake, but we like the external Viewfinder on the camera ;)

Voigtländer VM ZM adapter for micro four thirds cameras!


Good news folks. There is a new VM and ZM Voigtländer adapter for micro four thirds cameras. You can use ZEISS lenses and Voigtländer lenses as well !

Imagine having a nice 35mm 1.2 lens or the zeiss biogon lenses on you Panasonic GH1. The price is listed with 19,800 YEN that’s more or less 199 Dollar.

This is the list with the lenses you can use though this adapter.


more infos here:

(FT1) Olympus E-5 picture


Hold on guys. This pictures was send to us from an unknown source. So please don’t take this picture to serious. We believe the Olympus E-5 will probably be launched the third quarter this year. I ask the anonymus sender to send us a bigger picture.

The first Olympus E-5 rumor was launched by a danish website

and discussed in dpreview forum