(FT 4) All four Olympus prime lenses!


I finally have the probable focal lenths of all four primes. These are all Olympus Zuiko four thirds lenses. They could be released at the end of the year, but I dont have any explicit information on their release date.

In short Olympus plans to release the following lenses:

1) 100mm macro

2) 14mm (f2.0?)

3) 25mm(f2.0?)

4) 35mm(f2.0?)

These lenses are highly desired by Olympus DSLR owners. Primes are very attractive because normally they are very high quality, big aperture lenses which are more portable than zooms. I am still hoping Olympus could surprise us and release these lenses with faster apertures (maybe the 35mm will be f1.4?). Do YOU have any suggestions for Olympus? I’m sure they know our blog very well. So please, comment and tell them what you want!

Me first,

25mm 1.4


35mm 1.4


Feel free to share this information in your blogs and forums but it would be nice if you post a link to our article. Thank you!

UPDATE: I (Alejandro) want to share you some feelings. A friend of mine who works as photographer for a BIG agency had the chance to try out some new unknown Nikon lenses. He told me he don’t know which kind of lenses Nikon will effectively release on market. That story should remind you that may Olympus has some options in his hands. And MAY they will choose to get faster with the lenses. I am relatively sure that the focal lenght we gave you should be the right one. But like you I hope (and see a good chance) that Olympus can make this lens faster than we expect.

Some unanswered questions over the Olympus micro four thirds camera

We receive daily emails from 43rumors readers asking us very interesting questions regarding shutter, EVF and other possible characteristics of the Olympus micro four thirds camera. We are trying hard to get this info from our sources. But sometimes they do not answer and sometimes they don’t want to answer. So a message for everyone, if we get answers we will post here on 43rumors. So keep asking qeustions, but don’t blame us if we don’t get answers.


Olympus tweets us!


Sometimes things can be surprising. Yesterday we wrote the “It’s all quiet on this front…” post. And we predicted that something will happen soon. But we havn’t expected that soon! Olympus marketing is learning and came out with first signal using a new social communication form….twitter!
1001noisycamera discovered this tweet post.

In short the message from Florian (getolympus) is “What Olympus plans is pure speculation at this time, but it’s common knowledge that we & Panasonic jointly created Micro Four Thirds….Some good things are worth waiting for, like the Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera….”

Florian posted a link to gizmodo.com

We repeat, ous sources are really excited over that micro four thirds camera. I can say you the same sources were not so happy with the Olympus E-450 release.

It’s all quiet on this front…

10 days ago I subscribed to the Olympus MicroFourThirds letter. I havn’t received any info and in general it seems we are the only website bringing out news. Pentax and Sony rumors are on fire, and we have still to wait. No image leaks or  anything else. I believe we don’t have long to wait before we will see REAL signs that the camera is coming! So I will enjoy the silence now, make some small talk with friends and my wife, and enjoy the sun because in a few weeks time I will have to work night and day to keep you updated with all the rumors! :(
By the way, if you have questions or tips contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com.

Some personal updates,
I am trying to get an Olympus RC on Ebay, one slipped through because my Internet connection failed to work 8 seconds before the auction ended! Da.. it!
I am travelling to Australia in late July/August. And I’m still thinking if it is worth getting the Panasonic GH1. The trip would be a good chance to experiment with the GH1, but the price is still too high for me. Perhaps some of my 19! 43rumors visitors from The Emirates want to sponsor me? No? ok! ok!
So back to work now!

Have a nice day!

(FT 3) Olympus to change the E-series nomenclature?

It seems there is a small possibility that the next Four Thirds camera will be named under new E-system naming conventions.
Something Canon did with it’s 1000D and Nikon with it’s new D5000.
Please remember that we are a rumor site. We are not affiliated to Olympus or Panasonic. We get a lot of rumors which are sometimes contradictory. And we have learned in the past years that the big companies usually make last minute changes. That’s why we’re waiting before publishing rumors we have  so as not to confuse you!

UPDATE: A source claimed to know that the next classic four thirds camera will have an “OM” instead of a “E” signature.

(FT 3) Zone 10 MicroFourThirds prediction

zone-10.com came out with some predictions which we are reporting here.
“So for now till the end of 2009, our predictions at Zone-10 are as follows:”

1. Two Micro Four-Thirds models plus no less than six lenses including accessories
2. At least one additional new (or evolutionary) Four-Thirds DSLR model
3. Two if not three new Zuiko Digital lenses and one of them is a very impressive macro prime
4. Announcements concerning complimentary technologies


43rumors.com opinion

1) Yes to the two models, and no confirmation over the release of six lenses

2) We confirm it

3) We partially confirm this rumor

4) ??? What does it mean?

P.S.: Thanks “DV” for sharing the news!