Japanese Top 3 brand for the year 2009!

BCNranking just published the market shares grouped by brand!


Japanese Market share for compact cameras (non interchangeable lenses)

1 place (share) 2nd (share) 3rd (Shared)
2009 Canon (19.6%) Casio (18.6%) Panasonic (14.6%)
2008 Canon (18.3%) Casio (15.4%) Panasonic (15.2%)
2007 Canon (19.8%) Panasonic (16.1%) Sony (14.1%)
2006 Canon (21.0%) Casio (16.3%) Sony (15.2%)
2005 Canon (18.5%) Casio (14.7%) Panasonic (12.7%)

Japanese Market share for cameras with interchangeable lenses

1 place (share) 2nd (share) 3rd (Shared)
2009 Canon (39.1%) Nikon (31.3%) Panasonic (8.7%)
2008 Canon (40.1%) Nikon (39.9%) Sony (9.2%)
2007 Nikon (43.8%) Canon (40.0%) Pentax (5.8%)
2006 Canon (44.6%) Nikon (33.6%) Pentax (9.2%)
2005 Canon (52.1%) Nikon (29.3%) Pentax (7.3%)

Thanks to MicroFourThirds Panasonic gained the third place! It is also interesting to see how much Nikon lost. I didn’t expect that.

43rumors changes

Dear readers,
in two-three weeks I will move the 43rumors content on a new and more powerful server. After that I will slowly and carefully add the new 43rumors content. That’s the new stuff I will add:

– CameraDatabase with reviews and news about every single camera
– User-reviews section. You will be able to write camera reviews and post it on 43rumors
– Photocontest
– Forum
– Photographer Database. If you are a professional Photographer shooting with Olympus and Panasonic cameras I will add your name and website to our database.

In December I tested many different softwares and wordpress plugins and I believe you will enjoy the new stuff. It is a lot of work and I am doing it alone. That’s why it will take some time until all works fine….I also have to take care of the new rumors coming ;)


UPDATE-> Cameras found! It was “Ten Olympus E-P2 stolen in Germany!”

UPDATE: Today Olympus Germany reported (without further information over the nearer circumstances) the cameras to be found in UK – well and alive!

The cameras were stolen on their way to Olympus Germany – from where they should be sent to different media and publication . They never arrived at their destination! At least it is good to know that even thiefs do like the Olympus E-P2 :)

These are the serial numbers of the stolen cameras:


Source: http://www.colorfoto.de/News/Olympus-E-P2-_-Unerwuenschte-Liebhaber_6324634.html

P.S.: Amazon has the Olympus E-P2 Camera with 17mm f/2.8 Lens and Electronic View Finder in Stock!