Olympus Hongkong

After Berlin and London Olympus has announced an event on June 16th in Hong Kong!


Exact location is the Eaton Hotel No. 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon,  2nd Floor

If one of you goes to the Berlin, London or Hong Kong events feel free to share your experience on 43rumors.com. I will post your impressions and photos!

Panasonic GH1 firmware will upgrade the compression rate from 17Mb/s to 24Mb/s?

I received an email from Alex which I found very interesting:
I’ve seen on forum that the limitation to 17Mb/s compress schema is a choice from Panasonic. If you check Wikipedia, you can read that AVCHD has 2 bitstream rate 17Mb/s and 24Mb/s. The choice for the 17Mb/s rather 24Mb/s come from that the 24Mb/s has some compatibility problem with some hardware. The good news, it seem that Panasonic could update his firmware for to support the 24Mb/s, some forum related that some people from Panasonic confirm that a future firmware could be support this feature in the GH1.

Panasonic has selected AVCHD because this is a consummer format and for the compatibility you take 17Mb/s.

The problem is for the future with this codec you have a limitation to 24Mb/s and we can’t expected to see better video in GH-2 if AVCHD is the only video codec.”

I hope it is true, 17Mb/s is subject to artifacts when the image is full of detail.

Thanks Alex for sharing the news!

Photozone E-620 preview

Photozone is one of the most serious lens review page. But sometimes they make some camera review. They posted a Olympus E-620 preview (and the complete review should come soon). The most interesting part is the resolution test. It seems the strong E-620 filter causes a resolution drop compared to other DSLR.

weekly deals

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