(part 1) Back from Australia-China: unfair E-P1 versus Mamiya7 comparison.

Dear readers!

I am finally back from my journey. I had a job to do in Australia and China. First of all I would like to thank all Australian and Chinese people I met during those two months. The whole trip was an incredible experience and I never had any difficulty at all working in both countries. People were extremely friendly and I came back to Europe with many many many good memories. Thanks!

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Tevidon Zeiss 25mm f/1.4 on the E-P1


Just found some test photos of the Tevidon Zeiss 25mm f/1.4. It is a vera tiny lens and the focal lenght and aperture are very promising.
So I searched for some image samples and I found some here:

Fits perfectly on the but the bokeh is not very nice. Let me know if you find more about that lens!

I found some lenses of this lenses on ebay: