Black Olympus 17mm lens to be sold separately (E-PL2 delivery starts on January 28th!)

Olympus Global just confirmed that the new Olympus E-PL2 camera will start to be delivered from January 28th. A wonder how it is possible that a few cameras are already for sale on eBay. For example the well known Digitalrev store has three fo them in Stock (Click here)!

One more news: You didn’t forget that Olympus announced the all-black E-PL2 kit at Photokina? It comes with the a “new” black 17mm lens (You can get that kit right now on Amazon). Now Olympus Global announced that the black lens will be sold separately starting from January 28th. This is an interesting enws for those of you that want to buy the black E-PL2.

Pre order the Olympus E-PL2 at Amazon, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon FR,

Double interview with Olympus and Panasonic (Imaging Resource)

Imaging Resource posted a double interview with Olympus and Panasonic!

First they had a small talk with Peter Ewen, Katie Roseman, and Sally Smith-Clemens from Olympus USA. Olympus underlined their commitment to the 12 Megapixel “Philosophy”. And honestly I do agre with what they say :) . They also talk about the E-5 (huge success!) their Four Thirds plans and the movie and 3D trend. There are plenty of interesting info but no details about future products.

The second interview has been made with Darin Pepple from Panasonic USA. He said “We’re finding that the compact system camera is not really stealing business (in USA) or cannibalizing in any way the SLR business right now. What’s really happening is we’ve identified about 23 million users that would love to be in an SLR“. And that is what he says about the APS-C sensor mirrorless competition: “With the Micro Four Thirds system, we are a little bit smaller than an APS-C sized sensor that you’d find in any one of our competitors, for example. But at the same time, they’ve corrupted the lens quality to try and get it down so small, that the edge detail — they’ve sort of blurred out the image. Especially in the zooms, not so much in the fixed focal-lengths, but the zoom lenses.”

Take time to read both (very long) articles and let us know what you think about them!

Fuji X100 hybrid Viewfinder (something we would love to see inside a MFT camera)

I am sure many of you are curious to see how the Fuji X100 hybrid viewfinder works. And by the way, we were told that Olympus is working on very similar concepts. For example with the use of semitransparent OLED viewfinders. Fuji said: “We cannot say whether other companies are going to follow in our footsteps, but in view of the speed with which other manufacturers’ technology is currently adopted, it’s possible this might happen.” But those are just rumors so enjoy the video!

The Fuji X100 should cost around $1.000-1.2000. Click here to signup at Amazon to be notified when it becomes available for preorder.

P.S.: Fuji is part of the Four Thirds group!

How to write your user reviews on 43rumors.

Very often I do receive questions like “What should I buy” or “is the camera/lens good enough for me” and so on. That’s why I had the idea to add a user review section on 43rumors. If you take a look at the camera database on top you see a new link “User rating: xxx of 10” (where xxx stays for the average user rating). If you click on it you can rate the product and add your personal review. This will help other 43rumors readers to know more about the camera/lens they want to buy. To be able to write reviews you MUST BE a 43rumors member. You can register here: If you have any problem while registering contact me at Feel free to add your links to flickr or personal website to show your best pictures. You can also respond to other user reviews.

The new user review feature is in beta stage! Feel free to add suggestions to improve it! Thanks!

P.S.: You know see a small scrolling graph at the bottom of the camera database. There is more and more Micro Four Thirds stuff coming and that should make it a little bit more easier to understand where you are while scrolling the database. You can also click on the single sections to jump from one site to another!