(FT 2) no video in Olympus digital cameras ?

We received an email from unknown sources. So please keep in mind that he could be completely wrong (or just joking with us). This sources says he works for Olympus and he knows that for 2009 we are NOT going to see any DSLR camera with video. He told us video is not a primary feature requestet by Olympus user. Plans are to wait the evolution of this tecnology. The digital cameras with video we have seen until now are not really good competitor to traditional camcorders so Olympus has not to be hurry anyway.

That’s what he told us.

I keep his contact in mind.

UPDATE: I asked him if he believes there will be NO video feature even for micro four thirds camera. He answered he is only sure about classic four thirds DSLR. May Olympus has different plans for micro four thirds cameras.


(FT 3) Panasonic compact m4/3 coming before December?


Our trusted Olympus source are confirming us that Panasonic is heavely working on a m4/3 compact camera. They don’t know exactly what kind of specs Panasonic has choosen for their camera but they strongly believe the camera will be presented in NOVEMBER/DECEMBER !

A person send me a email with probable specs. It is absolutely a NOT trusted source, but let’s start the speculation ;)

(FT 1)

-12 MPX

-720 30p video

– thicker than the Panasonic LX3

– Oled 3.0 screen

micro four thirds scenario


Everybody is waiting for news from the micro four thirds world. This technology’s main purpose  is to produce small high quality cameras with small high quality lenses. The Pansonic GH1 is just the first step in this direction and it is still not a small enough digital camera for most users.

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry a camera with interchangeable lens in a pocket?

Rumors summary:

We begin from what we know, Olympus has already announced the first m4/3 camera will be available this summer. We have all seen the mock-up. We don’t know what kind of specs the camera will have. IS? Video? Flash? No idea :(

Some rumors say this year Olympus will release two or three m4/3 cameras. But that’s pure speculation…

Panasonic is working on a digital compact m4/3 model. The holy grail would be to make a LX3 sized camera with an interchangeable lens.

To produce a forecast is quite difficult. The economic crisis makes it difficult for companies to keep a clear roadmap. Canon and Nikon seems to slow down their update cycle for DSLR cameras. We don’t know if this is a good idea. It was quite surprising to see Olympus and Panasonic coming out with very respectable digital cameras like the Olympus E-620 and Panasonic GH1. The now announced Canon 500D is nothing special, we got still the same music plus a defective video feature (20p in 1080 WHAT THE HELL???).

What does 43rumors know?

We are getting some first information about the upcoming Olympus camera and will write soon about it. But we don’t have any certain info now.

We ask you to share your rumors if you have any!

What is for sure, from now to June/July we will get from day to day more excited!



Lumix G 7-14mm & 14-140mm Japan release date & prices


Hi all!

You can learn japanese and go the following link


or read the summary which was posted in dpreview forum:
From Yodobashi camera’s web site:

ï¿¥99,960 (about $1,020 USD) for the LUMIX G VARIO 7-14mm, out on 2009/4/24


ï¿¥84,840 (about $865 USD) for the LUMIX G VARIO HD 14-140mm, out on 2009/5/15


Thanks for sending us the information D.B.