Imaging Resource Interview: John Knaur and Peter Ewen, Olympus

Oh! You definitely have to read the latest Imaging Resource interview to John Knaur and Peter Ewen (both from Olympus). They talk about the future of FourThirds, about the MicroFourThirds competition from Samsung and Sony and they talk about lenses and future improvements.

There is really a lot to read so take a break make yourself a coffea and enjoy!


a little bit of everything…

Olympus E-PL1, PT-EP01 and UFL-2 video (found via fotoactualidad)

Fotopolis posted some images samples shot with the Olympus E-PL1
Dpreview posted some photos of the Panasonic and Olympus stand.
Panasonic GF1+ Voigtlander 40mm F1.4 Nokton images samples (source: dpreview forum)
Olympus E-P2 vs. Panasonic GF1: JPEG Engine Comparison (neutralday)

[Thanks Jakubczyk]

Olympus still committed to Four Thirds DSLRs (dpreview press release)

Surprise surprise!!!

John Knaur (Olympus US) told “We still plan to develop full size DSLRs and both, side-by-side.
And an official statement from Olympus Japan says “In the future, you will continue to see new cameras based on both standards.

Both statements are a response to the following sentence made few days ago by Richard S. Pelkowski (Olympus US) “The Olympus E system of Four Thirds cameras is likely to be completely mirrorless in two years time, according to Olympus America’s DSLR product manager.” (source Amateur Photographer)

Just my personal toughts:

The only way Olympus can convince me that FourThirds is still alive is to release new FourThirds cameras and FourThirds lenses! So…Hurry Up! :)