Panasonic GF1 hack improvements (now with manual movie modes!)

The firmware patch is now bringing manual movie modes for the Panasonic GF1 (it works like on the Panasonic GH1). This includes all M, A, S modes.

Vitaly told us that “You need to go to menu and set appropriate mode. Also if you go to menu in picture shooting mode it’ll convert to corresponding movie mode, just turn wheel one click and return it back to go to back to normal picture mode. This can be even handy :-)
Tested and working. Including shutter control during recording, etc.
So, GF1 can be used as second camera now.

How-to and firmware download are available here:

Side note: Both cameras are sold in US stores with the cheapest price ever. Oh yes Photokina is getting closer…
Click on those store names to check the price and availability of the GF1: Amazon / Adorama / BH
and here for the GH1: Amazon / Adorama / BH

New Olympus patent discloses phase detection and optical viewfinder adapter for MicroFourThirds

Olympus SLR Adapter

The japanese website Egami found a new Olympus patent (Google translation doesn’t work very well). I tried to make a small summary:

* Patent publication number 2010-152140 published on 2010/07/08  and filled 2008/12/25

The following patent discloses an adapter (in blue) that adds phase detection and optical viewfinder to current MicroFourThirds cameras. This is not a new concept, we already saw that with the Leica Visoflex (click here to see the Visoflex on eBay).

Such an adapter makes sense because phase detection autofocus is still much faster than the current contrast autofocus system of MicroFourThirds cameras. And not few of us will like the idea to have an optical viewfinder instead of the sometimes noisy and not good enough electronic viewfinder.

That could be also the final solution to merge FourThirds and MicroFourThirds (but that’s just speculation for now!).

UPDATE: Olybold has taken a nice picture of the Leica Visoflex on the Panasonic G1 (Many Thanks!!!)

Livedoor GF2, GH2, LX5, FZ100 renderings (Fake!)…and some speculations.

Livedoor is very well known for their very cool renderings of future camera. Those are NOT the real cameras but I like their designs!
See more of those pictures on:

They also say that the LX5 and the FZ100 will be released on July 29th. Other two cameras will be announced on July 25th.
But one of our sources already told us that they are not correct. The cameras will be annoucned a little bit earlier…

P.S.: If the guys from Livedoor are reading me…one suggestion: Remove the “HD” mark form the GH2 and the FZ100 and add “FullHD” ;)

New version of the Panasonic GH1 hack (+ europe price drops)

A newer firmware patch for the Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1Panasonic GH1 has been released:

Version 3.40d adds following new features:
Interface redesign, now each patch have proper place.
Settings storage (up to 10) and sharing.
More tight integration with forum.
Many hints are rewritten to be more clear.
720 GOP settings ported to GF1.
MJPEG Compression Cut patches (for testers only).

In the meanwhile the GH1 price is dropping in Europe (above you see the GH1 price graph from
Check the current price in your country on: Amazon UKPixmania SpainPixmania ItaliaAmazon ÖsterreichAmazon DeutschlandPixmania BelgiumeBay AustraliaAmazon FrancePixmania HollandeBay CanadaAmazon JapanPanasonic GH1Amazon US. Very important for europeans: If you buy the GH1 Panasonic will give you 200Euro cashback (the action runs out on July 31)!