(UPDATED) Korean rumors reloaded

Inside slrclub (a korean forum) there is a post from a person who claims to have seen the E-P1.

The interesting part are (google translation text):

1) “And live view through the image shake correction check ... Unlike existing DSLR live view…”. I

2) “It’s not that tall and 17mm lens mount…”

3) “Still should be a silver color .. yellow leather…”

English google translation

Original korean text

P.S.: May some korean reader can help us and make a small summary. Not everything is understandable with the google translation!
And thanks “wildone” we have a better translation:
Summary of the article and the comments…

1. The design of E-P1 is quite different from previous mock-up model. Lens design remains same.
2. Image stabilization
3. Live-view
4. It looks slightly bigger than orange mock-up model.
5. Even with 17mm lens mounted, It doesn’t look that big.
6. Grip of the camera feels good. Right side of the camera is designed to fit into hand.
7. steel(not still :)) glossy silver. Steel glossy surface has replaced orange band of the mockup model.
White pearl color.

Amateur photographer Olympus PEN article

The most interesting excerpts are:

‘The announcement this time indicates that the actual model to be introduced will feature a considerably different outer design, that bears a close resemblance to the legendary Pen 18x24mm camera.’

‘More than 30% of the users of compact digital cameras wish to use DSLR cameras but they do not actually step up to DSLRs simply because of prices, sizes, weights and difficulties to use.’

‘We at Olympus wish to make an appeal to those people with the new Micro Four Thirds DSLR-type camera, hoping to regain lost ground in our imaging business by focusing on the Micro Four Thirds system.’

(FT4) Korean rumors

another information from south korea user
first m4/3 name is E-P1
it mounted 17mm lens (maybe 17mm f2.8)
af speed same as pana G1
color is silver or whiteperl

(FT 4) Olympus E-P1 !

We received  this from an anonymous sender.

At first we were sure it was a joke/ photoshop job. The E-P1 name sounds familiar to most of us because it was the preproduction name of the  E-3. But then Olympus came out with that teaser…


What with all the not-so-subtle PEN vibes Olympus has been sending out, we are no longer treating this image as a joke!


One more confirmation comes from Korea:




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