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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera to ship end of July (new video interview).


Broadcast Asia 2013: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema and 4K camera update from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Blackmagic manager confirmed in that video that the new Cinema Pocket Camera will ship this month (July 25 according to BHphoto). Watch out for the postman! :)

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema preorders in USA at Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and in Germany at Technikdirekt, in France at pbs-video. In Sweden at macoteket, scandinavianphoto, protel.jetshop, webhallen.

  • Salty

    Looks proper stealthy that. If you wanted to make bootleg recordings of concerts maybe

  • for video I would want a touch screen where you could programme camera to focus here-to-here-here-to-here ie to follow a path that you drew on screen or created points, same with exposure and white balance…

    • sandman

      Touch screen wouldn’t help much as there is no autofocus – only manual.

      • doh obviously, was speaking about mft not just blackmagic

      • anymouse

        That’s interesting, because according to PetaPixel; “Because it sports an active MFT mount, you can use any of the Panasonic or Olympus MFT lenses out there, autofocus and image stabilization intact. “

        • @ anymouse: PetaPixel’s information is incorrect. The new BMPCC pocket camera will not support auto-focus.

          All Blackmagic cameras, including the BMPCC, feature focus peaking & magnify display modes to aid manual focus, but no control over, or communication with, a lens’ focus capability. Their cameras support manual focus only.

          • anymouse


            This is from the Black Magic Website, “The active MFT mount is powered so is capable of providing electronic control of focus and iris.”

            Wouldn’t electronic control of focus equal autofocus?

            • @ anymouse:

              Good catch. I believe you’re referring to the text on this page:

              However, to the best of my knowledge, it’s in reference to the BMPCC pocket cam’s LANC wired remote control feature. The BMPCC can control a digital lens’ focus via LANC. Not auto-focus, but manual focus via an external wired remote control.

              I’ll send an email to BMD’s Kristian Lam to ask that they clarify the wording on their website.


    • Stu5

      The last thing you ever do is adjust WB during filming. You lock it down at the very start. Remember this camera is aimed at filmmakers making documentaries or short films. Typically they don’t want anything to do with AF as it is too unreliable whilst filming.

      • @Stu5
        OK so your in a room filming which has tungsten daylight and the camera tracks into a room with daylight white balance???

        • think so too, adjusting settings during a shot can give undesired side effects.

        • _gl

          You adjust in post, with full control to make the change as unobtrusive as you want. Or leave as-is (whatever works).

        • Troiano27

          White balance will only matter if you are filming in prores. If you film in RAW film gama, you’ll adjust the while balance in post. Adjusting the white balance when filming in RAW only aids in the picture you’ll see on the camera display.

        • Jonny4Film

          I would agree that getting a good white balance set prior to shooting your scene is pivotal and important. Adjusting during a shot can definitely give undesired effects not always entirely noticed in an LCD screen during the shoot. If you are balancing for a tungsten light with daylight settings on the camera, to adjust in the shoot will be ill advised (but situation would dictate) and vice versa with daylight (5600k) to tungsten settings as it would be very apparent in the footage. Gelling out the lights for proper color (your CTB’s, CTO’s & plus and minus greens) can always help make the adjustments vice changing the settings on the camera. For instance, a green or orange hue object in a room (background what not) would change hue intensity (not saturation) when you adjust the balance. If you are “guerilla” shooting and following a subject on a continuous shot that has unpredictable color temperature changes through different rooms, etc. then it would be advisable to use tungsten settings indoors at a 3600K-4000k setting for variance and consistency through each shot (highly advisable indoors when you can gel or control lights. So, I wouldn’t see an “immediate” need to adjust white balance on the fly and would rather adjust the shot instead if practical. – just me anything is possible out there.

      • Tom

        “Remember this camera is aimed at filmmakers making documentaries or short films.” So you shouldn’t get this camera if your a hobbyist (or wants the higher quality) looking to take videos of your kids, etc…

  • jj

    if it’s not m43 its no good. we support only mft.

    • Brod1er

      APSC and full frame are useful at times too. I think you are being a bit of a fanboy.

  • marc

    this camera works perfectly with zeiss tevidon 18-90mm , cant wait to hold one :)

  • This isn’t new!! I watched it a week ago when it was first uploaded.

  • camerak

    After Magic Lantern was able to add RAW video to Canon DSLRs, in the latest nightly builds downloads, and after Canon announced their new tehnology ‘Dual Pixel CMOS AF’ for the new Canon 70D which promises the best autofocus for DSLRs … Blackmagic Cinema Pocket Camera with no autofocus … is not the first option for me now. If the GH3 will have RAW with hack, or if the Blackmagic will add autofocus …

    • Kok

      I’m excited on the new AF on Canon 70D too. But too bad, from the demo video, it seems dynamic range isn’t improve much. Blackmagic wins big time on dynamic range.

  • Sean

    Off toptc: i cant help it but isn’t the rode guy is the same australian guy with chipmunk voice in “grow up” movie? :)
    Back on topic, I ordered this cam early, very early, hope I can get it in July… I buy this for shooting music video in public place like airport without security noticable.

  • Juraj

    I have my preordered and waiting for it impatiently. Bought 14-42mm Olympus lens but would love to get some more, mainly something really wide. Any recommendations while still maintaining the low price?

  • alonzo

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Can I use speedbuster ?

    • anon

      If a Speed Booster increases aperture, I guess a speedbuster would reduce aperture…

  • DoD


  • j

    They took the shipping date off the b&H photos site…I wonder why?

    • Mark Tyers

      Creative Video are now giving an expected date of 14th August based on information from Blackmagic

      But on the main Blackmagic website the preorder option has been replaced by the buy now button. As predicted no explanation or indeed any information at all from Blackmagic to keep their customers informed. Looks like a repeat of the 2.5K fiasco again. I really thought they had learned their lesson this time, I was wrong!

  • I liked them because they gave me more feeling of the string and more sense of control of the sound.
    From clip in coloured streaks as seen on Katy Perry, to the ravishing red colours seen on hair
    chameleons such as Rhianna and Drew Barrymore, it’s super-seasonal to sport the brights trend on your head as well as your face and nails. Something cool seen on celebrities these days is all of your nails painted one color except for one nail that is painted a different shade.

  • selva cameraman chennai india

    too many expatations are failer one. release soon the bmpcc?????????

  • Tim

    The price in Australia mysteriously went up by about $200 just the other day as well. A bit strange considering they apparently were assembled here.

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