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Blackmagic MFT video sample…


Sunset from John Brawley Tests with Blackmagic MFT and Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 and SLR Magic 12mm f/1.6.

There is not only the GH3 if you need an advanced Micro Four Thirds video camera. The video on top has been shot on the Blackmagic MFT camera which promises to be a very nice tool for low budget productions.It has been shot with the superb Nokton 17.5mm 0.95 (here on eBay) and the SLR Magic 12mm f/1.6 (here on eBay). Would love to see a comparison with the GH3 one day, and I am pretty sure the Blackmagic will top the Panasonic camera.

The body only is in Stock for $3000 at IDSMgroup (Click here) and (out of Stock) at BHphoto (Click here).

  • hornblower

    the link you put from IDSMgroup says

    • Gavin Wilson

      …..typical. BMD should NEVER have announced it until they had at least 20% made!!

  • Hecti

    I love the quality of this camera, its stunning.

    But i am getting tired of watching these “artsy” films that people make of grasses blowing in the wind and waves crashing on the beach, theres just too much of that now.

    I want to see someone take their BMCC hand held on a trip somewhere unusual and film crazy stuff, go on an adventure, no more tripod or time to think about lighting and background. Find something interesting and start shooting type of stuff… thats what I want to see

    • surely those kind of BM videos exist too, maybe admin prefers just posting the dreamy stuff? ;-)

    • I wouldn’t call them artsy videos, but Vimeo is just so full of people who do these camera tests and not much else. I wish more people would move on from doing these routine technical music videos, finally slap on an external microphone and actually shoot something worth watching. Unfortunately a lot of people out there have nothing to say to the audience, so they can only shoot something visually pretty and throw in a generic piece of music to the background.

      • just wait untill i return from Jakarta in april and can show my behind the screen documentary about the 2 hottest juicy amateur photomodels of the local photographer scene :-)

        • Looking forward to seeing your documentary. Let us know when it us out.

          I am currently working on a documentary on Lyme Disease (Borreliosis). Should be ready in April.

          • Christian actually i was just kidding, its not really a documentary, but i do edit the videos for my own pleasure in the past, mostly done with a compact camera which has hd video modus.Now really want to try out my OMD for doing that. I am sure i cannot beat your documentary….

        • Hey Ulli
          I am an Aussie but will be in Jakarta late march till about the 8th of April. Would be great to catch up, hopefully I will have a Gh3 kit by then.

    • jake
    • “I want to see someone take their BMCC hand held on a trip somewhere unusual and film crazy stuff, go on an adventure, no more tripod or time to think about lighting and background. Find something interesting and start shooting type of stuff… thats what I want to see”

      Plunk down $3000+ and then you can see for yourself. Jeez, everyone wants spoon feeding without any contribution from themselves.

      And if any of you had bothered reading the notes (what do you mean reading…???????) you would have understood the nature of the piece.

      This forum seems to attract the worst. G*d knows why, but it really is tiresome.

    • Gill

      Seconded. I would like to see something more action packed – something akin to a music video or 30-second montage of action shots to a different, tune. I shouldn’t be one to complain since I don’t do any video with my camera – just saying: it would be nice to see our M4/3 stuff used to capture that kind of scenery.

    • I don’t think it’s that kind of camera,it’s a film camera. You wouldn’t except someone to do that with a RED would you? I mean it’s not home a video camera for your vacation. I would like to see a short though. something else would be nice.

  • Vivek

    What is with the tilted horizons? Does it have a level gauge?

    ..or is that part of the magic?

  • great image quality, could benefit from stabilization though…

    • I agree that the piece needs a shot of changing camera perspective–stablization would have done it.

  • Yoo

    Amazing DR. I can’t understand, why a lot of people look for better bitrate, 50mbs, 72mbps ets… instead of checking camera with wider DR, which make picture more professional.

  • Kristo

    3000…plus much more…battery not enough…SSD also expensives…

  • Johnny Unitas

    No, not “plus much more”. You get a top of the line Samsung 830 256GB for under $200, and a Switronix Powerbase-70 battery (6hour life) for $300. You have to accessorise virtually every camera with memory and battery – given the quality you get with the Blackmagic, it actually works out to be cheaper than the cameras that cost five times as much (i.e. Canon C300), yet don’t look anywhere as near as good as the Blackmagic.

    • faviolo

      You will need many SSDs, one is nothing. You need at least 4-5 if you are going for a job.

      • Johnny Unitas

        You can get 2.5 hours of ProRes HQ on a 240GB – you can get a SanDisk Extreme 240GB (SDSSDX-240G-Q25) here in Australia for $170. And you need to remember this is 220Mbit/ps, not some shitty ultra-compressed AVCHD codec, or some age old codec like the C300 50Mb/ps MPEG2.

    • Gavin Wilson

      What a load of bollox! The C300 smashes the BMCC in DR and IQ!! Wake up!

      • Johnny Unitas

        Well that’s the lie of the century – C300 is limited to 12 stops of dynamic-range, with a max res of 1080P – Blackmagic has proved to hit 13 stops of DR (some say even more and that Blackmagic’s DR estimate was conservative on purpose) and has a max res of 2.5K res. What’s more, the Blackmagic is a fifth the price of the crippled C300. Take your lies elsewhere you Canon fanboy.

      • Johnny Unitas

        And here’s another thing – C300 colour-palette is limited to 8bit, BMCC can do 10bit ProRes and 12bit RAW. For $3000. C300 – 8bit compressed 50Mb MPEG2 for $16,000…you can keep you C300 mate, they’ll be worthless by NAB 2013, that’s for sure.

      • Alberto Respezzo

        I shot on the C300 this weekend, and I’ve got to say that it does seem quite a bit better in dynamic range than most of the BMCC stuff I’ve seen. I was really impressed, and had my GH3 on set and was a little disappointed (but hey, the GH3 was a tenth of the price and not a tenth of the image quality). Where the C300 fails is in handling. Want to change your ISO? It’s not a quick roll of a wheel like on a DSLR, it takes diving into the menus and looking for it. Every setting was like that. Great for film production, not so great for documentary or any run and gun shooting where you might need to adjust settings quickly.

        But, I guess that’s why it’s called a cinema camera.

        • Alberto Respezzo

          Of course, I could be wrong about the dynamic range. I think it’s hard to tell when so much of the footage I’ve seen online is shot by hobbyists and not professionals. The C300 footage I saw last week made it look like crap. Once I saw it on set, mounted with Zeiss CP2s, and aimed at a well lit set, it was amazing. I haven’t seen BMCC footage under those kind of conditions yet.

      • Gavin, I’ve used both.

        The canon is the camera to go for if you want a larger sensor super 35 look and you want to shoot in extremely low light or if you want a camera that produces nice pictures for fast turn around work.

        The DR and colour gamut in my opinion are better on the BMCC compared to the C300, not only because they seem to have better colour science through leveraging their IP with Resolve, but also because it’s 16 bit lin / 12bit LOG recorded in camera with no compression. That’s a huge difference, no matter how good the C300’s picture, to 8bit 264…

        They are aimed at totally different markets. And one of them costs 6 times the price of the other.


  • swester

    LOL at the “in-stock” option. That should be illegal. Paying $3k upfront for something that won’t even ship for 3 months?

    • safes

      well it may not be illegal but fortunately pre ordering is completely optional lol

  • Daniel

    I’m not trying to stir the pot and believe me, if this camera was available, I would buy one right now but these clips and tests from JB are just crap.

    Shoot two human beings having a conversation in a cafe for god sakes… Shoot wides, over the shoulders and boom! You have a test video… PLEASE NO MORE BEACH SHOTS! You have access to one of the best cameras ever and THIS is what you come back with?!

  • dotborg

    It’s not really micro four-thirds, it has a much smaller sensor.

    • Mark

      It has a “dumb”–as in “no electronic connections”–micro 4/3 lens mount. Hence the use of fully manual m4/3 lenses for this test.

  • The camera really needs an electronic mount for Image stabilization as this video plainly shows. I don’t it looks better than my GH3’s All-I.

    • Stu5

      Quite simple you just use it on a tripod or a camera shoulder rig. That is what any pro film maker is going to do. The image quality is vastly superior to the GH3. You won’t get better image quality under 10k.

  • Anonymous

    m4/3 Blackmagic Cinema is.the.ultimate.beast. Nothing compares to it. I want one now!

  • Impressive, such a shame they couldn’t afford a tripod. Wibble Wobble!

    • I can but only agree with a factor of 1000.
      Bung it on a tripod and you can have Mother Nature’s stabilisation free.
      In as many axes as you like.

    • Perhaps you didn’t read the descriptor that went with the Vimeo clip.

      It wasn’t intended to be a “demo” shoot. I was shooting some sunsets on the EPIC that you can see featured occasionally. It’s sitting on the Oconnor that myself and the two other guys I was with carried down to the beach. This was the second camera on that shoot. The sunset was so nice, I thought people might appreciate seeing it, along with the m4/3 lenses on this camera.


  • Harrygermany

    Oh what a wibble wobble… My cheap and small E-pm1 makes much much better Videos without a Shake like a child has done it. For sich a price an IS has to be on board.

  • Austin

    If you ever wanted a camera that could shoot videos of grass very wobbly then this is the camera you’ve been waiting for!

  • Mike Fix

    Someone needs to solve the rolling shutter problem.

  • Stu5

    If you don’t like the shake either use a shoulder mount rig or a tripod which will out perform the E-pm1 image stabiliser. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to improve the image quality of the E-pm1 so that it is as good as the Blackmagic though.

  • Nik

    what´s that song? anybody? I´ve tried to shazam it . no hit…thanks

    • It’s “Hey” by the Falls…


  • t


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