Aperture -> Need help from Olympus :)

Charles-Axel Pauwels wrote a new app for those wanting to have GF1-E-P1/2 RAW support on Aperture. This app is free!

He just sent me a new email and may Olympus can help us: “Do you have a E-PL1 RAW file sample on which I could do some testing?

Can someone of our readers send us a RAW file of the Olympus E-PL1? Maybe you guys from Olympus? Thanks!

UPDATED: Aperture doesn’t support your GF1-E-P1/2 RAWs. Don’t worry we have a solution for you!

As you have noticed the new Aperture 3 software from Apple doesn’t support the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus E-P1/2!

UPDATE: Charles-Axel Pauwels also wrote a new app: “This app tricks Aperture into thinking it handles Panasonic GH1 files. To use the Panasonic GF1 RAW Converter, just drag-n-drop your RAW files onto the app icon. It takes about a second for each RAW file you want to convert.

UPDATE2: “In addition to the GF1 RAW files converter, I created converters for the Olympus E-P1 and E-P2 RAW files. All three converters are free of course!
Do you have a E-PL1 RAW file sample on which I could do some testing?
Thanks for the blogpost!

Kevin Miller just sent me the good news!
I have written a couple of apps that allow owners of E-P1, E-P2 and GF1 to import RAW into Aperture
The E-P1/2 versions work with Aperture 2 and 3, and the GF1 convertor works only with Aperture 3
They work my changing a copy of the RAW file to seem like it is coming from a camera that Aperture does support – a e-30 in the case of the PEN’s and G-1 fir the GF1
they are available for 5 euros at
you can read a review of the PEN convertor here


Thanks Kevin! (And shame on Apple!)

New 43rumors layout and hopefully more rumors soon :)

I just switched to the new layout design. it is just a first step of the work I have to do. It is very likely that every day you will see small updates. On Friday 43rumors will have the new server and there will be no more blackouts.

And if all works well we will have new rumors to post. Panasonic and Olympus still have to show us new stuff!

You choose the final new 43rumors layout!

Both layouts are very similar and not in final stage. But now you take the decision!

What’s the difference between the two? One has the central camera database bar with shortlinks to shops and latest news. The other has a smaller adsense bar.

Layout A

Click to enlarge Layout version A


Layout B

Here we have the camera database. You can select Cameras, lenses, Adapters (it slides smootly from one content to another). And you have always direct links to shops, latest news and reviews!

Click to enlarge Layout version B

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UPDATED with new screenshot -> future new 43rumors website.


Latest version on top:
Screenshot 4 (it opens the image in a new tab) of the future 43rumors website

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1.

After long discussions I choosed to work on the details of the actual design.

Major changes are:
1) The Logo is new. I hope you like it
2) We added a cameradatabase under the header. Every camera has a quick link to news and reviews
3) We choose to keep the three column design but the main-central content with all the post is now 100px larger. The main content has been also moved up by 200px (Less scrolling)

Remember this is only a very Alpha version of the design. Feel free to tell if you like it or not!
Thanks :)

Are you satisfied with the GH2 image quality and noise handling?

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