For film lovers…and Ken Rockwell fans!

I don’t know you but I have never stopped to take pictures with film cameras! May one day I will explain you the reasons why I do this but today I invite you to read the recent Ken Rockwell reviews of two films (both slides).
First we have the Fuji 400x review. I tried the film and I do not like the color rendition. If I have to use 400 ISO I preferr to use the Kodak Portra 400VC or the Fuji Neopan 400 black and white film.

Than we have the Kodak Ektachrome E100G review. I like this film for street photography. I use it a lot!

And if you have time read his very provocative article over film quality against digital photo quality!

I agre with him to 99%!

Remember the best camera is the camera you can carry with you! And if you do not have money but want to be a real photographer buy an old Olympus RC! It is a fantastic camera (with his used price set at only 50$) and at low ISO it beats the image quality of the Nikon D700!

Leica R and M Adaptors for Micro FourThirds by Panasonic

Panasonic Press Release

New Optional Accessories for Lumix G Micro System
M Mount Adaptor DMW-MA2M and R Mount Adaptor DMW-MA3R

Panasonic is pleased to announce two new mount adaptors, the M Mount Adaptor DMW-MA2M and R Mount Adaptor DMW-MA3R, to further enhance the photographic experience with cameras from the Lumix G Micro System.

The M Mount Adaptor and R Mount Adaptor are developed under support of Leica Camera AG, making it possible to attach Leica M lenses (DMW-MA2M) or R lenses (DMW-MA3R) on DMC-G1 and DMC-GH1. Users can enjoy outstanding image rendering offered by the combination of high quality Leica lenses and Lumix G cameras that are full of Panasonic’s cutting edge digital technologies. These adaptors also allow users to use the movable MF assist function, which enlarges the selected area when focusing manually.

May 21th: “house”

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Title house
Author Martin
Camera Olympus OM-4

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