Amarcord: Olympus PEN-W

It’s quite amazing how many compact camera Olympus did in the past. We are discovering some of their nicest products in our Amarcord column. Til now we saw the (Click on the name to read the article) Olympus 35 RDOlympus Trip 35, Olympus PEN EED, Olympus 35 SP and the PEN F.

Recently Olympus launched the new body cap lens that has a constant f/8.0 aperture. Many of you argued that f/8.0 is a huge limit and a faster body cap lens should be done by Oly. And actually….Olympus already did such a compact and fast lens in the past! The Olympus PEN-W (ebay auctions here) used an extremely compact and fixed 25mm f/2.8 lens (see picture on top). This Pen Series camera was designed specifically for wide-angle photography (Source Olympus). To see how compact this lens is you can also watch that youtube video. Ok, so it’s possible…but how good is a lens like that? Lars-Göran Hedström posted a full review of the PEN-W on his blog Sculptingwithlight (Click here). Greta pics!

Now let’s see if Olympus can do a lens like that for the MFT system too!

Olympus PEN-W auctions on eBay (Click here).
There is a commerative Gold finished PEN-W on eBay US (Click here).

New image samples of the Voigtlaender Nokton 42,5mm lens.

The German Blog Photography-YouAndMe (Click here) posted some brand new image samples taken with the new Voigtlaender Nokton 42,5mm f/0,95 lens. The author writes: “Feeling as good as the two before but I felt it is much better in image quality. Even with open aperture it has a wonderful sharpness an bokeh. Death of field is outstanding. But this was preseries.

The first images we posted on 43rumors were from Kakaku: f/0.95 image, f/1.4 image and f/2.0 image.

The lens price is still not know. But shipment is scheduled for summer. Save this search on Slidoo to be notified when the lens will be available for preorder on eBay.

For the record. These are the five f/o.95 lenses:
Nokton 25mm f/0.95 (here one Bay).
Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 (here one Bay).
Nokton 42.5mm f/0.95 (not in Stock yet, save this search for notification).
SLRmagic 50mm f/0.95 (here one Bay).
SLRmagic 25mm f/0.95 (not in Stock yet, save this search for notification).

MFT sensor better than the $5,500 Leica FF sensor!

Today DxOmark (Click here) published the full Leica M-E test results and the 18MP Full Frame sensor cannot match the newest MFT sensor quality. A pretty good result if you consider the price of the Leica M-E ($5,500 here at Amazon). Do you still want Panasonic/Olympus to go Full Frame? :)

One more US deal: Today also the Silver GX1 with X lens kit got a price drop and now sells for $499 at Amazon (Click here).

DxO news found via Lepidi.

SLRmagic 25mm and GH3 reviews. First Qflash’s wireless TTL flash gear for Lumix GH3).

SLR Magic 25mm T0.95 VS Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 : The Exclusive Fight ! from Seb Farges on Vimeo.


Before to start the new week with new rumors I have to catch up with two reviews and one news:

1) SEB Farges compared the new SLRmagic 25mm f/0.95 lens against the Nokton 25mm f/0.95. He writes about the SLRmagic: “The result is astonishing to my opinion, very sharp image at full aperture.“. The lens will be available soon on eBay. Save this search on Slidoo to get notified when it’s available on eBay (you have to login). UPDATE: One more video here:

2) Admiringlight tested the Panasonic GH3: “The GH3 is one of the most responsive cameras I’ve had the pleasure to use, and image quality is very good. Panasonic has definitely stepped up their game for this camera, creating a true pro-grade camera and one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market.
GH3 in Stock status check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

3) We have the first of Quantum Qflash’s wireless TTL flash gear for Lumix GH3. Here is the introduction video made by Discovermirrorless (youtube).