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Canon explains why Four Thirds is better than APS-C :)


Olympus and Panasonic do often explain the advantages of a Four Thirds sized sensor over the classic APS-C format. But it’s nice to hear that Canon is on the same wavelength! As you know Canon is using a Four Thirds ratio sensor (just a tiny bit bigger than “our” m43 sensors) for their just launched Canon G1X (CLick here to see tha cams pecs). David Parry, from Canon UK explained at Techradar (Click here) why they didn’t opt for the APS-C sensor: “We managed to create a four times zoom in a very compact body, and really it has the biggest sensor that we could use and also get decent coverage from the lens. If you made the sensor any bigger, the lens would have to be a lot bigger and it would be much more difficult and expensive to produce.

Sounds almost like Canon wants to join the Micro Four Thirds system :)   Hey it’s a joke and not a rumor! ….at least for now :)



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