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Olympus product managers interview (via forum-olympus-france)

Olympus-Forum-France met with two officials of Olympus France, Thierry Bourque and Arnaud Gaucher (both Olympus Product Manager).

Original text in french: forum-olympus-france.com

And here the google translated english text:

1. 2009 is an important year for Olympus with the release of its first Micro case 4 / 3, E-P1, and marketing of E-620. These models have they achieved their goals despite the crisis and a highly competitive marketplace?
The EP-1 experienced a very good start so Olympus France encounter supply problems … There is indeed a strong demand in all countries, implying an optimal distribution of production.
Olympus has actually been a bit overwhelmed by the success of the has found an audience beyond the usual customer Olympus: from owners of SLR (Olympus or otherwise) as additional housing and to owners wishing to compact better image quality but pass reflex.

The E620 was also well received despite a very difficult competition. We also note the very positive feedback on E-30.

2. Competition precisely generalizes the video in its SLR, Olympus will he implement this feature in future SLR?
Olympus priority is to design for SLR photography. Olympus has yet to listen to consumers and what its competitors can offer. It is for this reason that we have incorporated HD video in the Olympus E-P1 PEN. The question of the next video in our reflex is to study without that one can say anything to date.

3. filters artists are expected to grow?
Olympus believes rightly that these filters are part of a photographic approach. The B & N filters and pinhole also meet a real success. So yes, it is quite possible to imagine an increasing number of artistic filters. New filters have already appeared in the compact: fisheye and pencil in the μ7010.

4. A E-600 was announced on sites rather seriously (it is even possible to order it on CDR!) And is absent from the official websites Olympus. Many members questioned the place of this case: replacement does the E-520?
Replaces Does the E-450 and E-520? Replaces Does the E-620 to lower the price?

The E-600 exists. However, this model does not include the Olympus; The model was developed to provide a model for certain distribution channels.

5. The Marketing Canon 7D and Sony Alpha 850 is problematic to many members of the Forum Olympus France on the strategy and opportunities for Olympus segment expert / pro. What is the strategy of Olympus on this segment?
The proposed replacement does one or several innovations never before seen on SLR etc.. as was the case in their time for example the E-1 (anti dust particular), the E-330 (LiveView), etc.. ? This replacement benefit he synergy with μ4 / 3 (the image of the E-620 with its stabilization system)?
Ultimately, Olympus could it develop a system or 24×36 Olympus believes he limited to a small sensor?

Olympus believes have a place on the segment expert / pro. We will continue to provide housing in this segment, with a sensor 4 / 3. The idea is to offer an innovative package, just like what we did in the past, and we also work to improve aspects such as dynamics or noise.
The sensor size is not discriminating at this point and we have other tracks that simply increasing the number of pixels. Technological advances in this field show that these sensors will soon be able to deliver phenomenal performance both in terms of noise reduction that improve the dynamic range.

6. The tender for optical 4 / 3 is very broad but very many members of the Forum Olympus France would like to have fixed focus optics with very large aperture, f/2.0 higher (around f/1.4 or even f / 1.2) including the portrait and / or benefit from a depth of field is shorter, the leaves lose télécentricité. Why Olympus does not offer this kind of lenses?
Can we expect a shift from Olympus?

In five years, Olympus has developed and marketed more than twenty goals, a unique performance on the market. Our approach is now offering greatly expanded and quality.
We do not have information on an upcoming marketing of optical fixed open. We listen to users and SLRs Olympus will of course back your claims.

7. The Forum Olympus France are likely to practice macro and waiting with great impatience 100mm announced it is now many years and often delayed. Can you confirm that this objective will be available well in 2010?
Can you clarify whether it will be more available in the first or second semester? Do you have information about the characteristics of it (opening, powered SWD, etc..)?

Olympus France has no information on this goal.

8. The Micro 4 / 3, whose concept mirrorless aroused great interest, appears as a future standard for which virtually everything is finally invent / make. How do you envision the development of the Olympus PEN? How fast / rhythm?
The development of the Olympus PEN is a priority and new boxes and optical will happen very soon. Olympus intends to take his lead.
It should be understood that the E-P1 is the first Olympus PEN. As such, it lays the groundwork for the next range. Other cases will follow to provide a whole range of enclosures Micro 4 / 3 with products geared towards the general public and others more oriented towards the high end professional.

9. system μ4 / 3 includes the correction of defects targets directly in the case (communication between the lens and body). This means he updates the case for new goals or to improve the quality of corrections?
The information contained in the objectives but the correction is made by the cabinet. It is therefore possible to improve the corrections via updates of the housing and / or objectives.
However, developing an update needs to be careful because a one point increase (eg chromatic aberration) can cause “adverse” reactions that generate other problems, perhaps more important .

10. Finally, we let you discover the suggestions of members but there is still a claim on which we would like to linger. Olympus offers rings adaptation for climbing on goals OM SLR 4 / 3 boxes or μ4 / 3.
Users complain that the ring not have an AF confirm and even, in the case of the ring μ4 / 3 sufficiently large, a mechanism to power the OM.

In fact, it is unnecessary to incorporate a mechanism of motorization in the ring for the simple reason that the OM goals are themselves not motorized. There is therefore no transmission “mechanical” as possible between the ring and the lens.
To confirm the AF, Olympus has shifted to another solution: the magnifying glass mode is indeed fully activated even with manuals and objectives for portraits, the function of face detection also works with optical manual.
We will still of course go back requests from forum members.

Original text in france: forum-olympus-france.com

Panasonic announces new SDHC cards (24GB and 32GB)


Features (attention google translation!)

(1)maximum transfer rate of 15MB / s, Class 4.

Class 4 in combination with stable high-quality recording equipment for application is suitable for video recording. Full HD digital camcorder for up to 24GB at about 6 hours, 32GB can record about 8 hours.

(2)the amount of plastic packaging use 65%  3 eco-packaging paper cut package

(3)can be classified as easy to write content matches

(4 ) high durability performance (temperature range -25 ℃ ~ +85 ℃) Japanese-made cards

Read the Panasonic pres release in japanese or english (via google translation)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (Beta Version)


Adobe launches the public Lightroom 3 beta version. You can download the software for free!

Some of the new features included for you to play with in the Lightroom 3 beta are:

* Brand new performance architecture, building for the future of growing image libraries
* State-of-the-art noise reduction to help you perfect your high ISO shots
* Watermarking tool that helps you customize and protect your images with ease
* Portable sharable slideshows with audio—designed to give you more flexibility and impact on how you choose to share your images, you can now save and export your slideshows as videos and include audio
* Flexible customizable print package creation so your print package layouts are all your own
* Film grain simulation tool for enhancing your images to look as gritty as you want
* New import handling designed to make importing streamlined and easy
* More flexible online publishing options so you can post your images online to certain online photo sharing sites directly from inside Lightroom 3 beta (may require third-party plug-ins)

The official Adobe announcement: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom3/?PID=3154956

A first look review from Terry White: http://terrywhite.com/techblog/archives/3747

And Adobe Lightroom 3 videos are available here: http://www.photoshopuser.com/lightroom3/

Panasonic reposts the LX3 firmware! (Version 2.1)

The firmware update is back again in version 2.1. And there is also an official Panasonic apologizes text:

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience as the download had been suspended in order to make sure the reliability of the firmware, more specifically in case of the use of some newly added functions in Ver.2.0 on Custom shooting mode.
Please download the newly released firmware, which has now become available as Ver.2.1.

< For the users who have already updated LX3 to Ver.2.0 >
The camera which has been already updated to Ver.2.0, is also advised to update again to Ver.2.1, as which is now available on this page.

Download the firmware here: http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/download/LX3/index.html

Important: 43rumors goals and changes

Dear readers.

That’s me Alejandro. I created this website 7 months ago. When I made 43rumors I never thought the website could become such popular. The 43rumors website has no professional look, language is poor, and structure is confusing. As you know I was travelling a lot in the past months. During this time I thought a lot about the limits and future of 43rumors. I also had to become clear about my personal involvement in this project.

I came back from my very long trip with a very positive feeling. I want to spend even more time on this website in order to make it easy and nice to you reading our news. I learned a lot from your comments, critics and suggestion and I am ready to work on it.

I will rethink and restructure the 43rumors website. This are the main goals:

– Make content easy accessible for you

– Simplify categories and design.

– Add new contents and interactivity between the 43rumors writer and you.

This are my detailled suggested changes list:

1) New website structure. The new website will group the news and rumors and make it easier to you to access the content

I suggest following structure:

– The main page will have news divided in following four categories:





No more MiroFourThirds-Panasonicrumors-Olympusrumors and Miscellaneus category.

– review page with a list of all cameras and lenses and links to reviews/news. Something like this http://www.four-thirds.org/en/microft/lense.html. Registered people can add their own opinion and rating on every product.

– Some kind of community section. Not a classic forum (there are so many of them). But something which makes it easy to comment our news and connect people.

2) New website layout

– Less stuff on the website. We have to many boxes and images!

– Clean design (A very good webdesigner will work on new logo, fonts and layout).

– Less introusive advertising.

3) Language and writing style

– I promise you I will take some classes in english! Really, I feel so sorry for my poor english. I have to work on it! The people that sometimes helps me are not native english speaker. Our languages are spanish, german, italian, dutch, french, and some occasional helper speaks korean, chinese, japanese, portuguese.

– We (the administrator and the other occasional writers) will talk in first person and every post should be signed by the author.  You have to know who is the guy posting the news!

– Write less write more. We will try to post less and to write more (commenting the news and reviews)

4) Exclusive content

– Thanks the 43rumors website I met many interesting people. And I absolutely want you to meet them! I will post some interviews and work they do (mostly using Panasonic and Olympus cameras).

– photo challenges.

– free photostuff exchange. I have some viewfinders-lenses-and other stuff I do not use anymore. It would be nice to create a plattform where you can exchange this stuff or give it away for free!

Feel free to add your suggestions!