Panasonic reposts the LX3 firmware! (Version 2.1)

The firmware update is back again in version 2.1. And there is also an official Panasonic apologizes text:

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience as the download had been suspended in order to make sure the reliability of the firmware, more specifically in case of the use of some newly added functions in Ver.2.0 on Custom shooting mode.
Please download the newly released firmware, which has now become available as Ver.2.1.

< For the users who have already updated LX3 to Ver.2.0 >
The camera which has been already updated to Ver.2.0, is also advised to update again to Ver.2.1, as which is now available on this page.

Download the firmware here:

Important: 43rumors goals and changes

Dear readers.

That’s me Alejandro. I created this website 7 months ago. When I made 43rumors I never thought the website could become such popular. The 43rumors website has no professional look, language is poor, and structure is confusing. As you know I was travelling a lot in the past months. During this time I thought a lot about the limits and future of 43rumors. I also had to become clear about my personal involvement in this project.

I came back from my very long trip with a very positive feeling. I want to spend even more time on this website in order to make it easy and nice to you reading our news. I learned a lot from your comments, critics and suggestion and I am ready to work on it.

I will rethink and restructure the 43rumors website. This are the main goals:

– Make content easy accessible for you

– Simplify categories and design.

– Add new contents and interactivity between the 43rumors writer and you.

This are my detailled suggested changes list:

1) New website structure. The new website will group the news and rumors and make it easier to you to access the content

I suggest following structure:

– The main page will have news divided in following four categories:





No more MiroFourThirds-Panasonicrumors-Olympusrumors and Miscellaneus category.

– review page with a list of all cameras and lenses and links to reviews/news. Something like this Registered people can add their own opinion and rating on every product.

– Some kind of community section. Not a classic forum (there are so many of them). But something which makes it easy to comment our news and connect people.

2) New website layout

– Less stuff on the website. We have to many boxes and images!

– Clean design (A very good webdesigner will work on new logo, fonts and layout).

– Less introusive advertising.

3) Language and writing style

– I promise you I will take some classes in english! Really, I feel so sorry for my poor english. I have to work on it! The people that sometimes helps me are not native english speaker. Our languages are spanish, german, italian, dutch, french, and some occasional helper speaks korean, chinese, japanese, portuguese.

– We (the administrator and the other occasional writers) will talk in first person and every post should be signed by the author.  You have to know who is the guy posting the news!

– Write less write more. We will try to post less and to write more (commenting the news and reviews)

4) Exclusive content

– Thanks the 43rumors website I met many interesting people. And I absolutely want you to meet them! I will post some interviews and work they do (mostly using Panasonic and Olympus cameras).

– photo challenges.

– free photostuff exchange. I have some viewfinders-lenses-and other stuff I do not use anymore. It would be nice to create a plattform where you can exchange this stuff or give it away for free!

Feel free to add your suggestions!



A good idea to support us…

Dear readers,
Amazon just released the new Kindle International. If you preorder here we will earn a small commission for it.
What is Kindle?

Kindle is a digital book reader. You can easily download entire amazon books using 3G network (and you don’t have to pay for the connection, just for the book!). It doesn’t matter where you live, Paris, London or Tokyo, everyone can use it.

More infos here: Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Thanks for your support!

A commercial shot with the Olympus E-P1!

This is the first commercial I have seen that has been shot with the Olympus .
Tobias (the director) wrote me following email:
I’m a young Cinematographer/Photographer from the Netherlands. We just finished making a commercial for (shoes) that we shot on the Olympus E-P1! you can find it here: here: or here:

This is the short press story:
Online Commercial shot on the Olympus Pen Micro 4/3 (four thirds) camera!

This commercial for Lisadore.comJelmar Hoekstra Editing and Tobias Pekelharing
Music and sound design: Audentity
Production: Anne Koning

Well done Guys! And thanks Tobias for sending me your video!

Trendspotting: Large-sensor compact cameras (CNET Asia article)


CNET Asia wrote an article analyzing the Large-sensor compact market.,39001469,62058412,00.htm

Interesting Andrew Kohle (director and general manager of Canon Consumer Imaging and Information Division of Canon Singapore) said “...that the company views the Micro Four Thirds system as a niche market and the firm will continue to focus on its dSLR business instead.“.

Should we believe him? Nope. They know there is a lot of money to make in this “niche market”!

Google trends: Olympus and Panasonic

We have taken a look on google trends to see how many people is searching for Olympus and Panasonic products. The first graph below shows you the Panasonic GF1, Olympus and Nikon D5000 ranking:
Bild 2
Clearly the Nikon D500 has the edge over both Olympus and Panasonic models. Without any surprise the GF1 outperforms (in google trends) the E-P1. But you have to consider the GF1 has just been released.

We also compared three Olympus cameras and nobody will be surprised to see that the E-P1 is the clear winner.

Bild 3
Than we compared the brand names. Canon easily wins but we have to say that Canon produces and sells many kind of products. Panasonic doesn’t perform that well if yo consider that Nikon and Olympus have not such a big range of consumer products.
Bild 4

And finally the most interesting graph…43rumors is performing very well and we are close to canonrumors and nikonrumors. We have no idea why there is a gap in July and August but anyway we will catch them very soon or not? ;)
Bild 6

How would you improve 43rumors?

Our goals are:
– create new content (reviews, comparison, videos,…?)
– increase traffic volume
– increase the interests on four-thirds and microfourthirds products

Do you have some ideas?
Please comment this post and let us know what you want.