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Olympus DSLRs hold both the top spots in the computerbild.de camera rankings. Here cameras are not ranked purely by image quality/sensor performance, but also by usability, portability and consumer-suitability.

Original link: http://www.computerbild.de/bestenlisten/Die-besten-digitalen-Spiegelreflexkameras-3665800.html

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Some (meaningless) speculation from China over the new camera.

  • ISO 200-3200
  • 3.o” LCD
  • Two colours – Silver and White
  • Two kit lenses plus the 17/2.8 to be released
  • 13 Effective Megapixels

Original Link: http://www.sheya.net/info/74/n-1274.html

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Safari version of the D-Lux 4

It seems Leica is going with the D-lux 4 the same way as the Leica 8.2. After the Titan version it s the time of the Safari D-Lux4 ersion. When can you buy it? Probably starting from August and a very Leica price…1.000$! But remember the production will be limited to 6.000 pieces only.

Original source: quesabesde.com

E-620 Reviewed by photographyblog – deemed “essential”


Photographyblog.com had a crack at the e-620 and awarded it their highest certification. A quote from their conclusion:

“It’s one of the cheapest and most full-featured mid-range SLR cameras, with great ease-of use, compact size and light weight, and excellent image quality in good light. This camera certainly lives up to its official billing as “The Olympus E-620: All our knowledge in one”, and is our pick of the current range of Olympus DSLRs.”

(FT2) Samsung NX image of the E-P1 counterpart?


Beware this is probably a fake concept render of the first Samsung NX camera. What’s interesting is the clear rangefinder design with an EVF positioned on the top left of the body, like the porro prism viewfinders of the e-300/e-330 .
Anyway the real camera will be released in a few months. It will be interesting to see what Samsung (and of course Panasonic) will have to offer against the E-P1. The competition is on!

source: k-rumors.com

Busy Times

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I had a lot to work for my REAL job and I have been busy from early in the morning to late night from Monday to Sunday.

Starting from tomorrow I will have more time for you and I will make a first rumors summary with all the specs we got. We still miss a leaked picture from the back of the camera. We asked our sources to deliver us one a soon as it gets. Sorry if I havn’t answered all your questions you wrote as comments or sending me emails. Tomorrow I will answer you all!
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