Canon xTi, Nikon 5000 and Olympus E-620 ISO comparison


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A new ISO comparison between the three cameras shows the worse HIGH-ISO results from the Olympus E-620 compared to Nikon and Canon. But remember this are studio tests! In the real world the Olympus has a in BODY-IS which allows you to take shots at lower ISO (Nikon or Canon users have to spend a lot of money for stabilized lens).

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First professional video review of the Panasonic GH1 !

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Here an interesting excerpt:

“The above helps illustrate a couple of things to do to improve image quality in AVCHD videos:

  • Subjects with large areas of relatively little detail (flat walls, sky, etc) will leave more video bandwidth available to record detail in parts of the image you’re more interested in. (For instance, Charlotte would have been rendered with much more detail if the setting here had been a paved parking lot with a flat concrete wall in the background.)
  • Unless you have to move quickly to track a fast-moving subject, you should always pan slowly when making videos. Most amateur videographers pan their cameras way too fast, making their videos hard to watch. With AVCHD, though, you pay a double penalty for this, as the rapidly-changing image content means loads of detail gets thrown away by the compression.”

Interesting Panasonic GH1 test-video!

Thrifty – GH-1 goes to the Thrift Store from kholi hicks on Vimeo.

This is exactly the video I was waiting for. A moving subject in outdoor and indoor locations. To date, the Panasonic GH1 has the only usable video capabilities. Of course you can use the Canon 5d markII or the Nikon D90 or the new rebel, but all three have very strong limitations. What that video shows me is that the camera handles motion very well. There isn’t any terrible “Jello” effect like the one from the Nikon D90.  Some scenes are overexposed but this may be down to user error. The only thing I do not like is the low 17Mb/s rate. On HD screens may you will see some compression artifacts. I hope to get the camera soon to test it.

Oh and yes, i like the shots taken with the Contax Zeiss 1.4 lens! Wonderful!

If this video convinced you to get the Pansonic GH1 buy it here at amazon: Panasonic DMC-GH1 12MP Four Thirds Interchangeable Lens Camera with 1080p HD Video