Surprise: Panasonic announces a 14 Megapixel sensor!!!

Right before the G3 announcement Panasonic announced a new 14 Megapixel sensor that will be sold in December 2011!!!


Current high-sensitivity MOS image sensors suppress unevenness in brightness. CCDs have low color-mixing characteristics that suppress color unevenness. The rapidly expanding market for digital cameras with higher image quality and a slimmer body has resulted in greater demand for a stable supply of image sensors that offer both high sensitivity and uniform picture quality.

Panasonic has achieved both MOS image sensor’s high sensitivity and uniform picture quality using the new MOS image sensor technologies, enabling digital cameras and camcorders as well as cameras incorporated in smartphones and other mobile terminals to be slimmer with higher sensitivity and improved picture quality.

The new MOS image sensor has the following features:

-The fine process technologies provide a sensitivity of 3050 el/lx/sec/μm2, the industry’s highest as a MOS image sensor.
-The new light-focusing structure significantly expands the incident light angle, ensuring uniform and high picture quality, as well as produces a slimmer camera.
-The simple manufacturing process is based on the current MOS image sensor structure, ensuring a stable supply.

The new MOS image sensor has been created using the following Panasonic technologies:
-The 32 and 45 nm (nanometers) leading-edge semiconductor process technologies lower the wiring layer profile, expand the opening area, and increase the photo diode volume.
-The low color-mixing characteristics are enhanced by light-focusing structure design technologies that use a three-dimensional wave optics design to minimize light leakage at the structural boundaries.
-Image sensor mass-production technologies allow stable production of MOS image sensors with high picture-quality.”

One hour and 20minutes to go!

Good morning dear readers (or Good Night in US and Good Afternoon in Asia). It’s  6:38 am (London time) and I am now here to follow the G3 announcement. I will take 10 minutes of to drink a capuccino and a to eat a cornetto.

The G3 looks like a GF2 with a viewfinder in the middle. It’s actually a pretty nice camera and the price is also very good…in dollars. I hope Panasonic will not cheat us europeans by keeping a 1:1 ratio between dollars and euros :(

The most interesting aspect of the camera is the new sensor. I am very curious to see the first image samples! So stay tuned, at 8:00 am (London time) we will finally see the camera!


See you :)

G3 will be in Stock in July (+US deals summary)

The Panasonic G3 should start thw worldwide shipment in July. Let’s see if Panasonic can keep the “promise”. In US the GH2 is still out of Stock. Amazon US (Click here) says that it “Usually ships in 1 to 2 months“!

I am now going to bed but I will check for news every couple of hours. Reminder, the G3 will be announced on 8 am London time. So be sure to be here on 43rumors! Good night!

Here is the summary of the current US deals:
The G2 gets a discount at Adorama (Click here) and so the Olympus E-PL1 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), B&H (Click here) and the GH1 at Amazon (Click here) and Adorma (Click here).
The Olympus 14-150mm lens sells for $50o instead of $599 on Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), B&H (Click here).
Olympus 9-18mm lens for $599 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), B&H (Click here).

(FT5) Panasonic G3 leaked!

The new Panasonic G3 is going to be announced tomorrow (May 12) at 8:00 am London time. And here is the first picture! The new G3 is 25% smaller than the current Panasonic G2 (Click here to see that camera). It features a new 15.8 Megapixel sensor but unlike the GH2 sensor it is not a multiaspect sensor. It records in FullHD, has the same ultra fast autofocus of the GH2 and goes up to 6400 ISO. It takes pictures at 4 fps (frame per second) and has a 3 inch articulating LCD. The G3 is a much more touch oriented camera than the G2. The left dial is gone, the Q-button moved on the trash button (just an example on how Panasonic tried to remove as much button as possible). The G3 will be priced at $649 with kit lens. One of the biggest changes is the design. It has a bit of Samsung NX10 touch what do you think? It has the “G” mark only and not “G3″…interesting.

And that’s not all guys! In June Panasonic will announce the real hot stuff so stay tuned on 43rumors! But do not cross the finger for a Micro Four Thirds version of the LC1 (Click here ot see that camera on eBay). That’s the only 100% sure thing I know for sure about the June announcement.

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(FT5) There is more “stuff” to come from Panasonic….in June!!!

For some mysterious reason during the last three days I got more rumor that during the last two months! And the best thing about that is that those are all very good news!!! Of course I need to double check the rumors before to post them with FT5 value (See rumor ranking description below). I will not publish all details yet because I need to check a couple of things (I want to avoid to make bigger mistakes). The only anticipation I can give you is….drumming drumming drumming….there is more to come from Panasonic than we expected!!! On Thursday we will see the G3, but my best sources confirmed that there will be a new Panasonic product announcement in June!!! And it’s high quality and hot stuff! And Olympus should release new m43 products in June too. I guess I have to delay my vacation in France because of that :(
Keep following us even after the G3 release!

A personal note:
The last 30 days I have been very busy in my private life. Sorry if I didn’t manage to answer all your emails. But finally I had the chance to recharge my “biological batteries” and I am ready to work even more on 43rumors and Mirrorlessrumors. One more thing: I invite you to follow Mirrorlessrumors too. I am going to post a lot of stuff there!


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Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct