The new Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 for MicroFourThirds has been announced!

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Today Voitgländer will announce the production of new lenses for the MicroFourThirds system!
The first lens to be unveiled is the new Nokton 25mm f/0.95 lens. This lens has been designed for MFT and you don’t need to use any adapter! The Lens is manual only (no autofocus). Expected price $1000 and availabilty by October/November.

The image quality is reported to be on a very high level. The only comparable lenses to date are the old C-mount lenses like the Schneider 25mm f/0.95 (which costs over $900 at eBay). There are also two more 25mm f/0.95 lenses like the Navitar and Angenieux (again C-mount lenses). But those are not designed for MFT and you need an MFT adapter. They are also a little bit more expensive than the Nokton (and the Nokton is new!).

We hope to learn more about the Voigtländer-MicroFourThirds future strategy as soon as possible!

Source: Photoscala

If the image quality is on top will you buy that lens?

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Important: New rumor value system proposal.


I am very happy that Voigtländer joined the MicroFourThirds group and I am happy that we from 43rumors where here to report you the news. As you know the BIG caliber Panasonic and Olympus are supposed to announce the new products by mid-September. Before that I wanted to propose you a new value system and talk about some issues we had with some of our rumors:

1) The value system is to complicated (FT1 to FT5).
2) Even trusted sources have prooven to fail with some of the rumors.
3) The rumor language.

So here my proposed solutions:

1) I propose a new rumor value system:
FT1 = Rumor from unknown or external source. In that case we don’t know if there is some truth behind the rumor and it’s likely that the rumor turns out to be false
FT2 = Rumor from one of our trusted sources. A trusted source is a source that gave me correct infos in the past.. This doesn’t mean that the rumor is automatically correct because there is still the possibility that he received wrong or partially incorrect informations.
FT3 = Rumor from trusted sources + evidence (example image leak). Sometimes sources do send me a “proove” and they ask me to not post it. So you should know that when I post a FT3 rumor without posting a “concrete evidence” this happens because I can’t post it.

In any case you should keep in mind that those are rumors and not official news. So there is always a chance that it tourns out to be false! I will also try to underline that in every rumor I will post on 43rumors.
An example. Once we leaked the Panasonic G2 images and specifications on the Panasonic website (!). I posted the rumor with FT5 value. As you remember those specs were wrong! Just to explain you that even on official websites (which are supposed to have correct informations) there could be still errors!

2) Even trusted sources can fail to give me correct informations.
There are many reasons why a trusted source can give me uncorrect informations (not deliberatley!). Olympus and Panasonic do their best to close their information leaks. And they are aware that 43rumors is trying to get infos about upcoming products. That could be a reason why different trusted sources can sometimes receive slightly different informations about the same camera. Another reason is that I receive mostly cryptic and partial informations. It’s rare that a source writes me and says “Hey the GH2 has those and those specs”. They mostly use a codified language I have to interpret.

3) The rumor language.
Every source has a different character and different language. Yesterday for example one source said that a new product was coming and “99% of you will want but only 20% of you will buy“. I didn’t know what was coming until the very last hours. Don’t blame on me if this doesn’t turn out to be 100% correct (not everyone likes the Voigtländer). My job is to post what I receive. And next time I will make it clear that you have to take such statements with a grain of salt!
I also have to improove my “rumor” language. Most of the times I am in hurry. I work on 43rumors during my coffea breaks, pauses and when I am at home late evening. I also never learned english at school and it is not native language. That makes it easy to be misunderstood. Now that we are getting closer to Photokina I will double-triple check every text I am going to post. But please be aware that my language is far from beeing good!

So keep always in mind that this website has an unperfect and personal style!

Many Thanks you all!
Me :)

Do you accept the new rumor value system?

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HOT! The AG-AF100 MicroFourThirds camcorder website has been launched!

Check it out:

The AVCHD recording format used by the AG-AF100 series includes a professional PH mode with maximum AVCHD bit rate for stunning image quality. Two SD card slots allow continuous recording for up to 12 hours* in PH mode and up to 48 hours* in HE mode with two SD (SD/SDHC/SDXC) cards on board.

The AG-AF100 series records in 1080:59.94i/50i/29.97p/25p/23.98p or 720:29.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p with its multi HD format.
You can render movie-like images. The Dynamic Range Stretcher, Gamma Select and other image features have also been inherited from previous Panasonic professional camera recorders.

The AG-AF100 series features HD-SDI output, XLR audio 2-channel input, and other interfaces that are typically found on professional camera recorders. Time code recording also supports precise video production. In addition to its compact, lightweight body, the AG-AF100 series’s professional camera recorder design with grip, handle and large viewfinder firmly support reliable camera work.

With XLR input and multi-HD format the AG-AF100 easily beats the Sony NEX-VG10! Now let’s wait and see the final price…

Some shots from Tuscany (Olympus E-P1, 17mm f/2.8 and Noktor 50mm f/0.95)

As you know I am on vacation in Tuscany. I still working on rumors and news but it is not funny having such slow Internet connection. The good news is that my leg is healing and I can almost walk normally. I am a little bit frustrated because I lost almost the entire summer because of the broken ligament. I was supposed to travel to Ghana first and Malawi than (for work). NIET!
Once back from my vacation (soon) I will work fulltime on 43rumors. There is still a lot to do! I am finally getting very good rumors and I bet we will have an exciting time all together ;)

What I am expecting from Photokina? I don’t need a new MFT camera. The Olympus E-P1 is good enough for my needs. The 17mm f/2.8 is perfect for everyday use and the Noktor 50mm is also nice for low-light shots. But I would love to see some nice fast MFT primes ;)

In the meanwhile I am sharing some unprocessed and very simple images. Here is where I am now :)

Have a nice weekend 43rumors folks!


New Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-2 and 50 AF-1 flashguns + new Voigtlaender 75mm f/1.8 (M-mount)

Cosina-Voigtlaender just announced the newHeliar classic 75mm f/1.8. Expected release in September with a price of ¥ 75,000 ($880 or Euro 700). That’s a lot cheaper than the APO-Summicron-M 75mm f/2 Aspherical Lens or the even more expensive .

Focal length / 75mm
Aperture ratio / 1:1.8
Minimum aperture / F16
Lens Construction / Angle of group 6 3 / 33.2 °
Number of diaphragm blades / Minimum focusing distance pieces 10 / 0.9m
Integration range rangefinder / ∞ ~ 0.9m
Diameter × length / φ57.9 × 73.8mm
Filter size / φ52mm
M-Mount / VM mount lens hood / hood attached can reverse

The new AF-S and AF-1 flashguns are now available for FourThirds cameras. Detailed product descirptions are available at

New version of CameraKompare for your iPhone

The creator of CameraKompare (J.D. Hodges) sent me following text:

I’ve just released a new free update to Camera Kompare which includes the Panasonic LX5 and 24 other new cameras, plus optimizations for the iPhone 4 retina display.

Now I need to decide which features to implement first in the next free update. Your readers seem to have a really good grasp of what they’d like to see in a mobile camera app, so their feedback would definitely help me improve the app!

Which feature would you most like to see in the next free update to Camera Kompare:

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*This will increase the app download size from approx 12MB to approx 34MB.

NOTE 1 APERTURE – the next version (1.3) will compare apertures between cameras with fixed lenses (since it’s a definite include, that’s why it’s not on the poll).
NOTE 2 LENS COMPARE – How useful would a interchangeable lens comparison feature be? The idea would be that users could compare for example the 17mm Olympus m43 lens vs. the Panasonic 20mm m43 lens etc. If readers care to leave comments on this, that would help me gauge interest (it’s not in the poll b/c this feature will take a while and wouldn’t make it into the next immediate upgrade).
NOTE 3 ANDROID – if you’d like to see an Android version, please leave a note in the comments!

Thanks in advance to all your awesome readers!!!