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And the mirrorless market grows and grows (new market share increase in Japan…now 32.5% in June).


The mirrorless camera segment is still growing in Japan and in June only 32.5% of all sold system cameras were mirrorless!

UPDATE: We also post the list of the most sold 20 system camera in Japan between January and June 2010. We have 7 mirrorless cameras that made it into the top 20. The source is BCNranking (click here)

Position Camera (click on camera name to check price and availability on amazon)
Market Share(%)
1 Nikon D90 13.0
2 Canon T2i 11.5
3 Nikon D5000 10.6
4 Nikon D90 9.7
5 Nikon D3000 7.9
6 Pentax K-x 6.3
7 Panasonic GF1 6.1
8 Olympus E-PL1 4.6
9 Canon 7D 3.5
10 Canon XSi 3.1
11 Panasonic G1 2.7
12 Sony NEX-5 2.0
13 Canon 5D MarkII 1.8
14 Canon 50D 1.7
15 Sony A550 1.5
16 Sony A330 1.4
17 Olympus E-P2 1.3
18 Panasonic G2 1.3
19 Nikon D300s 1.3
20 Olympus E-P1 1.1

And in 2010 Olympus and Panasonic manage it to gain market share (and notice the huge drop of Canon!):

  • Bu

    As they become smaller people want point and shoot cameras with big sensors, mft is perfect for this…

  • Pete

    Must be really scary if you are the head of Sony cameras!

  • don

    Pete – I wouldn’t be too worryied about Sony with their NEXs and many more exciting models on the way. The NEXs were only available the last weeks of June and weekly sales rankings in Japan for July has indicated the NEXs have jumped into the top 10 positions so now the most popular of ILS. On the other hand if I were Nikon or Canon I should be more concerned about their lack of competitive models in this rapidly growing segment of the market. With the much smaller camera size advantage ,all this segment has to do is come up with some very compact good and fast primes and small zoom lenses to challenge the shrinking market for DSLRs by providing a viable alternative for most occasions other than for action shots and long larger lenses.

  • Mistral75

    Nikon’s President Makoto Kimura announced today they will ship their own mirrorless camera “as early as this fiscal year” (i.e. before March 31st, 2011).

  • oomomo

    is this for real? do we just add up the percentage to get the market share?

    if it is, then the top 20 only gets 19.1% and how much mirror-less cameras remain below top 20… are they enough to make up the last 13.4%

  • Mistral75

    oomomo, are you kidding? The top 3 alone gets 13 + 11.5 + 10.6 = 35.1% !!!

    • admin

      You have to add the NEX-3, Samsung NX10, Samsung NX5, Panasonic GH1, Panasonic G10, Leica M9, Leica M8.2 and Ricoh GRX

  • Pete

    well Don all that money on the alpha range…. and they are 6th out of 6!

    If I was Nikon or Canon I’d stick a 12MP d5000 or a 500d sensor in a G11 / P 6000 body.

    I’m not convinced by nex, those after a better point and shoot don’t want a 16mm or a big lens. those wanting a 16mm want a more user friendly body not lots of menus I may of course be wrong.

    as a Nikon user I find the GF1 compliments a dSLR rather nicely. But panasonic can I have 12mm f2.8 and a 50 f1.8 thank you. if Nikon can do a 50f1.8 for £100 and a 35 f1.8 for £169 you can do one for under £250 can’t you!?

  • spanky

    Oddly enough I think Nikon introducing a mirrorless camera will help boost sales of Panasonic (mainly) and Olympus (secondary) in the short term simply because a Nikon product of that class would lend credibility to the potential of such cameras. With Panasonic by then looking at their 3rd generation of mirrorless cameras to Nikon’s brand new ‘prototype’, a lot of them will go for the Panasonic. Where Nikon will win is in retail distribution because they have the penetration and the channels.

  • don

    The problem with the figures quoted in the above 43rumors newsbit is they are for the entire 6 month period from January thru June so some models like the NEX are for only 1-2 months old so more like a 17% market share at latest June month for the NEX while m4/3 sales from Panasonic and Olmpus combined have fallen some from a high of 20% to present 15% market share. Look at the DPR Alpha Sony forum for the link to the graph showing the month to month sales. Because of the recent addition of new models recently best to look only at the last month to better reflect the current and near future situation. From the chart DSLR sales of interchangeable cameras peaked at about 70% in early spring and now headed southward to 57% with the ILS gaining ground very rapidly from 18-20% as noted up to 32% of the market in Japan. While sales of ILS have not been as high elsewhere in the world part of that is because perhaps Japanese value small size and other features higher than elsewhere but much has to do with availability as Japanee market gets the first productions while supply lags elsewhere in the world due to market practices.

    Yes Sony has in the past had way to many Alpha DSLRs with little to differentiate but now they are adding the new excellent high ISO sensor along with at least two or three more mirrorless models some have both contrast and faster conventional DSLR phase detection AF options with a moveable pellix mirror.

    Pany hopes to get a similar boost from their new small fix lens 4/3 sensor camera as NEX did with its rumored small LX3 size camera with 4/3 senor and very fast and small fixed zoom lens retracting back into the body to boost 4/3 sensor use. As m4/3 camera prices have been going down making them more affordable this is increasing volume back up towards where they wereearlier.

    For the link to the sales graph just do to DPR Alpha Sony Forum and look for thread entitles DSLR sales in Japan for the first six months of year.

  • rich

    admin, you got the #1 camera wrong, it should be Nikon D90:

    1 ニコン Nikon D90 D90 ニコンF Nikon F 1230 1230 あり In 13.0 13.0
    2 2 キヤノン Canon EOS Kiss X3 EOS Kiss X3 キヤノンEF Canon EF 1510 1510 あり In 11.5 11.5
    3 3 ニコン Nikon D5000 D5000 ニコンF Nikon F 1230 1230 あり In 10.6 10.6
    4 4 キヤノン Canon EOS Kiss X4 EOS Kiss X4 キヤノンEF Canon EF 1800 1800 あり In 9.7 9.7

  • MAFAv8r

    I think you mean 4th rich

  • Steve

    Go to the BCNranking link in the article for correct ranking: Nikon’s 1st (D90),3rd (D5000) and 5th (D3000), Canon 2nd (T1i) and 4th (T2i), Pentax Kx 6th, then the mFT’s start creeping up like little ferets on dinosaurs….

    If I was Canon, I’d be very concerned. But then, who knows what they may have up their sleeve.

  • fh

    “is this for real? do we just add up the percentage to get the market share?”

    Market share of mirrorless for the month of June: 32.5%.
    Market share of mirrorless for H1 (past 6 months): ~20%.

    In either case, mirrorless market share has grown (largely due to NEX, see Sony’s sales jump to 20% in July). But in both cases, the overall market share (total number of units sold by anyone) is still dominated by Canikon (34%+31%=65%).

  • oomomo

    I mean the top 20 mirrorless cameras only account for 19.2%… how many mirrorless cameras are below the top20 and are they enough to make up the remaining 13.4%?

    The 20th place only has 1.1%…

  • AK

    Pete, bcn site is for Japan only which is Sony’s weakest camera market. The percentage is over 20% in Europe for Sony.

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