Back: GX1 for $199. E-P3 with lens for $349.


The GX1 superdeal is back! You can get it for $199 at Adorama (Click here), or via Adorama at Amazon (Click here). You can get both, the Silver or Black body for that price.

And also the E-P3 with kit lens got discounted and available for $349 at Adorama (Click here) or again at via Adorama at Amazon (Click here).

Adorama also rund big savings on Lexar and Sandisk cards (Click here).

Sunset Electronics is selling the E-M5 body for $869.95 (Click here) and the E-M5 with 12-50mm lens for $1,109.95 (Click here).

  • Rick

    I’d kill for a deal like this in UK. $199 is £129 here. Damn I hate living in rip off britain

    • Martin

      I know what you mean; I left…..

    • their luxury goods are a bargain!
      but apparently they pay more for their food – everyday single day
      and they pay for their healthcare (okay, so do we as NI but a lot less)

      I’m happy with cheaper daily living, more days holiday, and more expensive luxury goods that we buy (ahem) once a year!

      that said, yes £129 is amazing for a GX1 … SRS are the cheapest @ £249—SALE-.html
      (mmm, okay that is 2x the price!)

      at least we get a free 17/2.8 if we buy a EPM2 or EPL5 :)
      (mmm, okay that lens is old and probably about to be discontinued!)

  • Freddy

    Bought the GX1 when they started to sell for ~230.
    Fantastic camera.

  • Anonymous

    both cameras fetch about a third of their introductory price.

    I think extortionist prices are holding m4/3 back.

    why not introduce “fair” prices and gain market share – perhaps even push a few competitors out of the market place?

    • +1

      I think Panasonic is seeing this, which is why the G6 is $749.99 with lens.
      Still, marketing plays a important role too, as there’s zero adverts/commercials here in NYC, but I see Canon/Nikon press all over.

      • Tom

        This is so true, I am in Madison, WI, went to the camera store in Madison today, and asked about mirrorless cameras. They said that they don’t sell many, almost none, but when I looked at their camera display it was 90% DSLR (Canon, Nikon, Sony) and third-party lenses. They did have Nikon 1 system and their lenses, a Olympus E-M5 on display, and Sony NEX system. That was it, no Panasonic nor FUJI. The person I was talking to said that customers think the mirrorless cameras are toys and they are too expensive.

        Yes, Olympus, FUJI, and Panasonic, really need to advertise a lot and start droping prices, cause the employee told me when they try to sell a $500-1000 mirrorless system, customers think its overpriced and rather go with the larger DSLR.

    • yeah..

      There’s a big difference between a fair price and a fire sale.

      Panasonic and Olympus need to get their camera production numbers more in line with the companies’ sales or this will keep happening.

  • Is there any scientific explanation for these superdeals be completely absent in Europe?

    • petloverPete

      Well the take up of mFT in the US is lower than for us in the EU so perhaps the end up with more leftover stock? Or alternatively the companies just like to shaft us with the pricing lol

  • trevorez

    thanks for the tip!
    I ordered one this morning to come to sunny Queensland, Australia.

  • Damn Oly

    E-P5 focus peaking does not working with manual lens,.here at robin wong he confirmed

  • woof woof

    I’m noticing a growing trend to forget about blowing the highlights in large parts of the image. I don’t know if this is a deliberate artistic choice or if people just don’t care.

    I suppose life is too short to worry about such things.

  • tintin

    this is one of the greatest cameras of all time

    it’s going to be a classic, I can feel it!

  • Yun

    The reason behind this huge price slashed which I believe likely due to Pana’s mistake in over run it’s production , failed to tackle the Sony’s NEX factor & underestimate Oly latest product , OMD .
    Pana should learned a lesson from this .
    Even in my place , the price for GX dropped not far compare with Amazon’s standard .
    By the way , this really a great camera to have since the famous GF1 .

    • The gx1 and the omd were announced at the same time?

      • … but Oly did it with a new sensor

  • I think Pan are hurting themselves with these crazy clearance prices, okay good for us, but …

    If you are in ‘no mad rush’ then who is going to pay launch price for anything (which in some regions they can’t launch on time!). The GF6 + new 14-42 was £499 listed on WEX as pre-order and HAS ALREADY dropped in price to £479! BEFORE it was available!!

    While the RAW shooter is probably going to wait for RAW support before getting any of these new cameras, its not much longer to wait for the first price drop. I’m seriously tempted by the G6 and actually think its launch price is really really good at £629 … but i can wait for the GX7 to be leaked>announced by which time I’ll have an alternative to consider and can see the G6 drop certainly to £599 (maybe less).

    At least Oly hold their prices with a bit more respect – it is important if we are to get their next camera because we have other models to sell. I have 2x PM2s and am tempted to drop one for a PL5 or even both for the P5, at least I can get something respectable back for the PM2s on eBay. If I’d paid launch or near launch on a GX1 I’d be tempted to just keep it rather than sell it at a crazy low price

    • petloverPete

      “”I think Pan are hurting themselves with these crazy clearance prices, okay good for us, but “”

      Apart from the OMD which is now on a downward slope all other Olympus models prices have crashed.Looking at the sales charts it is pretty obvious that the biggest sellers are old super discounted stock.It is wrong to suggest that it is only Panasonic that suffers from this, I very quickly concluded that buying mFT cameras at launch was downright silly a little patience and you get often significant drops after a couple of months. I bought my E-P3 less than 5 months after its UK launch for £445 aprox £250 under its launch price that is a 35% drop it bounced around that price for a while before dropping to £399 and it now sells for around £330.

      There have been far two many models released in mFT which has impacted the prices of the previous models often drastically , Olympus Pen models have been a case of playing with the features game giving you one feature with one model while excluding it from another. Honestly buying a new mFT at launch is just silly compared to other makers and even their own E-M5 the E-P5 is ridiculously overpriced ,especially if you add the EVF which I personally consider vital.The E-P5+ EVF costs £1149 the E-M5 is now down to £780 the £369 difference is the substantial when the only real advance on the E-P5 is the better EVF . I bought a new E-M5 and the lovely 60mm macro for less than the E-P5 and EVF.

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