Some Leica news



Steve Huff wrote a Leica M8.2 review. I would never buy this camera because of the very high price. The image quality can’t compare to the other high-end cameras like the Canon 5DII or Nikon D700. Do not misunderstand me, I like the concept and the lenses but I can’t throw my money out of the window. I would certainly go for an analogue Leica camera or even better for much less a Voigtländer Bessa (to save money to invest in Leica lenses).

Ken Rockwell wrote an article over “The Cult of the Leica“. At the bottom of the article he admits: “This is kind of a sucky article” ;)

Oh and finally some very cheap Leica M9 fullframe rumor at

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For various reasons we are all very busy with our real world job. That’s why we are lagging behind with the “One day one photo” posts and some minor news. We want to say thanks to all the people who posts comments to our articles. We read all your comments but we havn’t yet found the time to answer you all. We will do it this weekend.

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Panasonic GH1 sample images at dcresources

Dcresource is close to finish the GH1 review. In the meanwhile they posted some image samples. Some of them are made with the 7-14mm lens which I really like more from day to day…

Oh, there is a new Canon 5DII firmware which allows to have manual control of the aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity equivalent when shooting video. Interesting if you go to imaging-resource to read the news the image of the 5d is smaller than the advertising of the Panasonic GH1… LOL!