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Body Cap lens gets dismantled. New E-PM2 test images and GH3 menu shots.


Image courtesy: Siammirrorless.

That tiny Olympus body cap lens got dismantled at Siammirrorless. It’s really a cheap plastic toy but still a nice lens to use. Just see the images at Ming Thein, Digitfotopro, Pekka Potka. and Peter Norman.

And here is a short roundup of more new reviews and tests:
Olympus 60mm macro review at Photoreview.. Some E-PM2 night shot at Siammirrorless. E-PM2 image samples with f0.95 C-mount lens again at Siammirrorless.  GH3 Menu screenshots at Slashcam. There will be only fifty 12mm limited black lenses for sale in France (Lepidi).

Panasonic and Olympus Preorder Links with specs and price:
Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here)Panasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.
35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Panasonic US.
E-PL5 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here). In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,
E-PM2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here). In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,
XZ-2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
60mm macro at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
12mm Black prime lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
15mm cap-lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).


  • From the Siammirrorless’ post:

    > I wish to remove the build in diaphragm and convert 15mm f8 to f2

    The man is on the right path!

    • Yes, I’m sure it will be just as good as the 12mm f/2 as soon as the built-in diaphragm is removed. All those fancy glass elements and things are just an evil manufacturers’ trick to dupe you into spending more money! ;-/

    • Pavlo

      Built-in focus ring is in the end of that path :)
      Or may be even some autofocus engine! Cool :)

  • I have just ordered one.

    • Dugo

      In Hungary, you can probably get it for under 20.000 forints, right?

  • Eric

    “the whole optic part was totally sealed in one single bloc”

    So the focus adjustment is just done by moving the whole bloc. I’m disappointed. I thought they may use a floating element in order to preserve the ultra-high image quality even at close focus distance.

    PS1: So we don’t now if any of the glass is aspherical or not.

    PS2: I like plastic lenses. They are lighter.

  • jake

    well, I tried the lens at Olympus plaza here and I found out it really lousy.

    but it is free anyway, if you buy an EPL5 , you get it or Flash Air SD card free.

  • mahler

    Olympus has brought one thing to perfection: they know, how to rip off customers. 80 € for such a primitive lens is beyond any reasoning. Add to is the expensive extra lens hoods, some of them bare work (easily fall off), expensive eye cups, which regularly break or get lost. A black, limited edition 12mm lens with an additional extra fee, etc. etc.

    • Balthier Bunansa

      nobody is forcing you to buy that lens

      • mahler

        It is good to know that Olympus has at least one fanboy, who will fight for the company until the last bullet.

        • Balthier Bunansa

          it’s good to know that Olympus has at least one good hateboy that pisses over their products while under cover of internet anonymity

          • Lukav

            i’m definitely buying one because it’s only 60usd. and i know i wont have “AF issues”, nor excuses like “i wanted to shoot that but i dont have a lens on this”
            if you can’t afford or dont like it, dont complain that it’s/the company’s bad. Sour grapes.

    • Peet

      It is Olympus Germany! They think 60$ are 80€

      We should not buy it only for this reason, it is crazy

    • It’s $US49 from B&H which equals €37.39 so someone’s got someone by the short and curlies regarding currency exchange.

      • Have you heard about VAT?

        • Lukav

          yes, VAT can be a pain.. I feel for the euro-zoners

  • TheyCallMeBT

    Now if I just spoke some German. lol. Still, I got some information from the menu screens that I didn’t really otherwise know. The touch screen technology is going to be more like what you find on smartphones for the GH3, right?

  • re. 50 black 12mm lenses: f**k you Olympus.

  • Right, I’m not sure if other people are thinking the same but why did they go for the “body cap lens” name? Is it body cap as “small as a body cap” or “doubles as a body cap”? To me the latter makes no sense. Who caries their camera with a body cap on, other than when transporting the camera or when it’s sitting in a drawer? This is not a body cap! This is just a toy lens. I’m getting one, but I’m not calling it a body cap! ;)

  • AMVR

    I wonder if this is just the first attempt in a series of future body cap lenses. Maybe they’ll gradually introduce new Focal lengths with improved, but still slow, optics. Imagine this were a 12 f5.6 or a 10 f8, they’ll probably be worth it.

  • Incessant Troll

    i need a $300 olympus lens hood made out of recycled sardine cans to complete this lens for me. for the lens pouch you can make it out of woodford’s hide, call it a limited edition, and charge $150. holy moley the performance is there

  • Starred

    From the Olympus 60mm macro review at Photoreview it can be concluded that the 75/1.8 is considerably sharper than the 60/2.8

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Because of being designed for close up/macro work 60mm is probably optimized to be sharpest at short focusing distances.

  • I have to admit this is pushing the limits. It’s a gimick toy, amusing thing, some interns project. It’s should not cost any more than $10 – like a lens cap should (don’t call it free, you know they just added the price to the body).

    Anyone who claims raves about this lens cap (I refuse to call it a lens) (or even goes as close as calling it “nice to use”) has been brain washed into a fan-boy.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like some olympus products, but hey when I see stupidity or evilness (or out right illogical nonsensical sacking of whistle blowing CEO’s) I call it what it is. I can not blindly sit in the cheerleader squad waiving the oly-flag at all times.

  • Still using “FHD / HD” instead of 1080p, 720p in the GH3, so lame !

  • casaubon

    Lotta anger in here over a cheap novelty.

    What I’d like to know is whether it will cover APS-C, so I can slap one on my unused NEX-3.

  • Dugo

    Too expensive for a lens cap. Too cheap for anything else. I can get a REAL LENS on eBay for much less than this.

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