FAKE! E-P1 black model

Just for fun I will add following two fake! black pictures of the E-P1. I hope Olympus will listen the mass of people who wants a black version of the E-P1 !



Another GH1 review – photographyblog

The review comments on video but doesnt provide any analysis or samples, although there is a good collection on it’s video page. I haven’t yet read the whole review, but from the conclusion, “Colours are accurate when using the default Standard setting, with lots of scope to adjust the JPEG output to suit your own tastes, and the auto white balance is spot-on in most lighting conditions”.

In terms of handling, “It delivers a near-seamless Live View experience which doesn’t feel as though it has been literally forced into the overall design, as with the Live View function on the majority of DSLRs. The combination of the high-resolution, swivelling LCD screen and the outstanding electronic viewfinder is a joy to use.”

For more, read the review: http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/panasonic_lumix_dmc_gh1_review/

The review is pretty much summarised by his closing comment:

“The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 is the best attempt yet at implementing video recording on a DSLR-like camera. The combination of high price, compulsory kit lens and so-so image quality in low-light conditions won’t make it suitable for everyone though.”

I am personally quite disappointed that Panasonic are crippling their product by not making it available to everyone. It may end up creating ‘tiers’ within the Micro FourThirds camera hierachy, something for users of the cheaper cameras to upgrade to.

Olympus Pen E-P1 possible specifications


Here is a small summary of the E-P1 possible specs with a percentage of probability:


1)  12MP sensor (effective megapixel)  99%

2) BodyIS 50%!

3) 3.0 LCD and no swivel 85%

4) New liveview which works very well with the BodyIS  99%

5) ISO 200-3200  50% .   Other option is 100-3200 50%.  May this will depends from the final firmware.

6) Two colours – Silver (with black parts) and White/beige (and a black model?)   79%

7) 17mm 2.8 lens 99%

8 ) The 17mm will come in two colors (silver and black?) 60%

9) One more lens to come? Maybe a second zoom? 35%

10) Same autofocus as the Panasonic G1   50%

11) Video 720p  ( Video Record can use 6 ART Fliters, and there is audio recording) 99%

12) Size 120×70x35mm  70%

13) SD/SDHC cards

14) The E-P1 can control an external flash (the FL-XXR)

15) 990$ body+kit lens  70%

16) New converter 43->M43 (with autofocus with normal 43?)  90%

17) external flash FL-xxR ?  75%

18) 17mm external viewfinder 70%

By the way, we only have to wait 6 days to know all what we have to know :)

(FT4) New E-P1 related rumors

received new rumors today:

1) The E-P1 can control an external flash (the FL-XXR)

2) Video Record can use 6 ART Fliters

3) With the m4/3 – 4/3 adapter your E-P1 can autofocus normal four thirds lenses!!!

4) There is a mic on the front of the E-P1

The most important news for me is point 3!

Olympus Australia

I received this information few days ago:

“Olympus Australia are going to start giving away a FL-36R or Vertical grip with E-30 kits from the first of June. Because they feel E-620 has been taking sales, and the E-30 has not been as popular in Australia as it has in the rest of the world.

Panasonic Australia are expecting a delivery of G1H around the 10th of June, they should be in the stores a few days after this.”

Many thanks to the one who gave us the info!