PhotographyBlog reviews the Ricoh GXR

PhotographyBlog tested the new Ricoh GXR.

The GXR compared to the E-P1/GF1:
– “one of the GXR’s key selling points is its diminutive size, being much smaller than a traditional DSLR and even tinier than the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus E-P1/E-P2 Micro Four Thirds cameras.The GXR is bigger and heavier than the GR Digital III, but not by as much as you’d first imagine, and it’s a little smaller and lighter than the Panasonic GF1, the previous holder of the “World’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera” title.
– “Compared to the direct competition, (the new VF-2) is better than the Panasonic GF1’s viewfinder, but not quite as good as the Olympus E-P2’s.

Amazon US: Ricoh GXR system

Some more Olympus E-P2 image samples and first user comments

Some Olympus E-P2 image samples has been posted at imaging-resource. And we also found some image samples made eith Nikon Manual Focus Lenses at

A first dpreview forum user is getting the E-P2 (and one more here)

Adorama sells the Olympus E-P2+14-42mm lens with 8 GB SD Memory Card, Spare BLs-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, Camera Case, USB 2.0 SD Card Reader, Slinger Digital Memory Case(4) and Professional Lens Cleaning Kit…all that for $1,129.95.
Amazon US: Olympus E-P2 Camera with 14-42mm Lens and Electronic View Finder for $1,099.0
Amazon DE: Olympus E-P2