(DEAL DEAD) Panasonic GH2 in Stock at Amazon! (Thom Hogan can’t get the GH2)

Run! The Panasonic GH2 + 14-140mm lens is in Stock at Amazon (Click here)! There are only two of them in Stock so be fast! Miraculously it has a $43 discount!

Meanwhile Thom Hogan still wans’t able to find one single GH2 camera in Stock: “You’d think that a camera company would actually like to sell cameras. But if my experience in trying to get a GH2 is any example, Panasonic doesn’t think so.“…”This isn’t the first time Panasonic has had trouble getting product out in the US in a timely fashion and meeting demand. The GH1 and GF1 both went through similar problems. By the time Panasonic managed to get sufficient supply into the states and distributed into the sales channels, they had to discount the product to sell it.

(DEAL DEAD) GF1 body only for $299!

This is one of the last chance to get the Panasonic GF1 for cheap! Samy’s Camera is selling the GF1 body for $299 at Amazon (Click here). For comparison, the GF2 body only costs $499 at Bhphoto (Click here).

UPDATE: The Amazon deal is gone. Bhphoto (Click here) is offering the GF1 body for $419.

And the Panasonic 7-14mm lens is in Stock for $775.86 at Amazon (Click here). Has that price drop something to do with the rumored upcoming 7-14mm O.I.S?

Olympus E-PL2 in Stock in Europe (+ Kirk’s Definitive Opinion about the E-PL2)

Olympus is much faster than Panasonic in making announced products available in stores. Three weeks after the announcement many european stores do have the E-PL2 in Stock! Click the shop links to visit the shop links:
Germany -> Amazon.de, eBay.de
France -> Amazon.fr (available next week), Pixmania.fr (available next week), eBay.fr
UK -> Amazon.uk (available next week), eBay.uk
Italy -> Pixmania.it, eBay.it
Austria -> Amazon.de, eBay.at

Feel free to comment this post to add your shop links.

Kirk Tuck posted his final view over the new Olympus E-PL2: “While I like the EP2 I find that the real reason to want the EPL2 is its sheer stealth. The matte black finish is less showy and more businesslike. The lines of the design serve to visually reduce it’s profile. It fits in my hand with very little to spare around the edges and when I wear it against my chest on a black sweat shirt its aspect nearly vanishes. I can barely feel its weight on the strap. Little more than the premium compacts in size and weight and price but a huge step up in performance. At $599 it’s hard to make a case against it.” Please visit his website to read the very long article!

Panasonic GF2 in Stock in Europe (+ new review at Clubic)

Good news from Europe. The new Panasonic GF2 is in Stock at Amazon.co.uk (Click here). In USA you can preorder the camera at Amazon US and Adorama and should be available soon.

Meanwhile the french website clubic.com tested the new Panasonic GF2 and the new 14mm and 12.5mm 3D lens. They posted lot of videos and image samples. They like the camera but do miss the manual controls from the GF1.

P.S.: As you know the GF1 has been discontinued so this is one of the very few deals that are ongoing now: BHphoto (Click here) has the GF1+14-42mm lens in Stock for $649 (Offer ends 01/29/2011).

Amazon and Adorama accepting Panasonic GF2 preorders (+GH2 and XZ-1 status changes and 7-14mm superdeal)

Good news folks. It looks like we can soon get the new Panasonic GF2. Amazon is accepting preorders and Adorama has the body only version too!
– Preorder the black GF2+14mm lens at Amazon (Click here)
– Preorder the red GF2+14mm lens at Amazon (Click here)
– Preorder the silver GF2+14mm lens at Amazon (Click here)
– Preorder the white GF2+14mm lens at Amazon (Click here)
– The GF2 + 14-42mm kit can not be preorderd (Click here)

You can also preorder the GF2 at Adorama (Click here). They have also the GF2 body only available for preorder (Click here)!!!

There are two status changes at Amazon:
– The black Panasonic GH2 +14-42mm lens now “ships within 1 to 2 months” at Amazon (Click here).
– The Olympus XZ-1 is “Temporarily out of stock” at Amazon (Click here).

And last but not least the amazing Panasonic 7-14mm lens is now in Stock for an interesting price: $792 at Amazon (Click here).

Voigtländer 25mm lens sold out for months!!!

dance and fast lenses (GH2 + 20mm 1.7, voigtländer 25mm 0.95, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.1, kern-switar 26mm 1.1) from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

I have bad news: The Nokton lens will not be available for the next months! It is completely sold OUT! Cameraquest just updated the availability status: “The new Voigtlander 25/.95’s will be in short supply. Cosina Voigtlander seems to have hit a nerve with customer demand, as orders to the factory far exceeded the first production run. Cosina was only able to fill half of my initial 25/.95 order. My November and December shipments of Micro 4/3 Voigtlander 25/.95 lenses were sold out BEFORE arriving at CameraQuest. My 3rd 25/.95 shipment is expected in February. The factory has not been able to meet the demand. My back order with the factory exceeds my 25/.95 deposits, however I can not predict how many 25/.95’s I will receive in February. That depends upon both lens production and the total factory 25/.95 orders received.

And yesterday Adorama removed the Voigtländer preorder page…Click here to see….an empty page :)

The only good news that I can give you is that there are a few lenses in acution on eBay (Click here).