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Olympus E-PL1, PT-EP01 and UFL-2 video (found via fotoactualidad)

Fotopolis posted some images samples shot with the Olympus E-PL1
Dpreview posted some photos of the Panasonic and Olympus stand.
Panasonic GF1+ Voigtlander 40mm F1.4 Nokton images samples (source: dpreview forum)
Olympus E-P2 vs. Panasonic GF1: JPEG Engine Comparison (neutralday)

[Thanks Jakubczyk]

Olympus still committed to Four Thirds DSLRs (dpreview press release)

Surprise surprise!!!

John Knaur (Olympus US) told dpreview.com: “We still plan to develop full size DSLRs and both, side-by-side.
And an official statement from Olympus Japan says “In the future, you will continue to see new cameras based on both standards.

Both statements are a response to the following sentence made few days ago by Richard S. Pelkowski (Olympus US) “The Olympus E system of Four Thirds cameras is likely to be completely mirrorless in two years time, according to Olympus America’s DSLR product manager.” (source Amateur Photographer)

Just my personal toughts:

The only way Olympus can convince me that FourThirds is still alive is to release new FourThirds cameras and FourThirds lenses! So…Hurry Up! :)

Some free thoughts…

This are very busy times for me. Yesterday we transferred the whole website on a new server and now it will need weeks until I can fix everything on 43rumors (layout and new content). The good news is that everything loads much faster. YEAH!

I also continually receive mails with comments news and rumors…something like 60-70 mails per day!

How do I manage to do everything?

In this days I weak up one hour earlier than usual. I need one hour to check the latest news on my RSS reader and to check the mails I recieved. Than I go to work (train at 7.20 am). I am currently editing my latest documentary and every one-two hour I make a short break to check emails and news. After dinner I have 30 minutes to write something on 43rumors. When I am at home (at 6 o’clock in the evening) my girlfriend gives me exactly one hour time to finish my job on 43rumors :) But I have to admit…in this days one hour is not enaugh!

As you see I am quite busy and that also explains why I sometimes can’t answer you. There is a lot of hidden work on 43rumors. I am doing my best to catch interesting news/rumors and that needs a lot of time. Also the website redesign was quite a challenge for me. I have still a lot of bugs to fix.

Anyway what I want to tell you is that I am really excited. In March we will have a lot of new stuff coming! I also learned that Panasonic and Olympus are listening us. They are following our website and reading your suggestions. I expect some of your desires ot be fulfilled soon!

About me: Can’t wait to have time for some rest but I believe I will have to work trough the whole February and March until I can take some time for me.

If you want to know more about me just contact me at 43rumors@gmail.com or comment this post.

Now I have to go back to work…



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We made it! We are now online on a new and far more powerful server. Now it’s time to add new stuff on 43rumors!