(FT 4) olympus m4/3 with improved liveview and no swivel LCD

Received an email today from someone who confirms that there is no EVF, just an LCD screen without swivel option.

He told me he has been impressed by the improved liveview. We asked him for more infos over the liveview but he gave no more informations.
I really do not know what he means when he says “improved liveview” :(
How do you imagine an improved liveview???

A little bit of everything…

Hi everyone!

We begin by linking you to a forum thread where a guy made a nice head to head between three exotic über-fast lenses using the Panasonic G1.

-Soligor ‘ITV’
-Carl Meyer ‘Moviar’
-Angenieux ‘Type M1’



fourthirds-user.com posted some sample-pictures taken with the 7-14mm Panasonic lens.


fotopolis.pl (a polish website) made a image quality test of the Olympus E-620. Read the google translation here.


Then lx3-photography lists the winner of the latest LX3 photography contest. The picture that won the contest is truly amazing!!!


That’s all!

(FT 3) One more source says E-3 upgrade is coming

We received one more confirmation from a new source that the E-3 successor will just be a small upgrade of the E-3. So expect a new E-3 with E-30 sensor and some little new features (expect art filters, improved in-body IS and upgraded liveview).


I kindly ask all of our anonymous rumor senders to give me some kind of REAL email which makes it possible to me to answer them. I will keep your email anonymous. You may create a gmail account first using pseudonyms. But thanks anyway for sharing every rumor you have! Many thanks!