43rumors poll results

In the past week we had two polls and we thought may you are interested to know the final results.

1) The first poll: “What color should the new Olympus m4/3 camera have?” had 436 total voters

65% of you want a black m4/3 model

13% silver

9% blue

7% red

6% white

To bad I havn’t added the beige color as option ;)

2) The second poll had the question: “Is the price to high for you? ($999 for m4/3 with kit-lens)“. We had 277 voters

75% voted YES!

Many thanks for your partecipation!

Next Olympus mju Tough 8000 review (and comparison)

Robert from Poland sent us a link to his olympus mju review.

This is the original article in polish…


…but may it is better for you to look for the english google translation ;)

The very interesting part is the comparison they made between the,

– Fujifilm FinePix Z33 WP
– Olympus mju Tough 8000
– Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1
– Pentax Optio W60

Well done Robert!

P.S.: And amazon is offering very convenient mju 8000 rebates! —> $329.99 You Save: $70.00 (18%)!

Olympus page code error?

Kevin sent me an email:
“if you check the page for the Pen 50th anniversary video, it says next update “may 26, 2009”


But if you view the page code, the alt placeholder for the “may 26, 2009″ update graphic says June 16, 2009. That date sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Sounds like we’re going to see something very soon !”

If you listen Olympus the MicroFourThirds official release day should be June 15th. But two month ago two our sources told us the right day would be June 16th. Just a coincidence? I don’t know…

P.S.: Thanks Kevin! ;)