(FT4) New E-P1 related rumors

received new rumors today:

1) The E-P1 can control an external flash (the FL-XXR)

2) Video Record can use 6 ART Fliters

3) With the m4/3 – 4/3 adapter your E-P1 can autofocus normal four thirds lenses!!!

4) There is a mic on the front of the E-P1

The most important news for me is point 3!

Olympus Australia

I received this information few days ago:

“Olympus Australia are going to start giving away a FL-36R or Vertical grip with E-30 kits from the first of June. Because they feel E-620 has been taking sales, and the E-30 has not been as popular in Australia as it has in the rest of the world.

Panasonic Australia are expecting a delivery of G1H around the 10th of June, they should be in the stores a few days after this.”

Many thanks to the one who gave us the info!

Weekly Deals

Today we made a worldwide check of all the best Olympus and Panasonic deals.


We start with US/International shops:

– The Panasonic Gh1 should begin to be delivered this month at adorama at bhphoto and amazon US (all have it at the same price).

– The Leica D-Lux 4 has been discounted at amazon US ($685 instead of $769.00)

– The best price I found for the Panasonic LX3 (black) is at bhphoto ($499.95)

– Amazon sells the Panasonic 45-200mm lens with a 82$ price drop. A good chance to get this lens!

– You can preorder the Panasonic 7-14mm lens at amazon. It is higly regarded lens (look at slrgear)

– The Olympus 7-14mm is in stock at b&hphoto for $1,749.95

– The Olympus Zuiko 14-35mm is one of my favorite lenses and after rebates it is now avaible for $1,938.98 only at amazon


Panasonic GH1 (Black) with LUMIX G 14-140mm Lens is in stock for £1,329.95.


PANASONIC Lumix DMC-LX3 schwarz EUR 395 (mit dem Code “PIX05DE4”) Pixmania.de

Olympus E-620 for 599 Euro (body only) Pixmania.de

Have a nice shopping!

A little bit of everything…

Good morning!

First, we have some technical issues (again). That’s why we deactivated some website plugins. In the next days we will try to fix the problems forever.

By the way, my flight had a 3 hour delay and I only arrived at home at one o clock.  I woke up at 6am to go to work. So give me a little more time to write the E-P1 rumor summary, I have to sleep now :)


Imaging Resource came up with a review of the Panasonic GH1 video features


There is a Pentaxforum thread where people discuss the E-P1. It is interesting to see how non-four thirds people react to the E-P1!


Trusted reviews tested the Sigma DP2.



That’s all!